Within our dormitory, the only sense of camaraderie between roommates would be between Wang Wei and Xue Rong.
Since Li Ruge and I do not live in the apartment, they both live in their little world for two in a carefree manner.

Xue Rong’s fake Hermes bag with the special buckle would turn up in about a week.
The word Hermes may bring its own blood rain, once it shows up it would attract a large number of heroes who would discuss it.

In order to maintain her image of a second generation rich heir, two weeks after the start of the school at the freshman Literature and Arts festival, Xue Rong bought everyone milktea except for me.

I was speechless, I stopped playing these sorts of petty tricks since kindergarten alright?

Xue Rong strutted to stand in front of me: [Sorry Anran ah, Wei Wei miscounted the number of people, forgot to bring you one.]

I nodded: [No problem, didn’t want to drink.]

Li Ruge in a cool voice on the side said: [Wang Wei isn’t a life councillor, she can’t even count this correctly?]

She smiled slightly: [The milkteas didn’t have names on them right? How would you know that you forgot to bring Anran’s ah?]

Xue Rong paused for a moment, it was quite obvious that she didn’t have anything to say to get herself out of the situation.

She forced a smile: [It was after we handed them out, and then we ran out.]

[Oh, that’s quite interesting ah, the front and the back have milk tea but the middle doesn’t.] Li Ruge shoved her milk tea into my hands.

[Aren’t you being too childish?]

The milk tea interlude quickly passed, since the atmosphere had become slightly strange, everyone didn’t say much.

It was only when the performances started, the Dean started the announce the segments: [Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to all these respective executives….., and finally we want to thank our corporate sponsor Song Group…..]

I raised my head in surprise, and only then did I clearly see the big red piece of silk with the words: [Song Group’s sponsorship of the Literature and Arts festival.]

When did my father sponsor this event?

This is too high key alright.
My family only used to sponsor top award events, now it even sponsors a school Literature and Arts festival.

I didn’t remember since when my father and I had such a strong father-daughter bond.

Wang Wei suddenly opened her pig mouth: [It’s all thanks to Rong Rong ah.]

Xue Rong shyly lowered her head: [Wei Wei stop talking.]

Wang Wei got more excited: [Rong Rong is Song Group’s treasure, why else would such a prestigious organisation come and sponsor our schools event?]

[Wah! Is that true ah?]

[A real second generation heir ah!]

[Once we graduate, is it possible to skip the interview process to go to Song Group?]

Wang Wei finished speaking, everyone’s excitement went up, Xue Rong on the side was acting humble whilst raising her head proudly.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, I should be an only child.
My father has treated my mother with ten years of love no different from the first day, therefore he shouldn’t have an illegitimate daughter.

Besides, given my father’s personal qualities, if it was an illegitimate daughter she wouldn’t need to have a whole bunch of dupes either.

I asked: [Xue Rong are you really Song Group CEO’s daughter? Why are you surnamed Xue ah?]

Xue Rong laughed while taking a glance at me without saying anything.
Wang Wei helped her reply: [Rong Rong is following probably following her mother’s surname.
Last time Rong Rong’s mother and father drove here I even took a picture.]

As she spoke she sent the photo into the class group chat, Xue Rong watched her send the photo before saying: [Aiya, didn’t you promise me to be low key?]

Wang Wei purposely stuck out her tongue cheekily: [I forgot.]

Just by looking my skin prickled with goosebumps all over.

I opened the group chat to look at the photo, tsk this is really my dad’s car, unless my father really had an illegitimate daughter.

Wang Wei on the side said sarcastically: [If a certain someone regrets it, it’s too late already.
I already said not to casually offend people.]

I laughed coldly: [Did you really make the assessment into university yourself? Do you even understand what society under the rule of law is? So what if I offend you? You gonna go and hire thugs to break my leg?]

Everyone’s facial expressions paled, they all stopped speaking, their facial expressions not quite right.

The boy who wanted to sing last time couldn’t help asking: [Wang Wei, are you Xue Rong’s personal handmaid or something? Why are you involved in everything? Everyone here is a student.
When you talk can you not talk about society stuff ah?]

Another person in a small voice agreed with him: [Yeah, even if Xue Rong has money its not yours anyways.]

Xue Rong restrained Wang Wei who was going to keep on losing: [You guys, don’t misunderstand Weiwei.
Her personality is more straightforward and doesn’t know how to talk.
She is actually really kind hearted.]

[Tch] Li Ruge snickered while laughing coldly beside me, secretly she leaned in to whisper in my ear: [Song Group’s treasure has a whole bunch of dupes ah?]

I raised my eyebrow slightly: [You get it ah.]

Li Ruge waved her hand proudly: [Of course, my mum dry cleans second hand luxury goods, I have seen many of them already.]

Xixi Theatre Time:

XR: (⊙_⊙;) *damsel in distress*
WW: “don’t worry babes I your hero is hereeeee” o((>ω< ))o
Xixi: *projectile vomits at the greasiness*
SAR: *disinfecting the area near the two idiots* “Don’t infect me with your stupidity!”
LRG: *dies laughing*

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