I initially thought that this thing had completely ended, but I had underestimated Empress Dowager Cixi and Li Lianying’s fighting capabilities.

T/N: The author refers to Xue Rong and Wang Wei as Empress Dowager Cixi and Li Lianying respectively.
If you are interested in this visit this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Lianying

On the next day, the class chat had the dance team list that still had my name on it.

At that time I immediately sent Xue Rong a message: [I said that I would not be participating, why does the list still have m on it?]

She didn’t answer the question by replying: [When the team list is sent in, we can’t make changes.]

[I never agreed.]

Without letting me finish, Wang Wei pinged me in the class chat: [@Song Anran, aren’t you being too much?]

[You said that you weren’t dancing, Rong Rong gave you 500 from her own pocket for you to participate.]

[She even gave you her real Chanel bag in exchange for your dupe.]

[Now that the team list has been submitted, you say that you don’t want to participate? What do you want us to do?]

After the messages were sent the group chat became silent, supposedly waiting for me to say something.

My hand shook with anger: [First of all, I never agreed to participate in the Literature and Arts festival.
Secondly, I didn’t accept Xue Rong’s 500 yuan, that’s only the talk of the two of you.
Thirdly, you didn’t ask and took my bag, returning it to me isn’t what you should do?]

After talking I took a photo of the Chanel bag, thanks to my mother’s influence, this bag is only found in limited quantities, it even had my name embroidered on the side.

I directly uploaded the picture to the class hcat: [Whose bag? A bag embroidered with my name, how has it become Xue Rong’s bag?]

[Good thing I moved out, otherwise who knows how much more things could go missing?]

Xue Rong finally could not hold it in: [It might be Wei Wei’s mistake, it was Anran’s bag which fell on the floor, we just picked it up and waited for you to come back to return to you.
Everyone is a fellow peer, no need to make things this serious.]

A few other students acted as peacemakers, confusedly saying:
[That’s right ah, it should be a misunderstanding right?]

[Xue Rong has an Hermes, no need to go steal someone else’s ah.]

The class president Li Ruge who had been quiet throughout suddenly interrupted: [I have not seen Xue Rong’s Hermes yet, surely you take a photo and let me widen my views.]

Li Ruge had also lived in our dorm, but her house was also local, at the start of school she said that she didn’t want to live on campus.
It was only because of Li Ruge who had the guts to move out that I would also dare to do so.

[That’s right, that’s right ah! Rich woman, we want to see.]

Xue Rong took half the day to reply: [I have had the bag sent in for maintenance, when it comes back I’ll take the photo.]

[The situation this time was because of Wei Wei and I misunderstanding Anran.
On behalf of Wei Wei, I apologise to Anran.
Since Anran doesn’t want to participate in the Literature and Arts festival, I will go talk to the dean tomorrow about removing your name from the team list.
Our class only has four female students, since you and Ruge aren’t participating, this event can be forgotten then.

[It’s all my fault, I only wanted our class to be able to gain more points, I didn’t think that it would turn out like this.]

Li Lianying immediately supported her: [Rong Rong, you did this for everyone’s benefit, unlike a certain someone who doesn’t understand the importance of teamwork.
You are not to blame!]

Unfortunately not all of the students were idiots either: [But you can’t simply put someone on the list right? Not everyone wants to stand out.]

[Why don’t we not dance then? Our class has so many boys, why do we need those few girls to do an event?]

[That’s right, do you despise us boys? I, the handsome guy, volunteer to sing, I secretly want to work hard to surprise everyone.]

[With your crappy voice? Don’t scare everyone away.]

Li Ruge used her class president attitude directly made the decision: [We are all in an engineering class, we don’t have that creative streak.
Maybe do a small play or something.]

Several excited boys had wanted to volunteer themselves valiantly, but this matter has been considered over.

After the incident Li Ruge sent me a private message: [That Hermes bag was yours, right? At the start of the school year we both took the same bag, I saw it.]

After I admitted to it she said: [I was going to say, how is it possible that our dormitory has sleeping dragons and phoenixes that all have an Hermes bag.]

T/N: Sleeping Dragons and Phoenixes (龙凤雏): chinese proverb about special people being low key

[Tsk, you tell me, what is Xue Rong counting on ah?]

That’s right ah, I also do not understand, what is going on?


Xixi Theatre (test run)

XR (i.e.
Empress Dowager Cixi: *looking pitiful and wronged* (┬┬﹏┬┬)
WW (i.e.
Li Lianying the Eunuch): *angrily* How dare you offend her Majesty o((>ω< ))o
SAR: *slaps green tea bitch away* Heh what is this trash? (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
LRG: *sitting on the side with pop corn while clapping*
Xixi: *stealing LRG’s popcorn* (*✧×✧*)

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