When I left the dean’s office, I went straight back to the dormitory.
I had not opened the door but overheard Wang Wei and Xue Rong talking inside.

[Rong Rong, you’re simply too kindhearted, you were even going to give Song Anran money.]

Xue Rong acting like a pitiful green tea said: [Aiya, we are all roommates, I didn’t want to make it too unsightly.]

T/N: The original text was 茶里茶气 which is used to describe people who like to act pitiful and make people feel the need to protect them.

Wang Wei laughed coldly: [That poor ghost simply has no class, is greedy and vain, no wonder her whole cupboard is full of dupes.]

[Wei Wei, don’t say that to Song Anran’s face, I’m afraid she will feel uncomfortable.]

I laughed angrily.
Based on all your dupes, what basis do you laugh about me ah?

I pushed the door open, purposely making noise: [Who exactly doesn’t have class ah, I’m not the one who badmouths my roommate behind her back.]

They both watched me enter quietly, meeting my gaze they bit their lips.

I opened my cupboard to gather my things.
Good thing that I only moved in for a few days so many of my things had not been opened and could be easily taken away.

As a result, when I opened up my cupboard, the things immediately fell out.
Before I left, I had organised everything properly, it looked like someone had touched it.

I turned my head to look at Wang Wei and Xue Rong.
Wang Wei guiltily took a step back, forcibly she said:

[What are you looking at us for?]

I was in no mood to talk to her, so I picked the things off the floor before realising that a Chanel CF was missing.

I enunciated each word: [One of my bags is missing.]

Wang Wei rolled her eyes: [Chi! Only a fake bag, who would steal it?]

I put all the things into my suitcase, then pulled a chair over to sit down: [Whether this bag is real or a fake isn’t something you can decide but the police can.
Should I call the police or will you hand it over?]

They both didn’t say anything, I took my phone out directly and dialled 110?

Xue Rong’s face changed, she shouted loudly: [Anran, did you remember wrong?]

She fake smiled, sidling to stand in front of me: [We are all students, taking the mess to the police isn’t a good look right?]

[In that case, it doesn’t matter if the bag was there or not, I’ll give compensate you with mine, is that okay then?]

Wang Wei shouted angrily: [Rong Rong, why are you so silly? She is just using a fake bag to trick people!]

I laughed coldly, shaking off Xue Rong’s hand from my shoulder.
I stared at her coldly: [Who’s a fake, you know most clearly in your heart.]

Xue Rong took the bag from her own cupboard, I took a look and it was mine, I couldn’t resist sneering: [Rich woman takes other peoples bags huh?]

Xue Rong’s tears rolled down immediately.
If our industry actors could turn on the tear tap is quickly as this the Oscar awards would definitely not exist.

Want Wei instantly became her protective Li Liangying that charged forward to protect her Empress Dowager: [Don’t go too far, it was me who took your bag!]

[I only touched the broken thing, so what?]

[Not asking the owner and taking it is stealing.
Before you talk could you shake some brain cells around.
Stay further away from me, I’m allergic to those who are mentally disabled.]

I carried my bag and dragged my luggage.
Opening the door, I left.

At night, as I took a bath, I called my mother to complain: [Why are there these types of people in the world ah?]

After listening, my mother didn’t really take it too seriously: [Then move out, mother is afraid that you would get infected by your roommates and your brain won’t work as well either.]

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