On the second day after I moved out, I received a phone call from the Dean who wanted me to go to his office.


When I went in, the dean was seated behind his desk, his expression was very serious.


[Student Song Anran, why are you not returning to the dorm at night at the start of the year?]


[Teacher Lin, I do remember that our school does not force us to live in the dormitories right?]


The dean paused for a second: [Although that is what is said, but we do not really support students moving out to live, you’re still young, don’t be led astray.]


I wanted to laugh, how is living outside of the school considered being led astray?


[Teacher, do you still have anything else? If not then I’ll go back.]


The dean’s eyebrows wrinkled: [What is wrong with you, child? I only want you to get along better with your cohort, stop trying to act special.]


[I heard that in order for you to participate in the freshman literature and arts show you even accepted money?]


Alright then, so this is what was waiting for me.


I also didn’t want to offend the teacher at the beginning of the semester since I still needed to study for four years, one more thing is better than one less.


[Teacher Lin, I have definitely not done any of those things.
I only didn’t want to participate in the literature and arts show, I didn’t receive any money.]


After I finished speaking, I helplessly sighed: [Teacher, I’m a person who is afraid of public speaking.
When there are a lot of people I feel sick and want to vomit, I can’t get on stage to perform.]


The Dean sceptically glanced at me: [Really? Then maybe you didn’t communicate this clearly with your classmates, and this has caused them to misunderstand.]


[You are all freshman students, as well as being roommates.
When you graduate, the people you meet won’t be so innocent, you should get along with them better.]


I had clearly really tried to get along with them nicely, it’s just that other people didn’t want to get along with me nicely.

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