I scrolled through the school forum at night and realised that the person only took the back view without the face. 


It was a coincident that Xue Rong and I had been wearing the same outfit, no one knew who messed it up but it is now rumoured to be Xue Rong.


This “same outfit”, that wasn’t quite the same.
Xue Rong’s jacket which was on on her seat is clearly a fake.


Ever since Xue Rong became “Hermes”, her treatment within our dorm was different.
Everyday spent with Xue Rong, it was like being with Cixi and her Li Lianying. 1


At this time, I didn’t want to expose Xue Rong.
This thing about being wealthy is that it is better to keep quiet about it.
I was happy with Xue Rong taking the blame for me, after all guns shoot birds who stick their heads out. 2


Based on how quickly Xue Rong gained popularity at the beginning of the school year, she became our class secretary.
I didn’t want the three fires of being a new official to come burn me. 3https://min.news/en/culture/46b7e01def222c51eef2aa702c6f7118.html


That night when I returned to the dorm, Xue Rong said to me: [Song Anran, about the Freshman Literature and Art Show… our class wants to participate, I’ll organise a dance, come and practise with us tomorrow.]


I was stunned: [When did I say that I would dance with you?]


On the side, Wang Wei in a strange tone said: [This is a segment for the glory of our class, Song Anran surely you will participate right?]


[That’s right Anran, we are all a team, we hope that you would be considerate of everyone, don’t mess around.]


What a great person, straight up put the ‘no sense of team spirit’ hat on my head.


If she had told me beforehand, I wouldn’t have rejected her but they both were morally pressuring me which was not okay.


I am a 90 pound person, 89 pounds of backbone, open to persuasion but not coercion.


She really thought that she was Empress Dowager Cixi, directly mandating a decree?


[I had not said that I would dance, I can’t dance, why don’t you go find someone else?]


Xue Rong’s facial expression immediately changed, the corners of her mouth tightened and she stopped talking.
Wang Wei immediately pick up: [Song Anran, you better not be shameless!]


[Aiyo, I’m not participating, what can you do ah?]


Wang Wei humphed: [Do you know what Xue Rong’s family does? I would advise you not to go against Rong Rong straight from the start.]


Xue Rong laughed a bit, suddenly with an expression of great reluctance she tugged Wang Wei’s sleeve: [Come on Wei Wei, don’t keep on mentioning my family.]


Wang Wei glanced at me from the side: [I just don’t want a certain someone to be selfish.]


I laughed, what is so good about Xue Rong’s background, a cupboard full of dupes.
What’s wrong with her home in Putian?


Anger started building in my chest: [Then I would advise you not to offend me at the start either.]


Xue Rong sighed: [What about this Song Anran, I’ll give you 500 yuan to hire you to dance.]


Wang Wei sneered: [Poor ghost, you even want to earn this kind of money.]


My anger went through the roof, are these two addicted to deciding for her?


[Don’t you understand human language? I’m not participating!]


After I finished, I slammed the door as I left.
Good thing my dad bought me an apartment near the school.
He said that if I was not happy living with my roommates I could move out to live by myself.
I had initially told my dad not to waste money but who knew that I could really use it.
I could no longer live in the dorm, I’m allergic to idiots.





Talking about Empress Cixi and her favourite Eunuch called Li Lianying


I think this is a saying thats similar to the English about those who stand out are prone to attracting jealousy.


Metaphor that a new official needs to do a lot of people pleasing and being influential to show talent and courage.
If you’re interested visit this link: https://min.news/en/culture/46b7e01def222c51eef2aa702c6f7118.html

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