isunderstanding! They both went in to our lab to steal our data everyday.]

After speaking: [Haha, you didn’t think of this right, we had already realised, the numbers that you looked at were all fake!]

[If you don’t believe us then go try, you simply cannot replica be replicated! Thief pei!]

After speaking Xue Rong’s face turned green, tears slide down her face rapidly whilst rapidly filling her eyes.
After muttering for half the day she could still not say anything.

The evidence is all here.
Dean, what did you say the consequences of academic dishonesty were just before? ] I took my time to take a look at the dean.
His forehead was plastered with his sweaty hair, it was both pitiful and funny.

[This ——] He shuffled closer to Xu Shuji in a low voice he said [ Xu Shuji, why don’t we let the students leave first, then we can discuss what will happen together.

Li Ruge snickered loudly: [Then why did the student not need to leave just before?]

[That’s right, that wasn’t how things were before! ]

The dean glanced at Xu Shuji pitifully, almost to the extent of begging.
Xu Shuji wrinkled his brows, taking a glance at Li Ruge, in a deep voice: [Ruge, you first take the students out, this thing I will give you an explanation.]


[Go, don’t make the teacher lose too much face.]

Li Ruge pouted: [Fine.]

We followed Li Ruge out of the dean’s office naturally laughing together.

Teammate A: [Aiya good thing that we had a better strategy than our opponents ah!]

Teammate B: [Of course, otherwise we would have been harmed!]

Xue Rong and Wang Wei at the back didn’t say anything, the student that gave a fake testimony ran up to me, crying with urgency: [Student Song Anran, please don’t make things hard for me, I truly didn’t have any other way.
Please forgive me, my family is too poor and I couldn’t do anything but to give in to Xue Rong’s pressure.]

I pushed him aside, calmly saying: [When you do something wrong you should bear the consequences, as adults we should all take responsibility for our actions.]

I walked past him, watching Xue Rong: [If it wasn’t because of the video evidence, would you guys have let me off?]

The tears that were welled up in Xue Ron’gs eyes pitter pattered down, but I didn’t feel the sense of release that I wanted.

When she was harming others, didn’t she think of the consequences of this catastrophe for an ordinary student? Simply because she was jealous and vain, she wanted to end someone else’s future, this sort of person who did those sorts of things deserved this karma.

Later on when I returned home, I called my mum and told her about what had happened today, as my mum applied her face mask, she dragged my father over: [Old Song, you’re illegitimate daughter is making things difficult for my daughter, aren’t you gonna go manage her.]

My father tsked, taking the phone: [Only know how to talk nonsense, where did I get an illegitimate daughter?]
[Anran ah, do you want daddy to go to school to talk about this incident? Our family has supported so many projects.
After spending so much money there is no way that I can have my dearest daughter go and suffer.]

[Don’t worry daddy, this thing I can handle, the school will punish Xue Rong.]

[That’s good, my baby is so smart, the way you handle things is just like me.]

My mum interrupts: [I think it is from me, look your illegitimate daughter is so dumb.]

My dad shoves my mum, wrinkling his brows: [Look at you, that’s not right, I’m going to go make a statement later.
This Xue whatever Rong has nothing to do with me.]

[Her father is too much ah, no good at teaching his daughter, let’s lay him off one by one next quarter, that way he won’t make my Song Group lose face later on.]

[There is no way her father has no idea.]

[Who cares, whose daughter was it that made my baby mad!]

Xixi Theatre

Empress Dowager and her Eunuch: *fake comfort* Awww poor SAR, don’t worry I just want an apology, nothing too big.
*picks at nails*

*video plays*

Empress Dowager overthrown, her eunuch in prison for treason.
Palace Pig (the dean) quivering in corner.

Prime Minister Xu: This matter shall be handled by me!

Class president Li: Yassss go uncleeee!

SAR to Empress Dowager and her minion: ( ゚д゚)つ Bye

SAR’s mum: Look at your dumb illegitimate daughter, what trash to have contaminated my baby’s eyes.
Quickly look and see if she has infected you!

SAR’s dad: ╰(‵□′)╯ NOT MY DAUGHTER!!!

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