The selection time for the competition was a week.
After submitting their project data and experimental report the participating teams could go home and wait for the results.

When the results came out, everyone had nearly all started classes, it just happened to to be when everyone could catch up with last semester’s comprehensive test bonus points.

Our team members were all people who received awards in their highschool years, this time we were very confident in receiving an award.
After receiving this award, and last semester’s achievement points I must have the highest score in the comprehensive test.

It’s worthy of me to be both excellent in taste and academics.

Privately, Li Ruge and I had already chatted a few times.
I had initially hoped that Xue Rong wouldn’t use our experimental data since having one extra issue is no better than one less.

Unfortunately, Xue Rong didn’t share this sentiment.

We had only started the semester for a few days, but I had already been called to the dean’s office.

When I entered the office, the dean already started speaking harshly whilst asking me: [Song Anran ah, Song Anran.
I had never guessed that you were this type of student.]

[The big project competition, I had initially not wanted you to participate.
Do you think that the teacher would harm you? You simply wouldn’t listen, and you even dragged Li Ruge to participate.
Now your whole team has been implicated.]

[How could you do this thing of steal experimental results? Do you know this is called experimental fraud? I know your values have not matured at this age, but as an Engineering student, you should know the consequence of academic dishonesty right?]

My heart was a clear mirror and already knew that this was the trick that Xue Rong pulled, her awful personality truly hasn’t changed.

I thought that she only wanted to use our experimental results to cut corners, who knew that she would actually turn around and bite me back.

What the dean said wasn’t wrong.
From the first year carrying a namesake of a plagiarist, it could be said that one’s future would be over.
If this situation got big, then being expelled from the University isn’t outside of the realm of thought either.

If it wasn’t because I had left some evidence, I wouldn’t know how Xue Rong would have ended the future of our entire team.

[Teacher, has the competition committee already made a judgement?]

The dean had not thought that I would be this calm at this point, and with some amount of uncertainty asked: [Xue Rong has already reflected to the competition committee, the processing of the result would be here soon.
You all simply want to wait until the results come out?

I pretended to be a little bit scared: [But I didn’t plagiarise here data ah, we all did our experiments on our own, we even have the results recorded down.]

The dean finally found his place: [The times when the data was released could be easily fabricated.
But since you had submitted it after Xue Rong.
Besides, Xue Rong has been monitored by a teacher, and prove that their experiment results were completed before yours were.]

[Since we have a history of being teacher to student, I would advise you to withdraw from the competition yourself.
I will fight for leniency for you, not punish you publicly.]

I pretended to be angry, slapping the table as I stood: [No way! Our team’s experimental results were done by ourselves! I will definitely not admit to this offence!]

The dean laughed softly, lifting the cup of ta in front of his chest while gazing at me coldly: [I was also just as naive when I was your age Student Anran.
Don’t think of this issue as something of childsplay, I called you here today is because I have evidence.]

I paused, evidence? What evidence could they have?

[The security guard for the laboratories already said, you have gone to get the lab keys, therefore you had the opportunity to open the lab door of Xue Rong’s lab.
And…..] he pauses triumphantly whilst brushing his two sparse strands of hair: [Xue Rong has a photo, and it shows that you entered their lab.]

[Now the evidence is all here, if it wasn’t you then who could it be?]

I paused, thinking back to the day that classmate who got locked in the room.

The dean took out two photos, one photo was of me opening the door, the other was a photo of me pushing it open.
He throws the photos on the table: [Look at what good things you have done!]

Xixi Theatre 

Dean: *triumphant but angry shouting, face is pink like a pig*

SAR: *big wtf look on her face*

XR: *triumphant, smug smile*

Xixi: *bored with antics and sipping tea* Ew, bitter green tea and barbecue bacon…tsk tsk

XR: *Face turns green*

Dean: *face turns into puce*

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