The camera recorded Xue Rong and Wang Wei’s sneaky back view in real time.
It was a shame that the sound was too quiet, and we could not hear what they were saying.

We could only see that they both ran to our lab frequently.
Wang Wei even poured out the products that were left in the crucible, and changing it to sodium bicarbonate on the test bench.
I could even feel their sense of satisfaction through the screen.

Perhaps the bad deed was completed to smoothly, Xue Rong started to give me unpleasant expressions.

[Anran, how is your groups experiments going? Our team has already finished.]]

Xue Rong’s gently says: [This time I won’t give way to you.]

I rolled my eyes: [Since you have this energy, why don’t you go eat some walnuts and nourish your brain.
Day in day out saying this sort of stuff makes it sound like you haven’t graduated from kindergarten.]

Xue Rong wrinkled her brow: [Why do the things you say sound so unpleasant! Everyone is a student, I am also doing this for your own good.]

I laughed coldly: [I have always talked pleasantly with others, it is quite rare that you receive two that don’t sound nice to you.]

In her anger, she changed her mind, pointing at me speechlessly: [You!]

Wang Wei tugged at her arm, whispering something in her ear, Xue Rong’s anger dissolved off her face.
In its place a cocky expression was directed back at me, the gaze filled with some parts of pity.

[Song Anran, let’s see how long you can be cocky for, when the time comes don’t come running to me crying.]

I sniffed disdainfully: [Don’t you worry, even if nobody came, I would only set of firecrackers at your grave without a single teardrop.]

Xue Rong stared at me for a moment, she spun around and left her face white with anger.

Wang Wei chased her out, ruthlessly shouting: [Wait and see.] as she ran out.

It turns out that destiny is like a play and is all dependent on acting skills, Xue Rong can’t have gotten used to pretending to be a second generation heir that she has tricked herself into believing it too right?

I really question her mental condition.

On the second day, Xue Rong’s teammate suddenly called me saying that they locked themselves inside of the lab and asked me if I had left, begging me to let her in.

In the moment of stupidity I went to the security office to get the key and let him out of the lab.

[How did you lock yourself inside?]

His expression was of embarrassment, his smile slightly guilty: [Perhaps I forgot, good thing you let me out.]

The small interlude quickly passed, and I didn’t put it into my heart.

After a few days, our team’s project had just finished.
In order to guard against Xue Rong, we directly left fake data in the lab.

If she didn’t use the core data, then obviously everyone still got along, but if she did use it, then it is just courting self destruction.

Thinking about that, I couldn’t help laughing.
Just based on fighting with ability, not caring about the win or loss, using small tricks in secret.
Don’t blame me for setting up the trap.

At night our team went out to go eat together.

Teammate A carried over two bottles of beer, in their drunken hazy state: [Ai, I used to secretly admire Xue Rong, who knew that she was that type of person.]

Teammate B reprimanded him: [What did you admire about her, wasn’t it just her Hermes bag?]

Teammate A in anger: [Bullshit!]

He secretly snickered: [I was only counting on the internship at Song group.]

I swallowed the beer in my mouth, what a great fellow.
This sort of situation put me (the real daughter of the chairman of Song Group) in a state of conflict.

Li Ruge nobly glanced at the two that got drunk over two bottles of beer with a look that said [I saw through them long ago] before grabbing two roasted pig skewers with a reserved posture and chewed them.

[Who knows how the Song Group’s treasure will feel after seeing Xue Rong?]

I sighed, probably like me.


Xixi Theatre :

Empress Dowager and her Eunuch doing their Chinese opera performance on stage.
SAR: *laughing at their funny antics, nudges Xixi who is too engrossed with sleeping* Look at the idiots go

Xixi: *snores before rolling over* Stop it, looking at idiots will damage my eyes.

SAR: *nudges class president while glancing at drunkards down the row*

LRG: *sits up straight while casting disdainful look at the hooligans* Materialistic drunkards.

Xixi (after 8 shots of soju): *starts singing Material world*

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