When Oliver arrived home, he saw Ava who was sitting on the couch lazily.

But the next moment she saw him, she ran to him and gave him a cute hug.

”I bought you some snacks. Here ”

Oliver took a bag out of his bag and gave it to Ava. She took them and obediently sat on the couch and enjoyed her treat.

Since Oliver was at home, Miya left. Miya had already prepared lunch for them. So they didn have to worry about it.

Oliver looked at Ava and then took out his phone.

He knew that Daniel was busy. But he had to take care of him as well. So he called him to see whether he had eaten.

”Hello, I just came home. Did you eat? ” Oliver asked when the call was answered.

”Not yet, ” a tired voice answered.

”Stop everything and dig in, now! ”

It sounded like a threat. But Daniel knew Oliver was caring for him. The matter was that his way of showing love was a bit harsh.

”Okay, tell me you love me. I will go and eat ”

Daniel said with a playful voice. A moment ago, he was tired. But now he was super energetic hearing Olivers voice.

The secretary of Daniel was also at his cabin while managing some files. When he heard his boss was flirting with someone, he couldn help but to listen more.

”I love you, go and eat. Don starve yourself ”

Oliver said and he was going to cut off the call. But Ava asked him to pass the phone to her. So he gave the phone to Ava.

”Dad! ” Avas cute voice sounded from the other side. Daniel couldn hear Olivers voice anymore. But he was satisfied with his answer. From that, he had confirmed something. Oliver had become gentler than before after they got married.

”Ava, don make dad angry, and be good ”

Daniel said and gestured to the secretary to buy him lunch.

”I am not the one who makes him angry. You are not eating well, thats why dad is angry ”

She said angrily. But from the phone, it sounded so cute.

”Okay, okay, Dad is sorry. I am gonna eat now. ”

Daniel said seeing his secretary bringing food.

”Okay, Bye.. ” She cut off the call without letting Daniel reply. Daniel laughed alone and then ate while thinking about how fast Ava and Oliver got close.

Meanwhile, Daniels secretary was confused. As he heard, the person who called first was the bosss lover. But how come his daughter talked from the same call? Are they already in a good relationship? He had a lot of problems.

The whole office knew Ava hated to get close to new people. Other than Daniel, other people failed to be friends with her successfully. So he was surprised when he found out his bosss lover had won the heart of the little angel.

In the evening, John called Oliver and invited him to dinner. So Oliver got ready with Ava. Then John sent a car for them and they arrived at Johns place.

Since it was evening they had more time until dinner. And they had to wait for Daniel.

So John and Oliver played chess while talking. Ava helped her grandma to pick flowers from the garden.

When it was noon, Daniel arrived. He was tired and sleepy even when they were having dinner.

”Daniel, why don you take a leave for a week? You don look well ”

Daniels mom referred.

”Its okay mom. I have still left some important matters. After I finish them, I can take a leave for not a week but also even for a month. ”

He said while stealing a glance at Oliver.

”Okay, but don work too much. Your body won be able to take it ”

She worried again. Daniel nodded in agreement.

After they spent more time, Daniel drove back home with Oliver and Ava.

Ava was already asleep at that moment. So Daniel carried her to her room and let her sleep.

Then, Daniel and Oliver had a drink and went to sleep after discussing their work.

The next day also repeated the same. Daniel dropped Oliver off at the campus. Since the students were on alert, they were already waiting for them to come to take some pictures, so they could share them. But some people didn admit the fact Oliver was in love because not only your lover but also anyone can drop you off.

Before Oliver go out, Daniel stopped him.

”Oliver, Today I will come to pick you up. I am gonna get a leave today. We have to meet some guests today ”

Daniel held his hand.

”Guests? Who? ”

Oliver had no idea. So he asked him while holding his hand.

”I will tell you later. When should I come to get you? Tell me the exact time. I don like to wait ”

Oliver still remembered that he promised his student to teach the lesson again. Even though he said one hour is enough, he couldn be irresponsible since he had to teach students well.

”I can tell you the exact time. So when I am done I will give you a call. ”

Oliver said while fixing his glasses.

”Okay ” Daniel kissed Oliver. But this time it was a light kiss. Oliver felt a little disappointed. But he couldn ask for a kiss since he loved his pride.

”Goodbye. Drive safe ”

The couple separated and the car slowly disappeared from the students who were waiting for them to come. However, they took some photos when Oliver got out of the car.

All the students were not a pain in the ass. Only a few always meddled in their teachers private lives. But other people also praised the pictures and the information they shared. So these students always worked actively on these things.

That day, the forum was going crazy. A lot of comments were added. Since the forum was only for students, professors didn know what they were sharing in their forums. The forum made for gossip was active these days thanks to Oliver.

Ruby saw his crush stepping out of someones car and even waved his hand at the person who was in the driving seat. She couldn control her anger. The forum made her go crazy. She scrolled, scrolled, and scrolled. She read all the comments. She felt so heartbroken. But she had no idea of leaving this matter.

Her friends kept their distance from her for their safety. They knew she was in a bad mood. So they didn want to offend her more.

Olivers class continued peacefully as usual. When the class ended, Ruby followed him to his cabin. Everyone knew that Ruby was one of his best students. So they didn bother to see what was going on. But they had a feeling that Ruby was so clingy to Oliver. But Oliver didn find anything unusual because he never thought that his students would fall in love with him.

”Professor, here I bought you a drink since you are going to spend your time with me ”

Ruby gave a strawberry milk bottle to him. But the thing was she gave it even after opening it. But Oliver didn drink it because he didn like strawberries that much. But he couldn tell the student. So he didn bother and let the drink be as it was.

”Thank you. Lets start. I have something important today. So I have to go early. ”

Oliver was annoyed by Ruby for no reason. Maybe it was because she was all cute. But couldn compare to Ava even though she is a kid.

When the lesson continued, Rubys eyes ran to the strawberry milk bottle she brought. Her mind was distracted. She wasn listening to Oliver. Oliver was explaining the lesson from the beginning. But he didn notice that Ruby wasn focusing.

Ruby wanted Oliver to drink it. But she couldn force it. She already put some sleeping pills in the bottle. She had her plans. While she was thinking of her plan, suddenly her eyes moved because of a vibrating sound. That was Olivers phone.

Usually, Oliver won answer his phone if its in a classroom. But since he married Daniel, his heart didn want to ignore his calls. Daniel also knew Oliver well. So he didn call during his lecture times.

”Excuse me! ” Oliver excused himself from Ruby and answered the phone.

”Hello, I told you I will call ”

Oliver answered impatiently. Ruby silently listened and acted like she was looking at her book. Oliver also didn bother since most of his students were not people who care about other peoples affairs.

”Dad! I am sorry for disturbing you ” Avas voice came through the phone.

Olivers knitted eyebrows loosened and his expression changed instantly. Ruby who was examining these all was left shocked. She saw a gentle smile on his face. She felt lucky to see it. But the smile didn last long.

”What is it, Ava? ”

Oliver patiently talked with the other party. Ruby couldn hear the other sides voice. But she guessed.

Ava? She must be his lover. If its a girl then it won matter. I am prettier than anyone.

Her lips curved and in a glance, they faded away. She was kinda happy knowing the news about the man was nothing that much important to him.

It turned out to be that he has a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.

She misunderstood everything. Imagination is dangerous when it is made in the wrong way. Ruby also did the same thing.

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