Her Two Dads(BL)

The Campus Beauty

Daniels dad, John was already so satisfied with his son-in-law. His gentle and untalkative behaviour made John think positively about Oliver. When Oliver got closer to them, Daniel felt like his dad preferred Oliver more than him. That was also good. He had no worries.

John wanted them to get married soon. Oliver also had no objection to that. But Oliver didn want a grand wedding. Since John respected Olivers ideas, he agreed with him.

John was not someone who used his family for fame. Even though a lot of people were alert about Daniels marriage, John didn bother to publish it. He let Oliver and Daniel get married even without giving a party. John said that they could think about that later. So he rushed them to be a couple officially.

Not only Daniels dad but also his mom also supported them wholeheartedly. They let them decide for themselves. So when their son and Oliver officially got married, John felt like a huge weight loosened.

Both parents wish them a happy married life. Olivers parents were dead long ago. So there wasn anyone by his side. But John and his wife didn let him feel sad about it and treated him like his real parents. Ava was also happy during that time.

She saw his grandpa who was always laughing. Then crying again. She realised that Oliver had made their family a lot different.

After the marriage, Oliver moved to Daniels place.

Ava welcomed him with such excitement. That was the first time she saw another person in their house other than the servants.

”This is dads room. And that is my room. I won disturb you two. So don worry ”

Ava said after showing the whole house around.

”Mmm… Did you tell your dad about that day? ”

Oliver asked with that usual poker face. But it carried some care.

”Yeah, Its all done. So don talk about that again ”

She pinched his leg because she was not tall enough to pinch his cheek. She thought that doing that was funny. Actually, the funny fact was after pinching the one who got hurt was also her. She had tiny hands and her hands couldn pull much force.

”Okay okay! Its already late. Your dad told me that he will be late. I will wait for him. You can sleep. We can talk tomorrow ”

Oliver saw Avas sleepy eyes which were trying so hard to stay open. But she still didn want to sleep. Because she wanted to spend more time with him, so she won feel lonely as before.

”I am not sleepy. I will also wait with you ”

She was so stubborn. She didn even move an inch. Oliver knew that she was not gonna leave him. That was a problem with her personality.

Just like him, so stubborn!

”Okay then. Lets wait ”

Oliver found her cute. She was trying so hard to stay alert. But she was tired from talking nonstop. She was half sleeping and half awake at the same time.

Oliver had work. He had to make notes and be prepared for lectures. Being married doesn mean he could live without doing anything. The next day he had to go to campus as usual. He didn want others to know about his marriage. But he didn want to hide it either. So he decided for himself that if only someone asked then he would say it.

Oliver who was working at the table also came to the couch where Ava was. He didn want to let her be alone. He left the table and came to the couch with all his books and things.

He silently continued his work from there. Ava was already snoozing. When Oliver stretched his hand to get another book, he saw that Ava was in a bad position. If she slept like that, then there was a possibility that she could get neck pain.

So he thought of sending her to bed. When he carried her up, Ava suddenly opened her eyes.

”Cheater, you said we will wait together ”

Thinking that she would be upset, he sat down again and let her head rest on his lap. Oliver didn know whether she was sleep-talking or told that. However, he didn want to get called a cheater. So he let her sleep well in his lap and continued reading a book.

When it was past 11 Daniel arrived after work.

”Why are you still awake? I told you that I will be late ”

Daniel came to Oliver and placed a kiss on his forehead, then his gaze fell on Ava who was resting in Olivers lap.

”Its okay. I also had work. She fell asleep while waiting for you. ”

Oliver said while looking at Daniel who was caressing Avas hair.

”She is stubborn ”

Daniel mumbled.

After a few minutes,

”Just like you! ”

He mumbled again and took off his coat.

Oliver heard that. But he didn bother to argue.

After Oliver became the official partner of Daniel, their family was completed. So to save their private lifestyle, Daniel decided to live there without servants.

So from that moment, this family lives here alone. There was no one to disturb them.

”I am hungry. Have you two eaten? ”

Daniel asked when he heard his stomach crying.

”I fed her after promising that I will let her wait for you. I didn eat. Lets eat together ”

He said while standing up with the girl in his hands.

”Ok, I will wash up first ”

Daniel left for the bathroom and Oliver went, placed Ava in her bed. She was sleeping soundly.

After finishing dinner, they both went to the bedroom and slept. Daniel always missed his dinner because of his work. But now Oliver was there and he would not get a chance to miss the dinner. He felt a little happy whenever he saw the other party.

The next day, Oliver was the one to wake up first. He had to go to campus before 8 am. So he woke up early and made breakfast for the three of them.

Ava was on her leave. She had one more week before the school holiday ended. So Ava had to be alone since both her dad had to work while she had to stay at home.

Because of that, Daniel called Miya, the maid, to take care of her until Oliver arrives home. Oliver could leave the campus before 3 pm. So Miya only had to work part-time.

When the smell of breakfast spread around the house, Ava woke up instantly. She rubbed her eyes lazily and went to see her dads.

”Good morning, Ava! ”

Daniel saw her and took her into his embrace. She was still sleepy and she stayed still letting Daniel hug her.

”Good morning, Dad ”

She also greeted him. But soon after she realised that it was only for one dad. Then how to greet the other dad too? She was so thoughtful and serious about everything.

”Good morning, both dads! ”

She said. Daniel burst out laughing hearing that. Oliver also found that her greeting was funny.

”Ha ha ha, Ava, I am your dad. Then what are you gonna call him? ”

Daniel pointed at Oliver who was frying something in a pan.

”He is my second dad ”

She answered immediately without thinking.

”Second dad? Its okay, but its not okay ”

Daniel patted Ava and thought of a way.

Ava suddenly got an idea.

”Then what about calling him, mom? ”

Oliver almost dropped the food after hearing Ava say that. He wanted to be like a mom to her, but he didn want to get called a mom.

Seeing Olivers face was not good, Daniel instantly told Ava that it was not okay.

Ava instantly regretted her words. Actually, those words fell out of control. She didn do it on purpose.

”I will call him dad too ”

Ava got rid of Daniels embrace and walked to Oliver, smelling something delicious.

”First, Brush your teeth. Lets have breakfast together ”

Oliver said to Ava and she immediately went to her bathroom.

During the short time, all of them had gotten so close. Ava liked Oliver so much. Because he never treated her like a good-for-nothing girl. She hated when others tried to pet her telling she is cute. She always preferred serious conversations. So Oliver was the first one who met her expectations. Even Daniel also sometimes treats her like a small kid.

When they finished breakfast, Miya arrived. She helped Oliver wash the dishes. Oliver thanked her and picked up his things to leave. Daniel also left with him. He told Oliver that he will drop him off at the campus. So they planned to leave together.

”Ava, be a good girl until dad arrives. Don just play. Do your studies too ”

Daniel placed a kiss on her head and left to unpark his car.

”Give me a kiss before you go, Dad ”

She turned to Oliver after Daniel left. She was embarrassed to ask that. But she wanted to get closer to Oliver.

Oliver came to her and kissed her forehead.

”Are you happy now? ”

Oliver fixed his glasses and asked her.

”Yes, Take care. Come soon ”

She went to Miya and asked her to play with her.

Ava was a little surprised because she thought that he would refuse. But since he didn , she was happy.

Oliver left with Daniel by car.

On the way to the campus, Daniel suddenly thought of something.

”Are you really happy? ”

Daniel wanted an honest answer.

”Yeah, you don have to worry. Even though you are making me piss off, your daughter can calm me down ”

He said while checking his mobile.

”I see… You are in a mood to joke ”

He said and fastened the speed.

After a few minutes, Oliver came to his stop.

Before he got out of the car, Daniel pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. Oliver was surprised by his sudden action and couldn move.

When their deep kiss ended, Oliver angrily glared at Daniel.

”Don be angry. I love you. ”

He said playfully and got even closer.

Oliver hit his head and pushed him away.

”What if my students saw? ”

He said angrily.

”What could possibly happen? You can tell them that we are married ”

He said proudly. He knew that Oliver had forgotten the fact that they were married.

”Oh! ”

Oliver seemed like he was near to bursting. He did forget that they are now a married couple. His face was red out of embarrassment.

”Okay, Goodbye.. my sweetheart, I love you ”

Daniel said happily seeing that Oliver was cute when he was helpless.

”Goodbye, I love you too ”

Oliver was careful enough not to call him back sweetheart.

Sweet talking! There is no end to that

Oliver blamed Daniel in his mind but waved his hand to him with a light and gentle smile.

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