Her Two Dads(BL)

His Boyfriend

”Welcome! Its been a long time Mr Kevin ”

Daniels mom also communicated with them in a friendly tone.

When they were talking, Daniel met the gaze of a beautiful girl behind them. Daniel already knew her. She was Meera. One of his business partners. They have met numerous times before for business matters. But this time it was a little unfamiliar and uneasy for both of them.

All of them went to the dining hall to have dinner after chatting. All the time, Daniel played with Ava and Meera was playing around with her phone. Daniel had no idea of getting married to her. But his father had warned him multiple times before. His father just wanted him to get married, so he won be alone.

But there was another reason behind his dads attempts. He was sad thinking about his son being alone. And little Ava who was carving for love, also needed someone to accompany her other than Daniel. So he wanted Daniel to get married and feel the warmth of a family. But he didn want to show off his kind side. So he played the angry dad role and wanted to get it done.

Both Daniel and Meera had the same thought.

They shouldn get married.

Daniel didn want to worry about this matter because of that. Ava also seemed to be understanding that his grandpa was gonna give a mom for her. But she didn want to. Because if her dad were to get married, then she would have to share her dad with another girl. She hated that. She wanted Daniel for herself. She thought that the only girl who could own her dad was her.


”Meera and Daniel, What do you think? Do you like each other? We can arrange your marriage ”

Meeras father asked them at the dining table.

All the people were waiting for their answer.

Meera looked at Daniel and Daniel looked at Meera. They kept staring at each other while waiting for the other one to answer. Seeing them silent, the parents seem to be guessing their answers.

”Its okay if you don like it. Don push yourself. We understand you ”

Meeras mom said and it made the dining table calm a bit.

Then everyone silently finished the dinner and chatted more before leaving.

When they left, Daniel had to answer his parents questions.

First of all, Daniel took Ava to a room and let her sleep. When she fell asleep, he went to meet his parents to reveal an important matter.

”Dad, mom, I want to talk to you. Its somewhat related to this matter too ”

He sat down and revealed a serious expression.

”Actually, I- I don like girls. I only prefer men. I wanted to tell you this beforehand. But I - ”

For a moment, he looked at his parents to see their reactions. But that was not as he expected. He thought that they would make a fuss over this matter. But they didn have much reaction.

”Its okay, my son. We are sorry, we didn ask you about it beforehand. ”

His mom had a regretful expression.

”Then do you have someone you like? ”

His dad was super excited thinking he would have someone in his mind.

”Ah. Yeah. I am currently in a relationship. But I have another problem ”, he said.

”What is it? ” Daniels dad was so happy, but he didn show it.

”Ava! I need her permission. If she doesn like him, then I am not gonna continue my relationship with him ”

Daniel said under the gazes of his parents.

”What? Just because of her? She will get used to him soon. So why are you-? ”

When John continued, his wife stopped him.

Then Daniel continued again.

”I know. You might think its hilarious. He also knows about Ava. I already told him about her. I can do something Ava hates. I want to give her the best. I promised to my brother ” When he said that phrase his voice was getting lower and lower. He was sad at that moment.

His brother was his best friend. He was the sunshine of his world. He loved his brother so much. But after facing a car accident, he died altogether with his wife. His last wish was to take care of his little child, Ava.

So Daniel loved Ava as much as he could. Even though she knew all the things that happened, she kept calling Daniel, father. Daniel also loved to hear that. As time passed by, both of them became closer and became a real family.

”I know. I understand you well. You love her a lot. Did you tell her about him? ”

Daniels mom asked seeing him going to the past.

”Not yet. I am a little bit nervous. If she doesn like, then- ”

He stopped talking and pondered for a moment.

”Its okay, son. Introduce them soon. Everything will be okay ”

Surprising the other parties, John told and left there out of embarrassment because his mouth did encourage Daniel with such a caring tone. He wasn that kind to them. So it was a little bit unfamiliar.

”Thank you dad ”

Seeing his dad doesn hate these matters, he felt relieved and happy at the same time.

Daniels mom also looked proud.

Daniel wished her good night and then went to the room where Ava was sleeping.

Ava was sleeping soundly. Daniel brushed his fingers through her hair and then kissed her forehead like a real father. He felt that being a father was good. He loved that feeling. But its a pity he is a busy man.

The next day, Everyone gathered together. At the breakfast table, Daniel was forced to ask about the matter from Ava.

He didn want to rush. But if he waited more, then things would go out of his hands. So he talked to Ava first.

”Ava, would you like it if you have one more dad? Then you will have two dads and I also have a partner. Then your grandpa won threaten me telling me to get married. ”

Daniel worked so hard to make it so useful towards her. As expected, she took the bait. When she calculated that there won be any other woman within their family, she was happy.

But getting two dads is also not simple. She had to think about whether the other dad is worthy of her dad.

She only thought about him, didn think that what if she got abandoned later?

”I have no problem dad. I would like to meet my other dad soon. ”

She said and the other people almost shouted out of happiness. John was so happy. He felt proud of his son for being responsible for Ava. And Thanked Ava in his mind for permitting him. So finally he could let his son feel the warmth of a family.

”We also like to meet that boy. Bring him here. We will wait ” Daniels mom also encouraged him.

”Okay. I will tell him. What about tomorrow? I will ask him out tomorrow then ”

After seeing they agreed, he pulled his phone out from his pocket and searched for his boyfriends number.

After a short conversation, Daniel confirmed that he would be here tomorrow with him. So the whole family was ready to meet the guest from the moment they heard it.

Someone stole my dads heart? Lets see tomorrow if you are worthy to be my second dad

Ava still had no idea to accept that so-called next dad. She just wanted her father to be happy. She mumbled to herself, if that person was not able to make dad happy, then I won let them marry!

”He is my dad!!! ”

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