Her Two Dads(BL)

One More Dad?

Oliver, who was peacefully teaching his students, suddenly was called to the main office.

”Okay students, Thats it for today. Work hard ”

He collected his things and rushed to the office.

When he went there, he saw a tall man with a few more people who had no look which could be called decent. Oliver suddenly regretted rushing there. He wanted to run away, but it was too late.

”Hey! Where are you going? I have been waiting for you. Why run away now? ” He walked toward Oliver who was standing like a stone.

”Why are you here? ” Oliver asked and took a step back.

”Huh? Don you know? You **ing dare to ignore my messages. Thats why I came here to see you in person ” He raised his voice.

Oliver had a cold personality. He was not talkative at all. Other than when its in the classroom, its so hard to hear his voice. So even a situation like this could also be the same. He didn talk without any sense. He asked him out so they could talk patiently.

When they came out of the campus, The man took him to a restaurant and ordered food for the two of them.

Oliver didn stop him, because he knew he would not stop.

”So? How is your life going? ”

The man asked him while eating the food.

”Just as usual. Why are you here? ”

Oliver didn eat. He kept staring at the man who was swallowing all the food without even waiting.

”Why? Are you asking me why? Did you forget that you have a loan to pay off? Your mom promised that you will pay for it. So I am here to collect money. ”

He almost choked on food when telling that.

”I don have money. I will give it later ” Oliver said even without flinching.

”I know. Then what about the deal I asked about before? My brother really does like you ”

He said while giving a perverted look to Oliver.

”Fuck off ” Oliver was at his limit. He was disgusted by thinking about it. That person even forced Oliver to sleep with him when he heard Oliver only likes men.

”You really have the gut. I also don want to let my brother sleep with a poor sheep like you. So this last time, at least give me a little amount. Its because of your father. If only he hadn helped me back then, I wouldn have given you this chance. So keep that in mind ”

He finished eating and left after giving a glance telling him this is the last chance.

Oliver had to pay for the food too. He paid the bill and came out of the restaurant with a long sigh. He was tired of his life. Mothers debt was the biggest headache he had. But whenever he thought of the reason why she took a debt, his heart sank.

He walked down the crowded road thinking of a way to pay off the debt soon, so his mother could forgive him, even if she was in heaven.

”Miya, I am hungry ”

Ava came out of her room and asked for something to eat.

”I already prepared your favourite sandwiches ”

Miya, the maid, gave her a plate full of sandwiches. Avas face lit up instantly. She grabbed a sandwich and chewed on it.

”Did dad call? ”

Ava asked Miya because sometimes her dad would call and investigate her situation.

”Not yet ”

Miya answered while cleaning the dishes.

Then suddenly the doorbell rang. It startled Ava who was fully focused on the sandwiches.

”I will check. Maybe it could be Daniel sir ”

She rushed to open the door. Ava was watching the door with great excitement.

But this time it was even worse. It was not her dad. But also another person who was sent by her grandfather. Her grandpa was the person Ava was scared of most.

”Miss, your grandpa has sent a message telling you to come there now ”

Miya said while showing the person who came to pick her up.

”Okay ”

Ava looked at the leftover sandwiches and then looked at the door. She grabbed the sandwiches and then left. The person opened the car for her and she obediently sat behind.

She never wanted to be obedient to her grandpa. But she had to because she knew grandpa would blame her dad if she didn behave well. She didn want her dad to get blamed. So she always acted like a good girl around all the relatives.

She looked out of the window as she was on the way. She had a hope that her dad would also be there. So she was kinda relieved and thought that at least she could meet dad.

At that moment, Daniel was in his home. Which means Ava was right. He was suddenly asked to meet his father, so he had to come. He didn know that Ava was also on the way there. And also he didn even know what his father was planning.

”Dad, why did you suddenly call me? ”

Daniel asked impatiently because if only he had free time like this he could spend his time with Ava.

”Wait a little bit more. Why are you so impatient? Patience is important when you are a businessman! ”

He glared at Daniel angrily. Daniel didn dare to offend his father. So he shut his mouth down helplessly and moved to his mother.

”Mom… Whats going on? ”

Daniel asked his mother in a low voice.

”Shh! He didn tell me. He said its a surprise ”

When he heard it, he had a bad idea about it.

His mom patted him while trying to calm him down.

Then he saw Ava walking toward him cutely. He had no words to say. He didn expect to see her at that moment. So he was surprised.

”Dad! ”

She hugged his neck and didn let go. He picked her up and put her in a comfortable posture. Daniels mom, Avas grandma wiped down Avas lips which were covered in sauce.

”He he ”

Ava smiled cutely, stealing her grandmas heart. Ava loved her grandma so much. Her grandma also loved her so much. Its not that Ava didn love her grandpa, its just that she was scared of him. Because he was always too strict.

”Grandpa! ” Ava greeted him when he saw him coming there.

”Mmm, ” He placed his head on her and slightly shook. Ava gave a smile to him and moved to Daniel again.

Then after some time, they heard a sound of a vehicle.

”Seems like our guests have arrived ”

Daniels dad ordered the servants to show the way for them.

Then three people came there.

”Hello John, Its been a long time ”

The man who came first shook hands with him. Daniels father, John, also familiarly talked with him.

Daniel knew what was coming. The person who came was his dads close friend. The most important point was that he had a daughter, the same age as him. So it was not hard for him to understand the surprise that his father mentioned.

A marriage proposal!

”No way! Again? ”

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