”Your child really did hit my child! ”

A woman pointed at a young man in a threatening manner. But that man didn seem to accept her complaint.

This argument started because of an ice cream. Yes, just an ice cream!

The woman came to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck when another child was waiting in the queue patiently. A little girl around 10 years old was there alone and the woman thought of cheating on the little girl and skipping the queue. But surprisingly, the girl wasn a fool.

She cast a glare at the woman and even hit the little boy who was with the woman. The child started to cry showing off his childish side. The woman was so angry. She tried to coax her child, but he kept crying.

”What kind of child are you? Know nothing about kindness! ”

The woman wanted to hit her, but she couldn . She felt a dangerous aura from the girl. Actually, for a moment she was scared.

The people around them watched the scene. Some people blamed the girl who was alone and some people blamed her parents for not teaching her and not taking care of her. The girl heard it all. She felt like her heart feel heavy. It was a sign that tears were on the way.

But suddenly, a man came and picked her up as if he was used to it.

”I am sorry. I will apologize on behalf of her. ”

The man seemed to be in his early 30s. So when the people saw him picking up the girl, the people thought of him as her father. But, even the girl didn know who he was.

”Who are you? Are you her father? You should teach your child manners. She hit my child ”

The woman complained. However, at that moment she had managed to calm down her child. He was sleeping on her shoulder after crying.

”Oh! I will teach her well. But you should learn not to behave like a spoiled child among other children ”

The man said and disappeared through the crowd.

That scene was suppressed after the man took away the girl.

”Who are you? Let go, I can walk ”

The girl said without any hesitation. Then the man also let go of her and held her hand.

She felt so childish. She was a child. But that was another thing. She hated to be treated like a child. Her personality was like that. And that was a stranger. How could a stranger treat her like that? But she was thankful for helping her at the right time.

”I saw everything. So just helped you. You really do have no manners. ”

The man said. But he was still holding her tiny hand.

The girl looked at him as if she was about to swallow him. But he didn care. He was dressed properly and neatly. Round glasses and brown hair long till his neck gave him a unique look.

”Handsome! ”, She thought.

”I am sorry. Thank you for everything. My father is here. ”

She shook off his hand by force after telling him that.

He didn bother to stop her either.

”Children these days are really spoiled too much ”

He felt surprised seeing how she was walking around without anyone with her. She was acting like a mature one. But didn even tall enough to reach his waist.

”She has a bad mouth ”

He told himself and decided to focus on his work.

His name is Oliver. And, he is 26 years old. He is a lecturer who teaches the English language on the city campus. He is famous on campus as Mr Cold.

The nickname Mr Cold was given by his students. Because he had a strange personality. He would never smile at someone that easily. He was so cold, yet became the god of all the students because he was the only one who thinks about the students side other than anyone. So students respected him so much, ignoring his cold personality.

He was heading to the campus when he suddenly captured an image of a little girl in a queue. Then in front of his eyes, he saw her hitting the boy. He felt interested in her character because her behaviour was so similar to his.

He walked on his way after letting go of her hand. The girl ran away with a smile. That made him realise they were different, not similar. He would never be able to smile sincerely.

The little girl finally stopped in front of a car. She put her hands on her waist and took a glance inside the car. Her expression went gloomy.

”Miss, Where were you? I was scared to death. Please don do it again. ” The man in the driving seat was almost begging to get her inside.

”Okay okay. Lets go home ” She ordered him to drive after she got in.

This little girl was actually 13 years old even though she looked like a 10-year-old girl. She always believed that she was old enough to be an adult. But she didn know she seemed childish when she behaved like that. What to do? Just a spoiled rich young miss…

When her car arrived at the house, she took a look at her house. But she didn like that place. Because its lonely. That place was filled with luxurious things. They couldn help her to get rid of the loneliness.

”Where were you? I told you not to run around without my permission! ”

The next moment she heard the voice, she jumped with excitement. The person blamed her, but she was happy.

”Dad! ”

She ran to him. The warmth she always yearned for was his.

”Huh! You really are-!… I am not gonna let you go again ”

He patted her head and her hair became a mess.

But she kept laughing like a fool.

”Dad, Are you going again? ” She asked even though she knew the answer. She had a little hope that his answer would change.

”No, I have to go. I am busy. You can spend your time with Miya. ”

She was disappointed. The same answer as before. She always had to spend her time with the maid while her father was working at the company.

”Okay ” She went to her room without talking again. She could hear her fathers cold voice which was ordering the maids who were taking care of this lonely palace.

”Ava! I am going. See you later. Bye. Dad loves you ”

She didn respond. She decided to keep silent. Her father also didn wait for her response. He left, leaving her alone.

”Dad, I miss you… ” She just muttered to herself after he left.

This father and daughter loved each other but didn have the time to spend together. It was a matter of time. Both of them were lonely but never thought of a solution.

This man in his 30s is Daniel Taylor, the CEO of the MCG PVT company who surprised the business world by being successful in a short period. He was born into a powerful family. Both his father and mother would be the main focus of every event.

Anyone could say that he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He became the successor for the whole property worth more than 100 million. He could be called as a lucky person. But that life was not that easy. He had to work hard to maintain the rank he got. He had to be the best because he couldn let down his family.

Even though his heart was tamed by such a lovely daughter, he had no time to spend with her. He still had to follow his fathers orders and work like a child who knows nothing about himself.

So he was not lucky, but also pitiful.

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