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cw: a little nsfw towards the end

The sound of Yaba’s footsteps echoed inside the hallway.
His face was so heated that even the mask seemed to melt.
The phone in his back pocket vibrated.
Imsoo was calling again.
The time was already past 8:30.
As he was about to turn the doorknob, someone’s arm reached out and shut the door with its mouth open.
The harsh breath from behind shook his feathers.

“Don’t leave without notice.”

Yaba’s body turned and he saw Cha Yiseok.
His neck muscles twitched through the loose tie.
Cha Yiseok’s hair was soaked in coffee, and his white shirt had stains like dog paw prints.
He raised a clean sleeve and glanced at his wrist watch.

“Let’s get something to eat.
There is a good Korean restaurant nearby.”

Yaba lifted his head.

“… Now?”



“I missed a meal while I was chasing after you.”

He added in a languid voice.

“I also want to hear more about what you went through in the warehouse.”

Yaba looked at him blankly.
He was saying that they should sit down and have a meal together, not something like putting their heads together to conspire a plan.
Yaba bit his lip and rolled his eyes busily as he picked his lips.
He didn’t not want to.
He couldn’t not want it.
It was a proposal that was shaky enough to venture.
But… Were they really only going to eat? Could it be that he was going to poison the food because he said he was quitting earlier? Complex thoughts mingled.
Yaba looked into the garage through the living room window.
Imsoo’s car with the lights off seemed to be watching this way.

“I have to go quickly.
Imsoo is still waiting.”

“Tell him to go first.”

“I can’t.
If Giha tells me to come back by ten o’clock, I have to be there.”

“You can call him.”

“I can’t.”

“He’s not going to kill you if you’re a few minutes late.”

“He will.”

Yaba looked up at Cha Yiseok.
He needed to make it clear why he had to follow Kang Giha’s words.
Biting his lips, he hid himself in the dark.
He grabbed the other person’s shirt and pulled down his torso.

“Actually, I have a bomb installed in my head.”

“A bomb?”

Cha Yiseok raised his eyebrows.
Yaba quickly continued.

“He knows our locations, and if we come late or don’t listen, our heads will explode.
Originally, there were more singers, but while running away, their heads exploded, so only half were left.
That’s why Giha told me not to hit my head.”

The first thing Kang Giha did after turning the captured children into eunuchs was implanting chips in the heads of singers.
He uses a satellite-connected system to put youth in the palm of his hand.
If they did not arrive within the time limit or deviated from the set route, he immediately turned on the remote control and pressed the button.
But Cha Yiseok had a face that suggested he did not believe him at all.
Yaba couldn’t help but turn around.
His hair was wrapped around his fingers, revealing the back of his neck.

“You see the black thing on my neck?”

At that moment, a faint scent rushed into Cha Yiseok’s nostrils.
His elongated nape took on an extreme white colour due to the reflection of the light.
Cha Yiseok’s brain became hazy at the stimulation of his eyes and nose.


Attracted by Yaba’s voice, Cha Yiseok’s gaze slid down the white path.
There was a small dot near the end of his hair.
He murmured in a relaxed voice.

“It just looks like a dot.”

Look closely.
That’s the chip implant.
All the singers have it.”

When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t tell the difference between reality and delusion.
While not aggressive, Yaba’s delusions were the most ingenious he had ever seen.
Cha Yiseok spread a cold smile on the back of Yaba’s neck.

“Let’s just say so.”

Yaba was unhappy at his indifferent answer.
The cell phone in his pants vibrated the whole time.
As he was about to go outside, Yaba’s body was forcibly pushed against the wall.
The man was close enough to see the veins pulsating under his skin.

Cha Yiseok suddenly stretched out his hand and touched the tip of the ribbon that ran down Yaba’s shoulder.
With a little bit of force, the knot would loosen and the mask would come off.
Yaba froze like a plaster statue like always.
The other person wrapped the ribbon around his fingers.
He placed the remaining tip between his lips and chewed it softly.
The touch was transmitted through the ribbon, as if chewing on the skin.
All of Yaba’s nerves concentrated on his hand, and he couldn’t think of anything.

“This mask.
Doesn’t it feel stuffy after several hours of use?”

“…Let go.”

Yaba, holding on to his Achilles tendon, barely retorted.
Cha Yiseok, appreciating that reaction, raised the corners of his mouth.
It was a wicked smile, as if playing a funny prank.
His half-exposed face grew hotter than the red mask.
The gray-brown eyes he couldn’t avoid lingered only around Cha Yiseok’s tie.
Long black eyelashes hung down in rich curves.
A wet nape was more obnoxiously erotic than a naked body in a magazine.
All of that raised the messy desires underneath.

The smile slowly faded from Cha Yiseok’s lips.
He pulled the back of Yaba’s hair and bit his lips.
The wild cat’s wide-open eyes filled his field of vision.
The beating of the wild cat’s heart was clearly transmitted to his chest.
With his thickly wet tongue, he stirred Yaba’s inner flesh.
Yaba’s shoulders shrank at the stimulation of his body rubbing against him.
A murky voice spread across Yaba’s lips.

I left his wallet inside.”

He had been wanting to suck this tongue ever since the guy looked like he had a thorn in his eye.
Cha Yiseok changed the angle of his face again and approached him.
He bit his soft lower lip, shoved his tongue into it, rolled it up and sucked it up in a lustful, abhorrent way.
Ha… eugh… Yaba let out a short breath.
His wide-opened lips trembled wetly.
Cha Yiseok’s breathing quickly became disturbed.
He thrust his leg between Yaba’s thigh and pressed closely.
Yaba’s thighs twitched and he tightened his legs.
The lower body that was rubbing moved deeper.

“… Hu… Mhm…”


Cha Yiseok let out a breath as if he was ejaculating after enduring for a long time.
After a few rubs, his erection taut.
The heat that reached the critical point ran through the blood vessels and paralyzed his reason.
It was a benumbedness that would not clear even with the cold wind.

He lost his pace and rubbed Yaba’s tongue with his.
He has stuck his finger in his gapped lip and soaked his saliva.
He put his wet hand inside his shirt and rubbed the tip of Yaba’s nipple, making him shudder at the slippery feel.
He bit his little chin again, brushed his lips, and tucked his tongue in.
The two tongues that filled the mouth were stuck together like a lump.
Cha Yiseok licked up the saliva that was dripping from his mouth.
Yaba’s face, which he had only seen once, was now blurred.
Cha Yiseok took his hand to the mask.

At that moment, the cell phone that was holding its breath in Yaba’s pants shook the heat.
Yaba squealed as if he had been doing something in secret, pushed Cha Yiseok away, and ran out.

Cha Yiseok leaned against the window and pulled out a cigarette.
He flicked the lighter on and looked out.
The wild cat ran quickly.
He escaped from his hand like the main character under the 12 o’clock curse.
A knit tee large enough to fit one more body into his body fluttered in the cold wind and flowed down Yaba’s shoulders.
Cha Yiseok sucked in the strong smoke and soothed the emptiness in his mouth.
Cigarette smoke lingered around his cold face, like the cries of souls.

“Yeah, do your best to become Cocaine.
I will serve you well.”

Cha Myunghwan’s appearance was worse than expected.
Now, he could use Yaba’s song as a requiem to greet the day of death.
Suddenly, a tinnitus resembling a high frequency wave grabbed his eardrum and twisted it.
The dry mouth burned even more.
Cha Yiseok frowned.
However, he did not let go of his gaze until the wild cat disappeared into darkness.

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