CH 8.3

rist with his other hand and twisted the doorknob.
The door opened wide.

Yaba’s eyes went blank.
At the same time, the dreadful smell of death made him dizzy.
As his eyes gradually became clearer, he saw pieces of shattered glass and overturned chairs on the floor.
The interior of the room was like a hospital, raising the question of why a terminal cancer patient was here.
It was decorated like a luxurious room on a TV show, but there was no sense of vitality.
Yaba looked around the room and looked at the man sitting on the bed.

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The man was like a well-preserved mummy.
He was so haggard that it was hard to believe that he was the one who had been in a riot a while ago, and his bare arm pierced by his needle was pathetic.
And he had eyes that were chased by death.
He still seemed to be breathing heavily, not because it was difficult, but because of evil.
Although they have never had a face-to-face meeting, Yaba knew the man was Cha Myunghwan.

“Calm down and lie down.”

Beside him, an older man calmed Cha Myunghwan.
The old man had the face of a jungle lion who had given up his throne.
It also made Yaba guess that Cha Yiseok might have a face like that in 30 years.
He was probably the one who provided the sperm to make Cha Yiseok.
Cha Myunghwan belatedly realized there was a visitor, and Chairman Cha turned his attention to the two standing at the door.

“Why are you so late?”

“The road was long.”

The father and son exchanged perfunctory greetings.
Cha Yiseok walked to Cha Myunghwan immediately.
He grabbed Cha Myunghwan’s skinny hand and gazed sadly at the wrinkled face.

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“How are you? Hyung.”

A quack doctor bastard is turning infuriating me! How can he tell the patient to stay in a hospice?! Call the President of the association immediately.
I’m going to bury that bastard no matter what!”

“You know it’s not good to get agitated like this, right? It’s late at night, so let’s get some sleep.
If you wake up tomorrow morning and you still don’t feel better, then you can either bury him underground or bury him underwater.”

Cha Yiseok assured him without being swept away by Cha Myunghwan’s agitation.
Cha Myunghwan’s breathing gradually relaxed.
Then he furrowed his eyebrows.


It was surprising.
Naturally, Yaba expected that Cha Yiseok and Cha Myunghwan would growl just by looking at each other’s faces.
However, Cha Myunghwan was rather trusting in Cha Yiseok, and Cha Yiseok looked worried enough as though he was not also the one who encouraged the death of his brother.
They looked like ordinary brothers.

Cha Yiseok put up a chair that was upside down and sat on it.
He put his elbows on his crossed legs and wiped his hands on his pants.
The hand that held Cha Myunghwan’s hand a while ago, as if he had touched something dirty.
At that moment, Cha Yiseok and Yaba’s eyes met.
He smiled nonchalantly and said.

“I came in a hurry, so I’m empty-handed.
Instead, I brought a nice present.”

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