Hearing the thoughts of the little prince, when Yue Zhan looked at Dr.
Zhong again, his eyes became wary.

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He quietly blocked Yi Nuo behind him, looked at the doctor alertly, and said coldly, “I’m Qiao Er.
This is my… spouse, Li Xiaonuo.”

Yi Nuo: “?” I can understand the pseudonym, but what did Yue Zhan say that I’m his spouse? Didn’t we agree before that we are brothers? His name is Li Daqiao, and my name is Li Xiaonuo?

Yi Nuo couldn’t help thinking angrily—

[He’s taking advantage of me!]

Yue Zhan held Yi Nuo’s hand, and his fingertips scratched the other party’s palm lightly, silently comforting him while hinting at his cooperation.

Zhong pushed his glasses and said plainly, “Oh, it turns out to be husband and wife.
The two should be newly married.

Yi Nuo: “…” Where do we look as a newly married couple?

Yue Zhan squeezed Yi Nuo’s hand and comforted him again.
At the same time, he looked at Zhong Xiwu with exploration and deep meaning in his eyes.

He didn’t respond to the seemingly friendly greeting.

Zhong Xiwu felt strange, vaguely feeling that this man named Qiao Er seemed to have… inexplicably vigilance and hostility towards him.

In fact, it was normal to have hostility.
Any person inexplicably caught in such a place would feel the same way.

But the hostility of this unremarkable young man was only aimed at him, and at the same time, he carefully hid his wife, as if… He would green the other party.

Zhong Xiwu tilted his head slightly and deliberately looked at the slender boy hidden behind him.
The young man was also unremarkable, and Zhong Xiwu thought in his heart: Why would I have an affair with this little boy? He’s just a small cabbage with little water, how tasteless is it?

Nearby, the leader of the federation team, who wanted to see a good play, wasn’t happy when he saw them communicating in a ‘polite’ manner.
He came forward and rudely interrupted, “What are you doing? Why don’t you take people away?”

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After he finished speaking, he looked at Zhong Xiwu, and said strangely, “Dr.
Zhong, you are all imperial people.
Could it be that you have some sympathy that you shouldn’t have?”

“How can that be?” Zhong Xiwu looked at the leader with a smile, but there was no warmth in his eyes, and said, “Mr.
Ke Luo, let’s take a step to talk.”

Ke Luo put the gun in his pocket, lifted his chin, and motioned, “Go over there.”

Zhong Xiwu smiled, gave Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo a waiting look, and walked over.

The two stopped by a dilapidated building and talked in a low voice.

The distance was a little far away, and Yue Zhan couldn’t hear clearly.
However, after Yi Nuo turned into a mermaid, his five senses became extremely sensitive, and he could hear some.

He couldn’t help propping up his ears, carefully identifying their words and memorizing them in his heart—

[The previous… all failed.
I suspect… the experimental subjects… It is related to their mentality and emotions.
Don’t disclose anything to these two for now… Calm them down… In the name of physical examination, maybe…]

[Doctor, I didn’t study much and didn’t get good grades at school, but you can’t lie to me.]

[I’ve been here… for a year or two.
If you don’t trust me…]

The voice of the federal leader was louder, so Yi Nuo could hear what he said clearly, but when it was Zhong Xiwu’s turn, the words became intermittent.

However, this level was enough.
Through his heart’s ‘broadcast’, Yue Zhan could basically guess the situation: these people have been conducting secret experiments on the desolate planet for more than a year or two, and the so-called experimental subjects were like them, people who were caught.

Fortunately, Zhong Xiwu didn’t intend to lock them up like mice but wanted to whitewash the situation and secretly experiment on them.

It was even more fortunate that the little prince had sensitive ears and had the habit of memorizing and ‘broadcasting’; otherwise, he would have to spend some effort to find these.

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Yue Zhan didn’t know if Zhong Xiwu just wanted to deal with Ke Luo or whether he really thought so.
Judging from the previous situation, Dr.
Zhong shouldn’t like Ke Luo, but he had some scruples about this person.

While analyzing, he suddenly noticed that his sleeves were being pulled.

When he turned his head, Yue Zhan saw the little prince approaching him on tiptoe and gently spit out warm air in his ear, “I’m talking to you…”

Yue Zhan’s ears were itchy, but he didn’t have time to be distracted, so he quickly covered the little prince’s mouth and said in a low voice, “Don’t say it now.
I know; we’ll talk about it when there’s time.”

He could guess what the little prince was going to say, it was nothing more than Zhong Xiwu’s words, but it was obviously not suitable to talk about these now.

After Yi Nuo’s mouth was covered, he couldn’t help blinking, thinking strangely—

[How did he know I wanted to go to the bathroom?]

Yue Zhan: “…”

[Alas, I drank too much fish soup today.]

Yi Nuo frowned; his ears flushed from embarrassment.
Subconsciously, he got closer to Yue Zhan, trying to hang on to the other party’s body while tightening his legs.

Yue Zhan: “…”

This was really embarrassing.
Fortunately, Zhong Xiwu finished talking and came back to see them close together.
He couldn’t help laughing and said, “You two really have a good relationship.
This way, I’ll take you first…”

Yi Nuo heard his polite words and directly interrupted, “Where’s the bathroom?”

Zhong Xiwu: “…”

A few minutes later, Yi Nuo came out of the bathroom with a refreshed look on his face and saw Yue Zhan and Zhong Xiwu exploring each other.

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Zhong Xiwu asked tentatively, “How did Mr.
Qiao fall into the barren star? I just looked at your mecha, and it doesn’t look like a civilian mecha.
I heard there have been some wars in the Third Galaxy of the Empire recently, and some people are missing because they were hit by a storm.
Shouldn’t your excellency… be one of those people?”

Yue Zhan asked back, “What about Dr.
Zhong? Are you also here because of a comic storm? How many years have you been here? Is Dr.
Zhong the only person from the Empire here? When we first arrived at the base, we heard Mr.
Ke Luo say, ‘let the doctor lead the guinea pigs’, I don’t know what ‘guinea pigs’ mean?”

Zhong Xiwu: “Haha.” Unable to tell good from bad.

Yue Zhan: “Haha.” You don’t look like a good person.

Yi Nuo: “…” These two people quarrel as if they were elementary school students.

However, Yi Nuo knew something about why Zhong Xiwu was here.

When he went to the bathroom just now, he took the time to look through the book and found that the author had updated it again.
In the latest chapter, ‘Zhong Xiwu’ took advantage of Yue Zhan’s absence to say that he also wanted to help protect the fetus, but ‘he’ sternly refused, so he sadly recalled the past when he was in the barren star.

Yi Nuo also knew that the experiment being carried out on the barren star was to turn people into mermaids.
The plan wasn’t dominated only by the Federation, there were also other forces involved, such as the Empire, some surrounding countries, and star thieves organizations.

Zhong Xiwu was actually deceived.
He was extremely interested in mermaids and joined a group on the Internet about mermaids.
Because he spoke actively, had unique insights, and was also a doctor of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, he was soon noticed by relevant organizations.

After some examinations, the organization believed that he had enormous potential in the study of mermaids, so they lied to him and said they had found mermaid relics somewhere and invited him to study them together.

Zhong Xiwu didn’t believe that mermaids were completely extinct.
He had been tracking the mermaid for many years, so as soon as he heard the news, he came excitedly.

Then, he couldn’t leave.

He was detained in the barren star, unable to contact the outside world, and was forced to study how to turn humans or orcs into mermaids all day long.

This was different from Zhong Xiwu’s original intention.
He pursued the mermaid because he was infatuated with it and worshiped its power, rather than trying to create some monsters that were half-human and half-fish.

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Although he was morbidly obsessed with mermaids, he wasn’t a pervert, and he couldn’t accept such unethical experiments on humans or orcs.
But he couldn’t resist, so he had to be perfunctory and secretly look for a way to escape.

This perfunctory work lasted for two years.
The organization probably saw through his intentions and recently began to arrest people and send them in, insisting strongly that he immediately turn the research result into reality.

Zhong Xiwu had racked his brain every day for the past two years to think about how to deviate from the research study and avoid obtaining any results.
Now they let him try it on people directly, how can he not be afraid?

In the beginning, he could rely on authority to deceive and even shelter some people who were caught.
But after a long time, he didn’t produce any results, so he couldn’t continue to fool.

He wasn’t the only person responsible for researching this project on the base.
If he can’t, someone else will do it.

Therefore, he was kind enough to ask Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo to come down just now.

In this opinion, if they fell into his hands, he could protect them for a while, but if they fell into the hands of others, this pair of miserable mandarin ducks might soon be turned into monsters that were half-human and half-fish.

In the memory of ‘Zhong Xiwu’, ‘Yi Nuo’ finally destroyed the research center of the barren star.
After the incident was exposed, people all over the stars expressed shock and hatred, applauding the destruction of the base.

‘Yi Nuo’ also gained popularity among the interstellar space.
Not only did the imperial people respect him, but also other countries began to have his ‘fans’, which laid a certain foundation for his subsequent accession… Cough.

In short, Yi Nuo rubbed his hands at this time, walking towards the two, thinking—

[My protagonist’s halo is in effect again.
It wasn’t an accident to come to the barren star.
I will do something great.]

Yue Zhan: “?” The little prince just went to the bathroom, where did the eighth-grader syndrome come from?

Zhong Xiwu didn’t know what they were thinking.
He arranged accommodation for them and asked people to bring food.

Ke Luo was very dissatisfied with this, but he couldn’t ask.
If he did, he would destroy the good mood of the ‘guinea pigs’ and ruin the experiment.

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