On the beach of the desolate planet, Yi Nuo carried a small bucket, stepped on the soft white sand, and childishly drew circles and dug sand with his toes.

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He also held a simple wooden shovel in his hand, which was used by Yue Zhan to dig crabs for him.

If it weren’t for the circumstances, he might have taken this as a vacation and built a sand castle on the beach.

Seeing his playful appearance, Yue Zhan was also infected.
He put down his worries about the future and asked with a smile in his eyes, “Your Highness, have you never gone out to play before?”

Yi Nuo stepped on the sand, made a shallow puddle, nodded, and said, “I haven’t played much.”

When he was very young, he had to study with the famous teachers and professors arranged for him by Queen Delan and his grandfather, so he rarely had time to go out and play.
Later, when the Queen died, the Emperor didn’t care much about him, so he had less chance to go out of the palace to play.

Yue Zhan could guess some reasons, and his voice couldn’t help softening as he asked, “Is it fun?”

“Fun… eh.” Yi Nuo realized that he was a little carried away.

Was now the time to play?

He hurriedly retracted his feet on the puddle, his round and lovely toes grasped the sand with a guilty conscience and lied solemnly, “In fact… I was surveying the terrain.”

As he said this, he hummed twice, nodded his head, put his hands behind his back, walked forward, like a feng shui master, and said solemnly, “I’m looking for crabs.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

After walking for a while, Yi Nuo stretched out his foot, drew a half-circle, and lied with his eyes open, “According to the terrain, there must be crabs in this area…”

Yue Zhan couldn’t help laughing, deliberately didn’t pierce his lie, and said, “Well, His Highness will dig in this area.”

After he finished speaking, Yue Zhan was afraid that if he didn’t find crabs, he would run elsewhere, which might be unsafe, so he said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t find any crabs, don’t run around.”

He didn’t really plan to let the little prince be responsible for finding food.
After all, the little prince had no experience in surviving in the wild, so he would just leave this kind of thing to him.

Yi Nuo, however, had a ‘don’t look down on people’ expression on his face and said, “I’m sure I can dig a bucket.”

Yue Zhan nodded to coax him.

The two soon began to work.
Yue Zhan held the cut wooden thorns, looking for fish in the shallow water.
Yi Nuo carried a bucket and a shovel, looking for crabs on the beach with a serious face.

In the matter of digging crabs, Yi Nuo seemed to be particularly talented, accurately digging one by one.
This may be related to being a mermaid.
He had a keen insight into aquatic food, and his intuition was exceptionally precise.

After a while, Yi Nuo had dug up half a bucket of crabs and even a nest of turtle eggs.

Considering that it wasn’t easy for a turtle to lay a nest of eggs, and even fewer turtles could hatch successfully, he buried the sand back and thought to himself: it’s better not to cut the family’s children and grandchildren.

As for the crabs in the bucket, of course, they should be steamed.
The crabs can produce many at a time; if he ate a few, there should be no effect on the next generations.

When he was about to continue digging, he looked up and saw that Yue Zhan’s hands were empty except for a wooden thorn.

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Yi Nuo: “…”

Yue Zhan has been busy for a long time and still hasn’t caught any fish?

Yue Zhan was also very depressed.
It wasn’t that his fishing skills weren’t good, but that he walked along the shoal from east to west and from west to east, and he had never seen a fish, not even a baby fish.

Seeing that the little prince was almost done digging a bucket full of crabs, he couldn’t help falling into contemplation.

This is unscientific! Yue Zhan thought to himself, could it be that there are no fish in this sea area?

Otherwise, how could he not have met a single fish?

At this time, Yi Nuo came running with a bucket full of crabs, leaving wet footprints all the way.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, raising his fair neck and with some sweat on the tip of his nose.

Yue Zhan didn’t want to admit that he could catch any fish, so he made a thoughtful analysis, “There may be no fish in this sea area.
Your Highness, let’s have a look elsewhere.”

“No fish?” Yi Nuo looked puzzled, thinking, how can there be no fish? There are crabs and turtles, and the ecology is obviously similar to other habitable planets.

After thinking for a moment, he directly handed the small shovel and bucket to Yue Zhan, and said, “You carry it over first.”

Yue Zhan grabbed the bucket and shovel with a puzzled look on his face.

Yi Nuo said solemnly, “I’m going to transform.”

Yue Zhan: “???” Is the little prince suffering from eighth-grader syndrome again?

“You turn around.” Yi Nuo said rudely.

Thinking of what he was going to do next, Yi Nuo’s ears turned a little red.
He put his hand on Yue Zhan’s arm and made him turn around.

Yue Zhan was puzzled, but he listened to him anyway.

After he turned around, Yi Nuo took off his pants, turned into a mermaid, and plunged into the sea.

When Yue Zhan reacted, Yi Nuo was already swimming around, shouting, “Help me take care of my clothes.”

“Wait!” Yue Zhan quickly put down the bucket and ran after him.

This was a barren planet, and it had not been surveyed.
Who knew if the sea was safe or not? What kind of creatures were there?

Yi Nuo didn’t seem to hear him.
As soon as he turned around, the fishtail drew a beautiful arc on the sea surface and soon disappeared.

Yue Zhan’s heart was suddenly empty, he felt as if he was watching the little mermaid prince go to the Sea Country and never come back.

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But it didn’t take long for Yi Nuo to float up and throw him two lively fish.

Yue Zhan, who just said there were no fish in this sea area, “…”

“There are fish.
There are many fish.” Yi Nuo was a little excited.
After throwing the fish, he swam back quickly.

This was the first time he swam freely in the sea since he became a mermaid.
It felt really… much more comfortable than the bathtub and the fish tank.

When he reached the bottom of the sea, he hooked his fingers and let the fish swim over.

When he first discovered that he had this ability, Yi Nuo was shocked and thought—

God, what kind of ability is this? Could it be that I have awakened some tyrannical talent to make fish surrender obediently?

After thinking about it, he sighed,

it’s worthy of me, the son of the plane!

In fact, this was just because he was a royal mermaid.
The royal mermaid had a natural deterrent to the sea creatures without wisdom.
It was hard to say the same about big fish, but when small fish saw them, they were basically shivering and obedient.

Of course, it wasn’t ruled out that some small fish swam over stupidly when they saw his beautiful fishtail.

In short, as soon as Yi Nuo reached the bottom of the sea, fish surrounded him.
He was like an emperor in the draft, watching the fish line up and swim around in front of him, letting him pick the fattest one.

But because he only had two hands, he could only catch two fish at a time, so he had to swim to the surface and throw them to Yue Zhan.

But after swimming back and forth many times, the tail was tired.
Yi Nuo couldn’t help being envious of Zhang Yu, who had eight hands (feet) and could catch at least eight fish at a time.

Yue Zhan was confused when he picked up the fish on the beach.
When Yi Nuo threw more than twenty fish, he shouted, “It’s enough.
If you catch too much, you may not be able to finish it.”

Yi Nuo’s fishtail was sore, so he said, “okay”, then waved his tail and swam towards him.

The afterglow of the distant stars shone on the beach, dying the sea gold.

Yue Zhan watched the little mermaid swim towards him in the golden water, and his heart seemed to be illuminated by the afterglow, feeling warm and full.

When Yi Nuo reached the shoal, he couldn’t swim anymore.
Yue Zhan stretched out his hand, pulled the little mermaid into his arms, and hugged him to the reef not far away.

Yi Nuo wasn’t polite either.
He wrapped his arms around Yue Zhan’s neck, and blushed in thought, anyway, we have already done more intimate things, hugging is nothing.

After sitting on the reef, Yi Nuo couldn’t help feeling proud when he saw the big fat fish strung together by the rope made of grass leaves by Yue Zhan.

By this time, Yue Zhan had already collected dry wood, collected a lot of jam, and even killed two of the fish, ready to make a fire to grill the fish.

Yi Nuo originally wanted to keep a low profile, but his strength didn’t allow him.
After a while, he still couldn’t hold back, and said with a little pride, “Am I very good? You don’t have to worry about food in the future.
I’ll be responsible for fishing and supporting the family, and you’ll be responsible for collecting firewood and cooking.”

Ugh, who said he was a pampered and incompetent prince? Isn’t he very good at catching fish and digging crabs?

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Yue Zhan finished lighting up the fire, and when he heard his words, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, “Support the family?”

Yi Nuo blushed and stammered, “This is… an analogy, you understand what I mean.”

Yue Zhan nodded and secretly thought: we are a family.

Because he caught the fish himself, Yi Nuo felt a great sense of achievement.
Although Yue Zhan’s grilling skills were bad, he still ate three in a row.

After eating and drinking, Yi Nuo said to Yue Zhan again, “Turn around quickly, I’m going to transform.”

Yue Zhan: “…” Although he knew it was true, it still felt like eight-grader syndrome.

At night, the two slept in the cave.

Although it was survival in the wilderness, there were fish, (wild) vegetables, berries, and a world of two people.
For Yue Zhan, if he didn’t consider when they could be rescued, life now… was actually pretty good.

But for Yi Nuo, it soon became bad.
He didn’t know whether he ate too much or caught a cold.
In short, he began to feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

Yi Nuo slept until the next morning, and as soon as he walked out of the cave, he saw Yue Zhan killing fish.

After seeing the blood and smelling the fishy smell, Yi Nuo frowned.
For the first time, he felt a little nauseated by the fish.

But at this time, his condition wasn’t serious.
When Yue Zhan handed him the fish, Yi Nuo couldn’t help but turn around and vomit.

After vomiting, the two of them were stunned.

Yue Zhan’s first thought was,

does the fish I made taste bad enough to the point of vomiting?

Yi Nuo suddenly thought of the book, and the whole person froze.

[No, I really won’t have a baby, will I?]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He was startled and dropped the fish in his hand.

Yi Nuo didn’t notice his reaction at all and quickly opened his personal terminal.
However, the desolate planet had no internet, so the mailbox couldn’t be opened.

Yi Nuo couldn’t help feeling annoyed.
He pulled his hair and said, “When I was on the warship before, why didn’t I remember to look at the mailbox?”

Alas, it was all because he only wanted to see how Yue Zhan commanded and forgot about it.

Yue Zhan hurriedly stepped forward and saved the clump of hair.
He comforted him with a warm voice, “It’s not necessarily… Maybe you caught a cold, or… it’s because I didn’t clean up the fish.”

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Having said that, there were two villains fighting in his man.
One was crazy saying ‘the little prince had my child’, and the other sneered, ‘the little prince will not conceive’.

Yi Nuo also hoped that it was a bad stomach, but in his heart, he knew that it wasn’t the case.

After all, he got pregnant in the book.
What if it was impossible in reality? This was the setting written by the author himself, how could it be false?

Yi Nuo took advantage of Yue Zhan going out and took out the book to check the ‘symptoms’.

During the estrus period, it was easy to get pregnant, yes.

Vomiting symptoms, yes.

Moreover, the time of the symptoms was also right, 8, 9 days + 10 days +10 days, which was just about a month.

Wanting to eat sour food… Well, he seemed to like the fish roasted by Yue Zhan with a sweet and sour jam yesterday.

It’s over, it’s right again!

Even when he touched his belly, he felt as if it was a little swollen.

Yi Nuo’s heart was completely cold, thinking—

[It’s over.
I’m really pregnant with Yue Zhan’s baby.]

Yue Zhan just came back from collecting some medicinal herbs, and when he heard this, all the herbs fell off.

Was he sure? How can he be sure?

Seeing him, Yi Nuo hurriedly stuffed the book into the space bracelet, and then his eyes became red, his voice choked, and he asked helplessly, “What should I do? I’m really pregnant.”

After he finished speaking, tears couldn’t stop falling one by one, showing his confusion and fear.

The fallen tears turned into pearls, hitting the back of his hand, and making him a little itchy.

Ah, this must also be the author’s damn setting.
Yi Nuo now hated being the protagonist.

Yue Zhan hurriedly stepped forward, helped him wipe away his tears, and comfortingly said, “Not necessarily.
I have picked several herbs that can also be found in the Imperial Star and can relieve stomach discomfort.
You can take them first, and maybe you won’t vomit tomorrow.”

Now Yue Zhan didn’t want to think about the little prince being pregnant or not.
Since the little prince didn’t want it, he didn’t want it either.

But after hearing this, Yi Nuo was stunned and said subconsciously, “But, in case I’m really pregnant… If I eat these herbs, will it be bad for the baby in the future?”

Yue Zhan: “…”

So, does the little prince want to conceive?

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