Zhang Yu looked at Yue Zhan with contempt and finally understood in his head.
It turned out that the estrus period of the little prince wasn’t continuous.
There was an intermission, which was probably related to his mixed blood.

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Hmph, he just said, how could it be possible that Yue Zhan… Oh, it was because of that.

Yue Zhan: “?” How could he feel an inexplicable sense of superiority from the prisoner?

Yi Nuo coughed softly and began to ask, “What did you mean when you said that my father was an egg thief?”

Zhang Yu glanced at Yue Zhan and asked silently: Your Highness, are you sure you want him to listen?

Yue Zhan had no intention to leave.
He wanted to protect the little prince, although… The little prince didn’t seem to need it very much.

Yi Nuo looked at Zhang Yu, worrying that this guy would suddenly change into an octopus.
After hesitating for a while, he let Yue Zhan stay.
After all, what if his little dark cloud suddenly didn’t work?

Seeing that Yue Zhan didn’t leave, Zhang Yu deliberately used sarcastic words to describe the Emperor, “Or course, that’s because Scott is indeed an egg thief.
He tricked Her Royal Highness, the Princess of the Sea Country, but he wasn’t satisfied and wanted to inherit the Sea Country.”

“Of course, our princess didn’t allow it.
Unexpectedly, he was shameless enough to play an affectionate role.
But seeing that the princess didn’t look back, he stole the mermaid egg born by the princess… Cough, he stole you, my little highness, to make the princess change her mind…”

“Wait.” Yi Nuo looked puzzled and said, “That egg… not right, then I… Who did Her Royal Highness have it with?”

“She had it with Scott.” Zhang Yu said, “Her Royal Highness doesn’t like raising fish.
In fact, we all advised not to keep only one fish (Scott).
After all, mermaids’ estrus period lasts seven days.
It’s certainly not good to have only one spouse, but she didn’t listen.

Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo: “…”

“Sigh…” Yi Nuo’s voice raised a little.

Zhang Yu said emotionally, “Your Highness, you’re currently in your estrus period.

Yi Nuo: pupil earthquake.jpg

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Yue Zhan: I understand now.jpg

“Yes, it will last seven days…” Yi Nuo’s voice began to falter.

“Yes.” Zhang Yu continued, “So it’s hard for you to change back these days, but it doesn’t matter.
It’ll be fine after the seven days.”

With that, he looked at Yue Zhan, who was pursing his lips tightly, then turned around and actively encouraged, “But, Your Highness, you should find more spouses, such as me.
As the Prime Minister of the Sea Country, I’m handsome and resourceful.
Her Royal Highness also said back then that…”


Yue Zhan suddenly stood up, stepped forward, hit him with the back of the gun, and warned, “Too much nonsense.”

Zhang Yu: “…” Damn, don’t be too proud!

After listening to Zhang Yu’s words, Yi Nuo’s whole fish was bad.

Leaving the estrus period aside, his life experience alone was enough for him to digest for a while.

Seeing that he was a little confused, Yue Zhan enlightened him, “Your Highness, if you really want to know, you might as well call and ask Duke Delan.”

“Grandpa?” Yi Nuo was a little dazed.

“Yes.” Yue Zhan nodded and analyzed for him, “The surname of the royal family of the Sea Country is ‘Li’, and His Highness’ name also has ‘Li’ in it.
This is different from other princes.
I think Queen Delan knows your identity.”

Yi Nuo hesitated and finally decided to follow his advice.

In fact, he hadn’t talked to his grandfather on the phone for a long time.
In addition, he couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy in his heart about asking such an important question.

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The old duke was a little surprised when he received his call.
After listening to his question, he fell silent again.

Yi Nuo became even more nervous.

A moment later, the old duke sighed and said helplessly, “It seems that His Highness knows everything.”

Yi Nuo’s eyes instantly turned red, and he choked, “Am I really not the child of the mother queen?”

The old duke nodded.
With emotion in his old voice, he recalled, “One of the things I regret the most was to let Queen Delan marry His Majesty to revitalize the family.”

“At that time, His Majesty had a sweetheart, and your mother also had one.
His Majesty originally wanted to marry the Coman family.
But after the Coman family’s daughter learned that His Majesty had a sweetheart, she sent people to assassinate that person.
His Majesty repented of the marriage and finally married your mother.”

“I also learned later that they had always been married by agreement.
Queen Delan was pregnant before marrying His Majesty, and His Majesty also had an illegitimate child…”

“So, the eldest brother and eldest sister are not the children of the Emperor?” Yi Nuo was shocked.

He had a sister with the same father and mother, the eldest princess of the empire, who treated him very well, but had died unexpectedly a few years ago.
But now grandpa told him that he and his eldest sisters were… brothers and sisters of different parents?

“Yes, His Majesty also knows about this.” The old duke was very calm.

Yi Nuo: “…” It’s so messy.

“Queen Delan and His Majesty had been at peace with each other, but everything changed the day she took you back.” The old duke continued.

“Queen Delan didn’t tell me about His Highness’ life experience.
She only said that you were His Majesty’s child.
She planned to tell you about this matter when you became an adult, but she didn’t expect…”

Before Yi Nuo became an adult, Queen Delan died unexpectedly.

The old duke sighed, guessing that Yi Nuo must be in a bad mood at the moment, so he couldn’t help comforting, “Actually, His Highness doesn’t need to be sad.
From the moment Queen Delan brought His Highness back, I have treated His Highness as my grandson.
If His Highness is willing, the Delan family will still be the maternal family of His Royal Highness.”

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Yi Nuo pursed his lips and choked out a sigh.

The old duke comforted him for a while and then cared again, “By the way, did His Majesty ask the eldest prince to send a secret decree to His Highness, asking His Highness to secretly investigate the Mei En family of the Third Galaxy?”

Yi Nuo: “…” Oops, because of the absurdness of the past few days, he forgot about it.

He quickly took out the secret decree, opened it, and found that it was true.

The old duke was obviously dissatisfied this time, and advised, “Your Highness, you must not listen to His Majesty.
He asked His Highness to investigate the Mei En family.
Isn’t this sending the sheep into the tiger’s mouth? It’s just nonsense…”

Yi Nuo: “…” Actually, it has been checked.

“Did you investigate the matter already?” Seeing that he was silent, the old duke couldn’t help being surprised.

“Yes.” Yi Nuo’s voice was a little light.

Hearing this, the old duke sighed.
After a while, he gave him a contact number and said, “This is the contact information of the eldest princess.
If necessary, His Highness can ask her for help.”

“Is my eldest sister still alive?” Yi Nuo was shocked and surprised again.

The old duke coughed dryly and whispered, “The eldest princess actually ran off to be a star thief back then.
His Majesty thought it was shameful, so he withdrew her princess title and said that she had died unexpectedly.”

After all… she wasn’t his own daughter.

Yi Nuo: “…”

After hanging up the phone, he was completely dizzy.
He received so much information today that he couldn’t digest it for a while…

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Seeing Yi Nuo like this, Yue Zhan’s eyes darkened.

Although he didn’t eavesdrop on purpose, he still had a mind-reading technique, so he had a good grasp of the situation.

He could roughly guess the little prince’s life experience, but…

Will the little prince return to the Sea Country to inherit the throne?

Yue Zhan certainly didn’t want the little prince to go, but who wouldn’t want to be a king? What right did he have to stop him?

Yue Zhan suddenly felt a little confused, and lowered his eyes in thought: In fact, if the little prince was to be king, he might be able to help the other party become the Emperor.
After all, the eldest prince and the others are unreliable.
Rather than let the eldest prince bring disaster to the Empire, it’s better to let the little prince ascend the throne.

Besides, His Majesty is not wise enough to be an Emperor and has occupied that position for so many years.
Why can’t the little prince? The empire is much bigger than the Sea Country.
In that case… will the little prince stay?

Yue Zhan was a little uncertain.
He looked up and saw that the little prince was also absent-minded, playing with a little crab.

Yi Nuo had been playing with the little crab recently, Yue Zhan thought he liked it and secretly wrote it down.

When he took a nap, Yue Zhan bought seven or eight small crabs and quietly put them in the fish tank, wanting to surprise him.

Yue Zhan thought that since the little prince liked it, he should buy more to make him happy.

In other words, he was doubly good to the little prince.
As long as the little prince likes it, he will do it for the other party.
Will the little prince consider… staying for him?

So, when taking a nap that day, Yi Nuo was woken up by pain.

After waking up, he found that seven or eight small crabs were pinching his fish tail…

Yi Nuo: “???” Outrageous, where did this thing come from?

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