Chapter 25.2

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The next day, in the State Guest House, Zhang Yu got up very early, and he had already changed the water in the fish tank before the day was bright.

The little octopus lying on the edge of the fish tank was shivering.

“It has only been one day.
Master, don’t worry.
Don’t be impatient.” The little octopus comforted him with a strong desire for survival.

“Impatient?” Zhang Yu chuckled and said calmly, “I’m not in a hurry.
What’s my hurry?”

Little octopus: “…” No, you’re in a hurry.
You have been in a hurry for a long time.
In just this time, you have changed the water of the fish tank eight times, the fish are already dying.

“It has only been one day, humph.” Zhang Yu thought to himself, “Which normal person can’t do it?”

But… God, I’m still angry! The little prince should have done it with him!! They’re obviously a pair!!

It’s all the fault of the National Teacher for insisting on cooperating with the Mei En family.
It seems that one beating wasn’t enough to relieve his anger; he had to let his subordinates beat up the old turtle a few more times.

Little octopus: “…” It’s too dangerous to stay with the Prime Minister.
I want to go back to the Sea Country.

Yi Nuo slept until noon the next day.

When he woke up, Yue Zhan wasn’t there.
He was at a loss for a second, blinking his eyes.
Then, when yesterday’s memory came back, he instantly turned into a braised fish.

What the hell happened yesterday? Why couldn’t he control himself? The first time could be explained, but the second time… was there really a problem with the ointment?

After sobering up, Yi Nuo’s IQ returned, and he thought it was impossible.
Yue Zhan and he already had an accident… Cough, was it necessary to do it again?

So, why would he…?

Yi Nuo collapsed, wrapped himself with the quilt, and rolled on the bed.
But as soon as he did, something caused him pain.

He moved the quilt and saw that it was full of small pearls.

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He remembered that last night he couldn’t stand it anymore and felt that he was about to die, so his tears were like the scattered pearls of a broken necklace.
Not, it was more as if the pearls had been sprinkled all over the bed.

Yi Nuo also tried to escape, but like in the book, he was dragged back by Yue Zhan.

Woo, his tail hurt so much after transforming into a mermaid…

He’s so angry!

Why does he feel like dying after a while, but Yue Zhan’s stamina is so good? Didn’t he just eat nine years more of rice?

No, that wasn’t the point.
The point was that Yue Zhan was actually the same as in the book.
He was really a beast in human clothes and a perpetual motion machine.

When Yue Zhan came back with some food, he saw Yi Nuo blushing while lying on the bed and beating the pillow.

Yue Zhan became worried thinking that when the little prince turned into a mermaid, his skin would become particularly delicate, especially the thin and transparent web between his fingers, so he quickly put down the food box and hurried to stop him.

“Your Highness.” Yue Zhan held the little prince’s raised wrist, and after feeling the delicate and soft skin in his palm, he loosened a bit and coaxed, “Your Highness, are you tired? Have some porridge first.

Yi Nuo was beating the pillow to relieve his anger.
When his wrist was suddenly held, he was stunned for a second.
Then, when he heard Yue Zhan ask if he was tired, his face instantly turned completely red.

Last night, Yue Zhan often asked this sentence in his ear.
It was a shame that his stamina wasn’t as good as the other party’s, otherwise…

Thinking of this, Yi Nuo gritted his teeth and said, “Eat!”

Once he is full and recovers his stamina, he can press back… Bah, no, he can settle accounts well.

Because for some reason Yi Nuo couldn’t change his fishtail back into legs, it was inconvenient for him to move, so he didn’t pay attention to Yue Zhan’s actions.
After a simple wash, he went back to bed, planning to eat there.

Anyway, the bed had been cleaned up by Yue Zhan, and it wasn’t his bed.

Yue Zhan soon brought the food container.
It was red jujube porridge.

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Yi Nuo held the small spoon and after looking at the food, he was a little disappointed and asked, “Why is there no fish?”

Yue Zhan comforted Yi Nuo softly, “Drink porridge first to pad your stomach.
I’ll get fish for you in the afternoon.”

They hadn’t eaten since yesterday.
They only drank some nutrient solution when they were very tired last night.

Yue Zhan’s parents were chinese people, and his mother was especially keen on the chinese way of raising children.
Yue Zhan had been influenced by her since childhood and knew something about chinese health preservation.
For example, when the stomach is empty, it’s good to drink porridge, such as jujube porridge… to replenish blood.

Cough, in addition to the red jujube porridge, he also asked the chef to stew and old hen soup…

Yi Nuo didn’t understand this and just focused on the meal.
Because there were fins between his fingers, he could only use his five fingers to hold the spoon and clumsily scoop the porridge into his mouth.

Yue Zhan looked at him anxiously.
He tried to endure, but couldn’t hold back in the end.
He stepped forward and said, “Your Highness, why don’t I feed you?”

Yi Nuo was stunned for a moment and didn’t respond.

Why was Yue Zhan being so nice to him? He was so greasy, even wanting to feed him…

Oh, he remembered—

[Yue Zhan wants to chase his wife in the crematorium!]

Yue Zhan: “…” How did the little prince know?

Yi Nuo tilted his head to look at his hands and then looked at the porridge.
Finally, he handed the small spoon to Yue Zhan, the meaning was very obvious.]

[Just let him chase.
Anyway, I’m seven steps ahead of you.
I know more than you, who is afraid of who?]

Yue Zhan: “???”

What changes took place in the ideological realm of the little prince in just one day of effort?

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Yi Nuo didn’t care whether Yue Zhan was suspicious or not.
After handing out the small spoon, he opened his mouth and waited to be fed.

He lifted his chin slightly and secretly glanced at Yue Zhan from the corner of his eye, thinking—

[Have you never seen me behave so arrogantly? Hurry up and stop making trouble!]

However, in Yue Zhan’s eyes, the little mermaid opened his mouth pitifully, waiting to be fed.

He quietly lowered his eyes, scooped a spoonful of porridge, and sent it over.

Before the spoonful of porridge was delivered, the little mermaid moved his head over, opened his lips, and put the whole spoon in his mouth.

Yue Zhan’s eyes couldn’t help darkening when he noticed that after Yi Nuo ate the porridge, he would lick the spoon lightly with his bright red tongue.

After being fed with difficulty, Yi Nuo began to ‘work’ again.

He wanted to test whether Yue Zhan really wanted to chase his wife in the crematorium.
If so, Yue Zhan will definitely indulge him.

If Yue Zhan really indulged him, then this reborn Yue Zhan wouldn’t be so scary.

Yi Nuo glanced at the luxurious big fish tank in the living room, and said ‘unreasonably’: “I want to stay in… your fish tank.”

Yue Zhan: “???”

He turned to look at the fish tank and then at the little prince, his expression was a little strange.

“It’s difficult for me to turn back into a human now.” Yi Nuo pursed his lips, pretended to be sad, and said, “I have to soak in water, but the bathtub is too small, it’s uncomfortable to curl up, and my waist still hurts.
It’s all your fault…”

He was pretending, but when said it, he was really sad.
He was even more depressed when he thought of the fact that he couldn’t change his fishtail back into human legs.

He won’t be like this all his life, will he? Will it be found and sent to the laboratory? It was said that the Sea Country disappeared because humans and orcs coveted the powerful abilities of mermaids and secretly caught them for experiments, which triggered a war…

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Online academic studies on mermaids say that mermaids are very powerful, so they are coveted.
But after he became a mermaid, he didn’t wake up any powerful abilities, except for the small dark cloud.
He was just a small waste fish.

His breathing was a little unsteady, he looked up at the fish tank, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Your Highness, are you… hot?”

How unjust would it be if he was arrested for experimentation?

Thinking about it, the tears were… no, it was pearls that fell all over the bed again.

Seeing Yi Nuo cry like this, how could Yue Zhan refuse?

In fact, he didn’t agree immediately just now because he was worried that the fish tank wasn’t clean.
After all, there were still many fish in it.
No matter how much he usually took care of it, there might be… um, fish poop.

But the little prince was also right.
He couldn’t be curled up in the bathtub all the time.

In order to make the delicate little mermaid live comfortably, Yue Zhan immediately fished out all the fish that were very precious at ordinary times, and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the fish tank.

When he refilled the water and watched the little mermaid swim around in the fish tank, Yue Zhan was extremely satisfied.

As for the fish that were fished out, tsk, just find two small fish tanks and let them squeeze.

But Yi Nuo was dissatisfied again.
He felt that he was the only fish, making the ecosystem not good enough.
Therefore, he asked Yue Zhan to put back the rockeries, water plants, and a few fish.

So, Yue Zhan listened to him again and put the fish back one by one.
The fish were so tossed that they almost died.

Yi Nuo grabbed the edge of the big fish tank and commanded, “Put five fat-headed fish first, two salmon, ten clownfish, and leave aside the black barracuda, it’s ugly and not delicious…”

Yue Zhan: “…” Why did he have the illusion that the little prince was choosing food?

When it was finally over, it was already afternoon.

Yue Zhan wanted to go to the canteen and ask the chef to cook some fish for the little prince, but as soon as he got up, he smelled a familiar sweet fragrance…

Yue Zhan’s breathing became a little unsteady.
He looked up at the fish tank, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Your Highness, are you… feeling hot?”

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