“Did he?” Yi Nuo was very shocked when he heard it and said incredulously, “As soon as I got the news, the Zong family acted.
Were they successful, or is it under control?”

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“It was unsuccessful, and it wasn’t done by the Zong family.” Yue Zhan rubbed the center of his eyebrows and explained, “After we left, Zong Ming stabbed his neck with a fork he had hidden at some point.
Fortunately, he was found in time and is already under rescue.”

Yi Nuo was immediately relieved.
Zong Ming couldn’t die, or at least he couldn’t die now.
Otherwise, they would lose a lead.

After this happened, none of them were in the mood to go back to rest.
They turned the car directly and went back to the detention center.
Xie Qingran also accompanied them.

After seeing Zong Ming’s situation, Yi Nuo was a little puzzled, “Zong Ming is so loyal to the Zong family? Zong Qingxu is just his uncle, and he even wants to kill him.”

Saying this, he also complained about Zong Qingxu, “That guy actually wanted to kill Zong Min and then blame for it.
He planned to say that I tortured him today and then force my father to stop the investigation.
His heart is really filthy!”

When Yue Zhan heard his words, a cold light flashed through his eyes, and he said, “We must strike first in this matter.”

After speaking, he subconsciously asked, “Where did His Highness get the news?”

Yi Nuo was stunned for a moment, then raised his eyebrows and said in a proud tone, “I won’t tell you!”

[I won’t reveal my trump card and let you know that I asked my cousin Alan to monitor the Zong family.
However, he’s really good at intelligence.
He can be the director of the intelligence bureau or something in the future.]

Yue Zhan: “…”

He smiled slightly and said, “If there’s a recording, it can be used to break through Zong Ming’s psychological defense.”

“There is.” Yi Nuo said immediately, but after thinking about it, he asked, “Major General Yue, how should we strike first?”

Yue Zhan: “In the matter of public opinion, whoever acts first will have the upper hand.
Before Zong Qingxu attacks, we will control the public opinion and turn the family into a drowning dog.
If they slander His Highness, the people will doubt them and the parliament.
This way, the parliament will have no position to get involved in the investigation team.”

Yi Nuo agreed with his words, thinking that this free worker was very useful.
However, the newly added Xie Qingran couldn’t be hired for nothing, so Yi Nuo looked at the silent person, who had not spoken for a while, and asked, “Mr.
Xie, what do you think?”


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Yue Zhan felt a sour taste in his mouth.

Xie Qingran glanced at Yue Zhan and said, “I think Major General Yue is right.”

Yi Nuo nodded and said distressedly, “But we don’t have any concrete evidence now.
If we wait for Zong Ming to confess, we may miss the opportunity.
Can we use the recording?”

Yue Zhan nodded and said, “Yes, you can’t act like a gentleman with people like the Zong family.”

When Xie Qingran heard the words ‘act like a gentleman’, a look of regret flashed in his eyes, and he agreed, “Yes, you don’t need to care about this when fighting with the Zong family.
His Highness might want to talk to them about evidence and reason, but they won’t talk to you.”

Hearing his words, Yue Zhan raised his eyebrows and said, It seems that Mr.
Xie has a deep understanding of this?

Xie Qingran lowered his eyes and laughed at himself in a low voice, “Just a little lesson in life.”

Yue Zhan understood at a glance that Xie Qingran lost to the Zong family probably because he was too honest and reasonable.

After thinking for a moment, he asked, “If Mr.
Xie is in charge of this matter, how sure is Mr.
Xie of winning?”

A wise man won’t fall twice in the same place.
It seems the little prince has a good eye for people.
He really caught a talent.

Xie Qingran raised his eyes and met Yue Zhan’s gaze as he affirmed, “90%.”

Yi Nuo was slightly surprised and said, “You dare to say 90% even if you don’t know why we are against the Zong family?”

Xie Qingran said: “His Highness and Major General Yue are personally investigating the Zong family.
It can be seen that the Zong family committed a big crime this time.”

“You guessed right.” Yi Nuo sighed and explained the recent crimes of the Zong family, as well as his and Yue Zhan’s speculation.

After listening, Xie Qingran immediately said that he was 100% confident of winning.

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Moreover, Xie Qingran brought more surprises that were far more than that.

After discussing how to fight the public opinion war, he said, “I hid some evidence that the Zong family and the Mei En family colluded with the Federation.
Major General Yue can send someone to pick it up.
As for Zong Ming, this person isn’t very loyal to the Zong family, but he’s restrained by it.
His Highness can start from his mother and sister.”

Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo looked at each other and felt that Xie Qingran wasn’t really saved for nothing.


Xie Qingran was really an expert in leading public opinion.
After leaving the detention center, he didn’t eat or sleep.
He immediately organized the manpower given to him by Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo and made a detailed plan.

Therefore, before Zong Qingxu took action, an article questioning the Zong family appeared on the internet.

The article wasn’t just a simple accusation but was quite story-like and legendary.
It started from Zong Qinxu’s dog-blooded history of how he became the head of the family.
As the illegitimate son of the former patriarch of the Zong family, he colluded with his mother, murdered his brother, abandoned his wife and son, married a woman with higher status, and became the patriarch of the Zong family step by step.

Then the author suddenly turned his pen and began to sigh with emotion that the giant ship of the Zong family was about to sink.

Then the article talked about how Zong Qingxu’s ambitions became higher.
Because it was difficult to satisfy his desires, he had the idea of making money from war.
Therefore, he conspired with the Planet Lord of the Third Galaxy and the Federation.

It was no accident that the Z-series mecha had a problem.
Zong Qingxu had known it for a long time; however, to make money and eat the benefits given by the Third Galaxy and the Federation, he abandoned the interests of the Empire.
Not only did he conceal the facts, but he also deliberately upgraded the system to let the front line be defeated…

Netizens loved to watch the dog-blooded dramas of the rich and powerful families, and they liked intrigues even more.
This article captured everyone’s heart from the beginning and unfolded the conspiracy step by step.
The plot was exciting and bizarre, and the final blow was to mention current affairs.

At first, everyone looked at it with enjoyment, but after reading it, there was a feeling of ‘Shit, it turned out to be so’.

This type of post often spreads faster and more widely than professional news and reports.
With Xie Qingran behind the scenes, the article quickly spread all over the internet and was reprinted on major platforms.

[Damn! Is everything in the post true? Did Zong Qingxu really abandon his wife and children? Deliberately sold problematic mechas to the front-line? He conspired with the Federation?]

[It must be true.
Isn’t the little prince investigating the mecha problem?]

[This is the interstellar era.
How can there still be people who don’t know that Zong Qingxu abandoned his wife and children? It can’t be true, right?]

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[Damn? Who is that certain planet lord referring to?]

[Do you still need to ask? How many planet lords are there in the Third Galaxy?]

[This post is very bold.
It directly said that the Zong and Mei En families betrayed the Empire?]

[No, the post said they are suspected, suspected!]

[The word ‘suspected’ was obviously used to avoid liability.
The author must be an insider.]

By the time Zong Qingxu noticed, almost all the Empire knew about it.

He was so angry that he ordered to delete the article immediately but couldn’t do it.
Finally, he had to make a post saying that the little prince was incompetent and couldn’t find anything; therefore, he relied on making up stories to slander him.

As a result, as soon as the post came out, Xie Qingran ordered someone to publish the recording in which Zong Qingxu ordered Zong Wei to kill Zong Min to silence him.

Netizens: Ohhh!!!

[Making up stories? If it’s made up, what are you killing people for?]

[He’s in a hurry! He’s in a hurry!]

[It’s too shameless to kill someone and frame it on the little prince.]

[He also wants to urge the parliament to suspend the little prince from the investigation team.
As a fan of the little prince’s appearance, I can’t bear it!]

[What does he mean? Is the parliament run by his family?]

[Zong Qingxu is really lawless.
I strongly demand that he is arrested immediately!]

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Just as Yue Zhan and Xie Qingran expected, Zong Qingxu was first ‘condemned’ by the public, and what he said after it wouldn’t be believed easily.

The most important thing is that to avoid being implicated by the citizens’ strong opposition to the Zong family, the nobles and big financial groups allied with them will get rid of the relationship.

Allies gathered together because of interests will eventually break up because of interests.
Even before separating, they will step on the bones of the fallen and divide up their things.

Although the Zong family had yet to reach that point, some families allied with it were already watching.

Yi Nuo was busy for two days and one night and didn’t sleep.
After handing over the heavy responsibility to Xie Qingran, he wanted to go back to his room and soak his fishtail before sleeping.
But unexpectedly, he fell asleep directly in the bathtub.

When he woke up, his body was a little sore.
He opened his personal terminal and saw more than a dozen missed calls from his cousin.

Yi Nuo called back, and before he could speak, he heard his cousin complaining, “My little ancestor? Why did you directly post the recording online? Did you know that to help you get this recording, I was almost discovered by the old man of the Zong family? If I was caught, your cousin would’ve been beaten into a sieve…”

“How did you know about it?” Yi Nuo was very surprised.
He didn’t expect Xie Qingran to be so efficient.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk with his cousin.
He directly hung up the phone, put on some clothes, and went to see Xie Qingran.

Yue Zhan happened to be there, and the people he sent out had already obtained the evidence hidden by Xie Qingran.
Next, as long as Zong Ming confessed, Zong Qingxu could be officially arrested at the Imperial Capital Star.

As for Zong Ming’s mother and sister, Yi Nuo also asked his cousin Alan to send mercenaries to the place Xie Qingran said.
As long as these two people were rescued from Zong Qingxu’s hands, they weren’t afraid of Zong Ming not speaking.

Thinking of this, Yi Nuo couldn’t help being surprised.
He just slept and most of the matter was solved.
Could it be that this was the protagonist’s halo?

He couldn’t help sighing—

[When I went out, I met a distinguished person.
All the big bosses are helping me.
This matter seemed difficult, but it was solved in three days.
What else could have this effect except for the protagonist’s halo?]

[Alas, I’m worthy of being the son of the plane!]

Yue Zhan: “…” The delusional disorder is getting worse and worse.

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