Cattys office, Los Angeles

Jane McManne was in charge of Catty popularity and public appearance. Hawkins suspected she had done this to shift attention to Catty but she didn realize that it could jeopardize her relationship with Jeff.

Hawkins looked over at Catty, she was looking—down. ”I-I don know who will do this ”, Catty finally broke the silence almost in tears, ”do you really think it was Jane? ”

”I don know, Im not sure but I think it was but maybe she wasn ”, Hawkins said.

”I just hope she wasn , if she was then she need not come cause she has automatically lost her job ”, Catty said furiously.

”Calm down, you need to make the right decisions. If you are this angry, you won think straight and you may make a very wrong decision that will certainly affect you and your career ”, Hawkins said, ”Relax and think of what to do, how to find out the person that did it ”.

Cattys phone started ringing and she picked it, ”Hello Celia, this is Catty ”.

”Catty, what am I hearing? ”

”Oh, youve heard it too? About me cheating on Jeff, you know it isn true ”, Catty said.

”Yeah, but mums taking it too personal and all that. Maybe you should speak to her yourself and reassure her that those are just rumours or wait for her to call by herself ”, Celia said.

”Okay, what about Dave? Has he heard it? ”, Catty asked. ”He was the one that told me about it. He heard Jade and Jeffs secretary talking about it with your Mrs. Jane ”, Celia said.

”Jane? Or don worry. Thanks for calling- bye ”

”Bye love ”, Celia replied and hung up.

”What happened to Jane? ”, Hawkins asked.

She was talking about it with Jade and Jeffs secretary… oh, Ive forgotten her name. But you know her ”, Catty said.

”Ive not met her in person ”, Hawkins replied.

”Oh, ILL Introduce you to her very soon but they were discussing about the rumours that have been spreading about me. Without my permission? What were they even saying? What? ”, Catty said as her voice began to climb higher and higher, ”What do they think? That they can plan a conspiracy behind my ba… ”,

Catty was interrupted by her call. ”Jane is here, shes entering your office in 2 minutes ”, her secretary voice said out of the speakers of the phone and she hung up.

”Whos here to see you? ”, Hawkins asked.

”Not me- us ”, Catty replied.

”Who in part… ”, Hawkins was interrupted as Jane came in majestically through the door.

Hawkins stood up to greet her while Catty sat still and did not respond to her greetings. ”Whats wrong? What did I do wrong Madam Catty? ”, Jane said in her beautiful British accent.

”Sit ”, Catty said ignoring her questions as Jane and Hawkins sat down, ”I want to believe that youve heard of the rumours being circulated about me ”, Jane nodded as Catty continued, ”And if there are any rumours about me, you should be the first to hear it and not me and come to me and not me calling you. So what happened? ”, Catty asked looking at Jane with suspicious eyes and the message was passed across to Jane.

Don tell me that you
e trying to accuse me for those rumours ”, Jane said.

”That is not an answer to my question, Jane. Why did I have to call you before you being on your way ”, Catty said. ”I was on my way from San Antonio before your secretary called ”, Jane said.

ut Dave saw her discussing with Jane and Jade and they were in town. Dave is in town. She can only be lying or Celia was mistaken, Catty thought.

”Okay, Ill want to believe that you were really in San Antonio ”, Catty said.

”Okay, about the rumours, who do you think is behind it? ”, Hawkins asked purposely directing the question to Jane.

”Well, thats a good start but Im still working on it and trying to find out who was behind it but when I was trying to find out, I discovered that there were no cameras backstage ”, Jane said.

”Okay, so keep it up ”, Catty said.

”But hey guys. Aren you happy? At least its boosting your popularity and fame ”, Jane said happily standing up.

Hawkins was already starting to believe that his suspicious were right and Catty also. ”Good bye ”, Catty said. ”Bye ”, she replied and left.

She found out that there are no cameras backstage? ”, Catty said laughing, ”I thought she was in San Antonio? Shes a terrible liar ”

”And how did she know that the pictures were taken backstage…

* * *

24th December, 4:56pm

Jeff and Catty were walking round his garden. ”If it were really true, what would you have done? ”, Catty asked.

”You know, my first girlfriend cheated on me, it was painful. I remember vividly when I sent her packing out of my house ”.

”She was living with you? ”, Catty asked.

”No, she came visiting. She lived in Texas. When I found out, I almost committed suicide. I didn even believe it at first, when someone told me that he saw her with a particular man in a night party. I didn believe it because I loved her, gave her my heart and trusted her. If you did it to me, I-I don know what Ill do anyways ”, Jeff said.

Catty could see the pains in his eyes. So this is why he never wanted to talk about his ex. People believed she was dead, so this is the real story?Catty held his hand tightly , came close to him and kissed him slowly, he kissed her too- that was their first kiss. Immediately, Cattys cheeks turned sweet pink.

”Em, wow, tomorrow is Christmas, I almost forgot ”, Catty said in an effort to change the topic and atmosphere. Jeff sensed that and decided to dance to her beat.

”Yeah, thats right ”, Jeff stopped, ”Ive been so occupied with recent happenings that I forgot to do my Christmas shopping ”.

Catty smiled, ”So who is the forgetful one. Julie, my house help did the Christmas shopping yesterday. I bought my Christmas dress and accessories Last 3 days. The Angelic touch are coming to decorate my house by 5:30. And you? Nothing ”, Catty said laughing.

”Wow, now let me tell you. Ive bought my Christmas dress and accessories. The Angelic touch are also decorating my house but by 9pm. The only flaw Ive got right now is Christmas shopping which Ill send Suzzy, my house help to do right away ”, Jeff said waiting for Catty to say more but Catty was speechless. When she finally got her voice back, she said, ”Well, at least you forgot one thing ”.Jeff smiled and the two walked into Jeffs house, to rest.

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