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21st December 8:20 am

Catty woke up the next day feeling so refreshed. Yesterday was a tough day. She sat up on her bed and remembered what Hawkins told her, ”You cannot have someone you cannot trust as the head of your security planning team just because he is an expert. You can just give him a break for this festive season if you feel you don want to hire him ”.

She also remembered Aleissa Woods, who just saw her as an enemy in Hollywood for no reason. Catty had not fully forgotten what Aleissa did to her when they were shooting a film in Alaska and she wasn gonna forgive her. So one of the persons really on her list was Aleissa Woods and Hawkins knew. And she just discovered that Aleissa and Jade were good friends, maybe Jade was working with Aleissa… She was going to take Mr. Hawkins advice into consideration and think of what to do.

Catty smiled when she remembered that she was going out with Jeff today. She thought of staying still on bed when she received on phone call, ”Madam, this is from Jefferson Drews office, there had been an attempted assassination at his house this morning. He was shot on his right hand and is currently in the Manna Divine hospital, I was told to give you this information. Janet Peters from Jefferson Drews ” and she hung up.

Catty wasn thinking normally and for a moment she heard herself screaming, ”Jeff! ” and the walls were moving towards her… and she was upside down and… Black out!

* * *

Hawkins received a call that Catty had been rushed to the hospital. He went to the hospital immediately. At the parking lot, he saw cars and he knew the press was already at the reception. He also learnt that Jeff was also hospitalized in the same hospital. He came out of his car and rushed to the hospital. As he entered the members of the press turned back thinking he was another celebrity coming to the hospital. He ignored them and looked around. He then saw Jade, Celia, Mr. Austin White, her lawyer and Miss Carlos, her secretary. He went over to them and greeted them, ”How is she? ”

”Shes getting better, she fainted when she heard that Jeff was shot at his right arm but shes okay ”, Miss Carlos said.

”Jeff was shot? ”, Hawkins asked surprised.

”Man, do you have a T.V? ”, Jade asked in a mocking way.

”Who shot him? ”, Hawkins asked ignoring Jades statement.

”Nobody knows ”, Celia replied.The doctor came in the waiting room.

”How is she? ”, Jade asked.Hawkins looked at Jade, he seemed so concerned.

”Shes fine, youll be able to see her after she has seen Jeff ”, the doctor said.

”Why? ”, Miss Carlos asked.

”She is actually better, at least to receive visitors but she insists on seeing Jeff and she is so restless and at least to be in the optimum frame of mind to see people, she has to see Mr. Jefferson Drews ”, the Doctor said and they all understood.

”So, when is she going to see Jeff? ”, Celia asked.

”The operation went on successfully, the bullet has been removed but he is sleeping. Maybe in the next 20 minutes.

21st December 12:15 pm

Hawkins, Jade and Celia entered Jeffs ward where Catty was eating popcorn with him.

”Happy lovers ”, Hawkins said as they all started laughing.

Celia went over to Catty, ”How are you dear? ”

”Im fine ”, Catty replied smiling.

”Mum and Dan called, they were so worried and they will love to hear your voice. Why don you call them now ”, Celia said smiling as Catty nodded and brought out her cell phone.

”Jeff, how is your arm now? ”, Jade asked.

”Im fine ”, Jeff replied. ”Miss Carlos was here not so long but she had to go back to work ”, Hawkins told her and she nodded.

”We still have an unfinished business, Hawkins ”, she told him.

”Okay, wed better be going, we need to leave you two, right? ”, Celia said laughing and Catty started blushing. They all left Jeff and Catty alone.

”And so about the messages, who do you think is sending them? ”, Catty asked. ”I don know but todays message was different, read it ”, he said passing his phone to her.

She took it and read it out, ”Your jewel, your love and all your possession, from the closest thing to you ” ”All these messages are from the closest thing to me…I-I don understand ”.

Catty let out a deep sigh, ”Things have also been somehow for me, different suspicious things ”. Catty told him about all what happened yesterday.

”Well this is strange but I feel the same person that is behind all these is the same person that is messaging me because you saw my secretary… ”

”I didn see her, Celia saw her giving someone a file that looked like your office file ”, Catty intercepted.

”Do you think she was leaking out a confidential secret? ”, Jeff asked staring into the air.

”I don think so, and she said she drove in a black car- Ive never seen her in a black car. Well, I saw that same black car from the window of my office immediately Celia called and your secretary and Jade came out from the car so I think everything is linked ”, Catty said.

”I was thinking of hiring a spy but now I know that nobody can be trusted. People smile around just to be close to the Jeff Drews and for money ”, he said shaking his head.

”Thats the irony of being a celebrity… And I was thinking of going through his phone, texted messages and received ”, Catty said talking to no one in particular.

”Who? ”, Jeff asked. ”Jade ”, she replied ”This is a wonderful idea. If you can get this opportunity you should just be careful. Even this idea of hiring a spy maybe too dangerous ”, Jeff said. ”Maybe tomorrow, Ill go to the control room and see what the CCTV cameras have captured since the beginning of this week…

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