Strange messages

20th December, 7:52pm

Jeff was on a sofa in his bedroom. ”Hmm… whats all these? ”, he asked, asking no one in particular as he sat staring at his phone.

He instantly called his manager, ”Gregs, Im still seeing those messages, Who will be sending these and why? ”, he said as he had an exasperated expression on.

”Well, this is really strange. Do you think anyone would have leaked out your personal number? ”

”Who would? ”, he asked again letting out a deep sigh.

”Your secretary, accountant, lawyer, anyone… Nobody can be trusted now… ”

”Including you ”, Jeff let out sarcastically, ”What? Why did you suddenly go numb? You said anyone, right? ”

”Yes, including your girlfriend, Katharine Wells ”, Gregs said meaning to hurt also.

”If you ever mention Cattys name anyhow whenever we are discussing, you will be sorry ”, Jeff said angrily and hung up.I thought he would help, Jeff said to himself and switched off his phone.

* * *

20th December, 8:23

Mr. Hawkins entered Cattys office and met her pacing, ”When will you go home? ”, he asked.

”I need to see that man, Hawkins ”, she said.

”You can but you always have to be security conscious ”, he said.

”I told Jade to lock him up since he didn want to go ”

”Did he do that? ”, Mr. Hawkins asked.

”No, because, Pearl captured Jade trying to hide a tattered looking man at the luxury quarters ”, Catty replied.

”Call Jade and tell you to take him to that man ”, Mr. Hawkins said sitting down, ”Sit down and act relaxed while he enters so he won suspect anything. You
e an actress, you can do it ”.

Catty sat down looking calm and summoned Jade to her office. In 5 minutes Jade entered. He was looking surprised.

”Hawkins? ”, Jade said looking at Hawkins and then Catty, ”Is there any problem? ”.

”What makes you think that if Hawkins is here, there will be a problem? ”, she asked. Her tone was getting harsher.

Mr. Hawkins cleared his throat, ”Jade, we want to go round, to see what youve done to enhance the security system and then we will see the old man that has come to see her ”.

Jade was looking shocked, astonished, surprised, scared or anything, Catty couldn guess right now. ”Why now? I mean- emm, its too late. Why-why not go em, tomorrow morning ”, he said.

”You sound scared ”, Catty said.

”No-no, Im not. Im just tired ”, he replied.

”tired? ”, Hawkins asked.

”Well, youll have to endure tonight ”, Catty added.

”Okay, will you give me some time to just… ”

”No, right now ”, Hawkins quickly said. ”And I think we should start with the luxury quarters…

* * *

20th December, 8:49

A black car halted in front of the church building and a young cute lady with dark hair highlighted. She had on a blazing red lipstick and she was short. On her hand was a file and she was on a corporate attire with stiletto heels and she walked towards the church and met a man at the gate.

Celia was watching this from her car but she could not see the womans face because the womans back was at her and she could not see the mans face clearly either. He was on black and he covered his face also with black. He collected the file from the woman.

He nodded to whatever the woman said and he went back into the church while the woman turned back to go to her car and it was…

* * *

8:55pmIn the luxury quarters, Jade was taking them around. He showed them a tinted glass door, ”This door looks fragile but it is very strong, It makes a kind of noise when touched ”, he touched it and it made a kind of, jingling bells sound, ”So it is very difficult for someone to enter without someone knowing and it can only be opened with the palm print of people registered in the memory card inserted in it ”.

”Wow, impressive ”, Catty said nodding looking around to see if she could catch a glimpse of the wretched old man.

”Must have cost a lot, right? ”, Hawkins asked.

”Yeah ”, he replied uneasily. Then he led them past the door. Catty was observing him closely and she saw he was still trying to look back at the door he just showed them. She turned back to look at what he was looking at and it was securely locked.

”Whats happening with you, Jade? ”, Hawkins asked.

”No-nothings wrong ”, he replied smiling.

”Are you sure? ”, Catty asked.

Yeah, now let me tell you about the windows before we leave the reception. It is waterproof, fireproof and resistance to intrusion by force of any means ”, Jade said.

Catty was not fully concentrating then she heard a sound like jingling bells and heard a door shut then she turned back with Hawkins.Someone had passed through that door.

”Who was that?. Hawkins call Pearl ”, Catty said turning on her cell phone.

Jade tried to stop them, ”You guys its nothing to be worried about. Sometimes the door usually makes that kind of noise without someone passing through it. It started showing signs of some problems that will be corrected by tomorrow, thats why I told you to wait till tomorrow so that it can be rectified ”.

Catty nodded and she and Hawkins dropped their cell phone. Jade showed her round the luxury quarters. After the semi-tour, Catty got a call from Celia…

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