Outside the Lu Villa, Lu Chi got out of the car and stared at the lights on the second floor before walking into the house.

     The auntie immediately greeted him in joy: “Sir, you are back.”

     “Where's Madam?” Lu Chi took off his suit jacket and handed it to the auntie, asking casually.
His gaze swept at the stairs.

     That Auntie Zhang tidied her hair and answered while putting away the suit, “Today Madam stayed at home the entire day.
As soon as the young master finished school, she began helping him with his homework.
Right now, the two of them are still in the small study room.”

     Lu Chi nodded, “Make something Madam likes.”

     “Eh.” Aunt Zhang responded.

     Lu Chi didn't go directly to the small study room to find Lin Shi Cha and Lin Bai Su, but went into his own study, which was very spacious.
He stepped to the desk and opened the laptop, his slender fingers pressing on the mouse.

     Soon, a surveillance video appeared on the computer screen.

     Lu Chi pulled back the timeline and carefully observed Lin Shi Cha's figure.
Whenever she would go to another room, he would switch the surveillance to the video of that room, not missing even a second.

     After eating breakfast and sending him off to work, Lin Shi Cha did indeed stay at home the whole time.
In the morning, she arranged some flowers in the living room.
Once she arranged them, she admired them for a while before taking some photos and going on her phone.

     Lin Shi Cha went on Weibo when she had nothing to do.
This was something Lu Chi knew about.
He has also been paying attention to Lin Shi Cha's Weibo, so he didn’t suspect anything.

     Once she finished arranging flowers, Lin Shi Cha watched some TV then chatted with Aunt Zhang.
At noon, she and Aunt Zhang made lunch together while talking and laughing.

     After taking a nap in the afternoon and doing some yoga, Lin Bai Su came back from school.

     The monitoring was no different from what Aunt Zhang said.
Only then did Lu Chi's expression soften a little.
He turned off the computer and pinched the bridge of his nose before heaving a sigh of relief.

     At this time, there was a knock on the door outside the study room.
Lu Chi looked over and found that Lin Shi Cha was standing at the door holding a cup of tea, “You didn't even say anything when you returned.
I’ve been watching Su Su do his homework and didn't notice you.”

     Putting down the hot tea, “How come you came back so early today?” Lin Shi Cha raised her head and glanced at Lu Chi with attachment, her expression full of confusion and innocence.

     Lu Chi smiled, “I missed you.” He grabbed her waist and pulled her into his arms to kiss the corner of her lips, then rubbed their lips to try to taste her sweetness.

     Lin Shi Cha's cheeks flushed as she positioned her hand slightly against his chest, muttering, “Liar, we just saw each other this morning.
All you know is being slick-tongued.”

     “I didn't.” Lu Chi stroked the hair hanging behind her waist, “Did you behave today?”

     Lin Shi Cha rested on Lu Chi's shoulders.
She wrapped her arms around his waist, “Yes, but I didn't do anything, it's so boring.
Ah Chi, can't I go out to work? It's fine to even go to your company.
This is really going to suffocate me.” As she spoke, she wiped her tears with her clumsy acting skills and puffed her cheeks to appear pitiful.

     Lu Chi laughed, “Madam of the Lu family, don't need to work to make money.
There's me to raise you.” After that, Lu Chi kissed her, “I know you're bored, so I've already contacted someone to install a movie theater on the third floor of our house.
All major films will be available and you can watch whatever you want, alright?”

     Lin Shi Cha was a little unhappy.
She snorted and let go of Lu Chi's clothes, “Why won't you let me go out?”

     “It's dangerous outside.
I don't want to encounter another experience like Gu Jing Ting’s again, you know that, Chacha.” Lu Chi moved gently, pulling Lin Shi Cha's hair behind her ears.

     But this sound made Lin Shi Cha flinch and she stopped talking.

     Lu Chi chuckled, “I didn't mean to blame you, I only wanted to protect you.
Be obedient, eh?”

     Lin Shi Cha felt extremely wronged, tears even welled up in her eyes: “Then… … then can I go to the company to see you? You don't accompany me and I'm all alone.
Anyway, I'm not happy.” In the end, she became willful again.

     “Okay, yes.” Lu Chi agreed.

     Lin Shi Cha knew that this was the biggest concession Lu Chi made.

     The two hugged for a while.
Then, Lin Shi Cha seemed to have just remembered something.
She hesitated for a while, “Ah Chi… … Miss Tu somehow managed to reach out to me.”

     Lu Chi furrowed his brow, “Tu Duo?”

     Lin Shi Cha shook her head, “It's Tu Yue Ran.”

     Lu Chi was displeased as he asked again, “What did she tell you?”

     Lin Shi Cha shook her head again, “She didn't say anything, that's what made me feel strange.
After adding me, there has been no movement, which instead made me……” She showed an uncomfortable expression.

     “Delete her, and I'll take care of the rest.” Lu Chi patted Lin Shi Cha's back, like he was coaxing a baby.

     “Okay.” Lin Shi Cha obediently agreed and immediately deleted it.

     On the other side, Tu Yue Ran didn't know how to speak to Lin Shi Cha.
She hesitated for a long time in her thoughts, walking up and down the room, willy-dallying.

     She felt Lin Shi Cha was very pitiful.
If Lu Chi truly regarded her as a substitute for his ex-fiancee, wouldn't she be too innocent?

     Therefore, she didn't want to speak too directly since she was considerate of Lin Shi Cha's mood.
However, when she made up her mind to send an emoji to test the water first, she found that she had been deleted… …That red exclamation mark couldn't be more irritating.

     Tu Yue Ran instantly exploded.

     Under her anger, Tu Yue Ran added Lin Shi Cha as a friend again with a note reading: Don't you want to know about Lu Chi?

     Sure enough, two minutes later, the other party accepted her friend verification.

     A message popped up:

     -What do you mean?

     Tu Yue snorted, then typed in satisfaction: Let's meet up, Miss Lin.

     In the afternoon two days later, Moet Cafe.

     Tu Yue Ran waited for more than ten minutes by the window on the second floor before Lin Shi Cha arrived late.
She was wearing a white off-the-shoulder dress with delicate collar bones under the straps.
Her frame was exquisite and petite, yet her facial features were refined and pure.
Such a woman was exactly the ideal partner men had in mind.

     Tu Yue Ran, who couldn't help being jealous of her somewhat gorgeous yet generous appearance, though she was able to control her own emotions well.

     “Miss Tu.” Lin Shi Cha furrowed her brows slightly and sat down in front of Tu Yue Ran.

     “You are really hard to get a date with.” With a smile, Tu Yue Ran examined Lin Shi Cha up and down.
“But it's normal, Big Brother Chi keeps you like a pet.
I’m afraid you probably had to think for a long time for a reason to get out today.”

     While talking, Tu Yue satisfactorily glanced at Lin Shi Cha's hands on the table, seeing it reacted by clutching into fists.

     Lin Shi Cha's face turned pale as she forced a smile: “It's not what Miss Tu said.
Ah Chi is worried that I would encounter an accident outside and he wouldn't be able to rush over immediately, so I don't go out very often.” She emphasized it was of her own initiative.

     Tu Yue burst out laughing, “Sure sure, as long as you believe it yourself.”

     Lin Shi Cha withdrew her hand and put it under the table without speaking.

     “Today I came, to tell you one thing, Lin Shi Cha, shouldn’t think Brother Chi loves you so much.
He might… might not even have the slightest feelings for you.”

     “What do…
you mean…?” Lin Shi Cha froze for a moment.

     Tu Yue Ran tapped the rim of the coffee cup, “You probably don't know, Big Brother Chi had a fiancée six years ago.
He loves that woman very much, but later the two broke up because of some conflicts and that woman cruelly disappeared in Big Brother Chi's world.
Because of her, Big Brother Chi hasn't been in a relationship nor married in the past six years.”

     “And you thought…” Tu Yue Ran deliberately slowed down her speech.
She leaned forward to get close to the coffee table, her expression was maleficent but meaningful, “Say why did Brother Chi fall in love with you at first sight? What is Big Brother Chi's identity and what’s your identity? What kind of beauties has he not seen and it’s not like you’re some sort of fairy? Tell me, what capital do you have to make Big Brother Chi fall in love with you at first sight?”

     In a panic, Lin Shi Cha knocked over the coffee cup.
When the hot coffee landed on her hand, her delicate skin immediately turned red.
Yet, she had no time to take care of it and was very startled.
“What are you implying, Miss Tu? I know you like Ah Chi, but I'm already married to him, can you stop being like this—” She began to get a little agitated, her expression full of disbelief and anger.

     Tu Yue Ran interrupted Lin Shi Cha with a high volume, “He only took you as a substitute for that woman, because you look so much like her! Stop kidding yourself!”


     There was a crisp sound of a slap.
Tu Yue Ran covered her face in a daze before she quickly came to her senses and glared at Lin Shi Cha: “You dare to hit me, Lin Shi Cha, just you wait!” She was extremely resentful.
Being pampered since growing up, even her parents couldn’t bear to hit her, but today she was beaten by Lin Shi Cha.

     “I'll put the evidence in front of your eyes.” Tu Yue Ran turned around and left fiercely.

     “You're talking nonsense… nonsense…” Lin Shi Cha clasped her hands while her shoulders shook.
After trying to calm down for a long time, she still couldn't ease the unceasing emotions in her heart.
In the end, she left there with a pale face.

     Whereas the other customers in the coffee shop caught a good show, and some even secretly filmed this episode.

     On the other side, Lu Chi directly called over, “Why hasn't Madam arrived at the company yet?”

     When the driver saw Lin Shi Cha coming out of the cafe, her face was pale and the corners of her eye were red, he was actually startled.
Thinking of what Madam had just instructed, he instantly hesitated, “Madam is buying coffee for Sir at the coffee shop, it's just that there’s a little too many people, so she waited in line for a while.” Once he had spoken, he composed himself.

     Lu Chi was currently busy with work, so he didn’t suspect anything.

     “We'll arrive at the company soon.” After explaining a few words, the driver silently let Lin Shi Cha into the car.

     There was silence in the car.

     After a while, the driver heard Lin Shi Cha's voice: “Xiao Li, did you know… … Ah Chi had a fiancée?”

     Xiao Li was surprised, “Did Madam not know about this?”

     Lin Shi Cha clenched her hands and shook her head: “I didn't know.”

     Soon after arriving at the company, Lin Shi Cha collected her emotions and thanked the driver: “Don't tell anyone about my meeting with Miss Tu today.”

     “Yes, Madam.”

     The next day, one piece of news directly occupied the various headlines of entertainment gossip and quickly swept through various Weibo entertainment platforms.



     #AristocraticFamilyDogblood DramaIRL#

     Clicking into any of the hot searches, one can see the comparison of the two photos.

     One photo was slightly blurred that seemed to have some age at first glance and the pixels weren’t so good, but the woman in the photo seemed extremely beautiful; the other photo is a recent photo of Lin Shi Cha.
Both of them had similar facial features and outline.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone said they looked exactly the same.

     However, the temperaments of the two people were indeed very different.
The woman in the blurry photo is more radiant, while Lin Shi Cha is calm and gentle.

     The comments on Weibo instantly exploded.

     【Oh my god, isn't this a dog’s blood plot of a novel? Like those melancholy substitute genre.

     【Madam Lu is too pitiful…
…Originally thinking that it’s the domineering president falling in love with me at first sight, which is simply the female male.
Yet, it turned out to be because of that face.

     【To be loved by the domineering president for so many years, even at the expense of finding a substitute, what is this called? After you leave, all the people I love look like you? 】

     【How uncomfortable, my God.

     【I feel sorry for Madam Lu.

     Immediately afterwards, the video of the sneak shot in the café was also released, and the sneak shot captured several sensitive words, such as fiancée and Lu Chi.
The combination of these words together definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

     As soon as this video was released, it directly ignited the Weibo platform.

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