“I know who Madam Lu looks like!” Tu Duo suddenly furrowed her brows, her expression a bit dazed, “No wonder I kept thinking that she looked familiar at first glance.” Just now Tu Duo even joked with Tu Yue Ran that Lin Shi Cha looked like a celebrity.

     It’s just she can’t remember which celebrity it was, but now that she thought about it, it wasn’t a celebrity at all.

     “Who?” Tu Yue Ran didn't care much about this topic.
She still resented Lu Chi's ruthless face in her heart that her charming appearance turned into a resentful wife's.

     Tu Duo shook her head, “Lu Chi's fiancée from six years ago.” At the moment, Tu Duo felt a little sorry for Lin Shi Cha, “Six years ago, I met Ah Lie not long ago, but because I had something to do that day, I didn't talk to her.
We only hurriedly nodded and smiled at each other before I left.” Tu Duo wasn’t even clear about her name.

     Then the aftermath happened too fast.
Tu Duo only heard that she left Lu Chi and disappeared in L City, so she didn't need to know her.

     “Fiancée?” Tu Yue Ran was surprised immediately, “I remember Brother-in-law said that Brother Chi had a woman he loved very much, but she left him and never came back.
Is that the Fiancée he was talking about?” Almost at the same time, a wave of joy rose from the bottom of Tu Yue Ran's heart.

     She asked without thinking, “Sister, do you think Lin Shi Cha is that woman's substitute?”

     As soon as the words were landed, Tu Yue Ran's mouth was covered by Tu Duo as she glared at her: “Guessing is fine, don't say it ah.”

     Tu Yue Ran didn't care and became excited, “Speaking of which, I remember that Brother Chi seemed to fall in love with Lin Shi Cha at first sight, and the speed of marriage was incredible.
I knew it, why would Brother Chi suddenly dislike me? It turned out that it was because of her face!”

     Although Tu Duo didn't agree with Tu Yue Ran's words, after thinking about it carefully, there are indeed many doubtful points.
For example, Lin Shi Cha and Lu Chi's wedding, they didn’t hold a wedding banquet, but chose a traveling wedding, which lasted four months before Lu Chi led her back to L City.

     Before that, no one in the upper class knew the news of Lu Chi's marriage.
Why was he unwilling to let Lin Shi Cha appear in the heiress circle?

     Also, Lin Shi Cha's name.
She mentioned it when she introduced herself just now.
Lu Chi never told anyone what his wife's name was, let alone leaked her photos.

     This was simply too weird, wasn't it?

     How was that marrying a wife? It was obviously keeping a pet in captivity.

     “No, I have to—” Tu Yue was eager to take action.
A plan had already emerged in her heart.

     Tu Duo grabbed her hand, “Ran Ran, I know that you want to pursue your own happiness.
At most you can only tell Miss Lin the truth.
If she doesn't care and still chooses to be with Lu Chi, you can't spoil their relationship anymore.
That would be immoral, you understand?”

     Tu Yue Ran waved her hand impatiently: “I know, I know, all Sister knows is to nag me.
You'd better get a hold on Brother-in-law before you speak.”

     Tu Duo was helpless.
She gently smacked Tu TuYue Ran.

     The dinner banquet ended quickly, the next afternoon.

     A tall and stern man got out of a luxury car.
He was tall and long-legged, attracting countless pedestrians on both sides of the street.
However, he didn't care.
He only focused on the primary school gate in front of him.

     School was getting out now, the man looked around the school gate for a long time.
After finding his target, he took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of stunning eyes.

     Lin Bai Su was walking out with a few boys, since children like to stay in groups of twos and threes.
First, a boy noticed the person over there and asked: “Lin Bai Su, is that your father who came to pick you up?”

     Lin Bai Su glanced over, his clear eyes moved a little.
Then, he said: “No, I don't know him.” The man kept staring at him.

     The next moment, that man stepped forward: “Lin Bai Su.”

     He called Lin Bai Su's name.

     Lin Bai Su tilted his head, “Uncle?” He looked up at the man suspiciously.

     It turned out that it was Gu Jing Ting who came.
Gu Jing Ting stopped in front of Lin Bai Su, then scanned him up and down, and said in a flat tone: “The driver of Lu's family is unable to come because of something.
Your mother asked me to pick you up.”

     Yet, Lin Bai Su answered: “It's okay, I'll just wait a little longer.
Thank you, Uncle.” He didn't move, but waved goodbye to his good friends around him.

     Gu Jing Ting raised his eyebrows when he heard the words.
The brat was quite vigilant and didn't foolishly follow him directly.

     “I didn't lie to you.
Your mother's name is Lin Shi Cha,” said Gu Jing Ting, who squatted halfway down and stooped to Lin Bai Su’s level.
There was a tear mole in the corner of this little guy's eye, which was quite embellished.

     “My name is Gu Jing Ting, and I am very good friends with your mother.”

     After the little guy heard the name, he suddenly furrowed his brow and started to observe Gu Jing Ting.
Looking at him carefully for a while, he seemed a little surprised: “Oh, do you have an ID card?” He asked.

     Gu Jing Ting's expression was slightly startled.
After a bit, he said, “Yes.” He casually raised his hand and the driver took out Gu Jing Ting's wallet to get the ID card from inside.
Then, he handed it over, “Sir.”

     “Your mother mentioned me to you?” Gu Jing Ting asked, pretending to be casual.

     Looking at the ID card, the little guy was probably unprepared: “She told me—” He only said three words before suddenly stopping, “It’s none of Uncle’s business.” He suppressed his voice to not be very happy and composed his small face.

     “Do you believe it now? Or should I call your mother?” Gu Jing Ting smiled, holding up his phone.

     The little guy hesitated for a moment.
He went silent before replying: “No need, you can send me home.”

     Gu Jing Ting asked again: “Do you know who I am?”

     This seems like a stupid question since he already showed him his ID card? Gu Jing Ting was just testing this little guy.
He seemed to know something.
Once he heard his name, his expression changed and he also became weird.

     Lin Bai Su got into the car, hugging his backpack.
Only after a while did his voice sound, “Uncle Gu.” This voice was very soft.

     Did Lin Bai Su know that Gu Jing Ting was his father? According to Lin Shi Cha's personality after her return, it isn’t impossible to tell Lin Bai Su these things, because she didn’t want Lin Bai Su to have any father-son feelings with Lu Chi to prevent Lin Bai Su from getting soft-hearted when the time comes.

     Thinking about it this way, everything would make sense.

     Gu Jing Ting glanced at Lin Bai Su in the back seat through the car mirror.
He sat awkwardly without moving and remained silent the entire time, not speaking to Gu Jing Ting.

     “How was school? Is there anyone that bullies you?” Gu Jing Ting's voice gradually softened.

     “No.” Lin Bai Su put his hands on the car seat and clenched his small hands tightly, as if nervous, but also a little annoyed.

     Gu Jing Ting could see him biting his lips.
He looked away: “You are very similar to your mother.” When she was still very innocent, she also liked to bite her lips when she was nervous.

     Lin Bai Su froze, “Of course children are similar to their mothers, otherwise should they be like their fathers?” The tone of these words was extremely aggressive.

     Yet, after he finished speaking, he seemed to regret it.

     Gu Jing Ting heard the resentment in Lin Bai Su's words, “You hate your father?”

     Lin Bai Su quickly replied: “I don't hate him, I don't even know who he is.
My mother has lost her memory and forgotten everything.
I haven't seen him since I was born.”

     This explanation… …

     Gu Jing Ting chuckled, but didn't refute anything.
Lin Shi Cha prepared him too well, so the little guy said these words as if he was reciting lines.
He was too proficient, which lost its authenticity.

     Soon after arriving at Lu's house, Gu Jing Ting said, “I'll come to see you more in the future, do you have any presents you want?”

     Without even thinking about it, Lin Bai Su opened the door and ran out quickly: “No need.”

     Gu Jing Ting stared at Lin Bai Su's back, shaking his head and laughing.
He said to himself: “Children, they all want to be in touch with their father.” That's why Lin Bai Su hesitated for a while and didn't ask him to call Lin Shi Cha, but chose to get in his car.

     Of course, Gu Jing Ting going to school to pick up Lin Bai Su couldn't be hidden from Lu Chi.
The moment he learned of this, Lu Chi's face turned black: “What is he trying to do?”

     The special assistant beside him didn't dare to say anything.

     Lu Chi couldn't hold back his anger, “I’m heading home.” He got up and tugged at his collar, his face frosty.

     The special assistant sighed, “But President, there is still a meeting that hasn't been held, and everyone is in the meeting room—” Before he finished speaking, as soon as he caught Lu Chi's horrifying gaze, the special assistant swallowed the rest of his words.

     On the balcony outside the bedroom on the second floor of the Lu residence, Lin Shi Cha was bending over and watching Lin Bai Su do his homework.

     Lin Bai Su lowered his head while writing and told Lin Shi Cha everything that happened after school word by word.
Lin Shi Cha lowered her gaze, while the gentle smile on her face remained unchanged.
She pointed to the textbook, giving off the serious appearance of instructing him on his homework.
She complimented, “Well done, Mama loves you.”

     Lin Bai Su didn't have the cute well-behaved appearance just now, his eyes were full of disdain, “That man thought I was duplicity, yet was an obedient son that yearns for a father.
He couldn’t be more stupid.”

     Lin Shi Cha's expression remained unchanged as she stroked Lin Bai Su's hair.

     “Just thinking these two men bullied Mama six years ago, I want to kill them myself.” Lin Bai Su suppressed his voice, whereas his expression became fiercer.

     Lin Shi Cha indistinctly moved her body, so that the micro surveillance camera in the corner behind her won’t catch Lin Bai Su.
She lowered her head to kiss Lin Bai Su's hair, “Good Su Su, Mama will soon make them pay the price.”

     “Right now, we need to keep low.
Plans are carried out step by step.”

     “I know,” Lin Bai Su muttered.
Then, he became proud: “That surname Lu has completely treated me like his son.
Mama, he even asked me yesterday if I want to be a president in the future.”

     “Hmph, I don't want to.
I just want to be together with Mama, it doesn’t matter where we go.”

     Lin Shi Cha lovingly circled Lin Bai Su from behind, “Having you, Mama is very blessed.”

     Lin Bai Su was an abandoned baby that the original owner picked up on the streets of the United States.
This child was bullied because of racial discrimination, so the original owner adopted and raised him.
Later, she brought him back inside the country for revenge.

     It's just that the original owner didn't have much affection for Lin Bai Su in her heart.
She was just acting on occasion.
Lin Bai Su was that smart, but he never doubted the original owner.
All he wanted was this hard-won maternal love.

     In the original story, the original owner failed in revenge and died in a car accident.
Lin Bai Su went crazy, wanting to kill Lu Chi and Gu Jing Ting.
Unfortunately, he was too young and couldn't do it, so he got sent to the juvenile detention center.

     Lin Shi Cha was different.
She will give him a motherly love and live up to his sincere heart.

     While the pair of mother and son were affectionate, Lin Shi's phone on the tea table suddenly received a WeChat friend request.

     Lin Shi Cha opened it and saw Tu Yue Ran's profile picture.

     She finally arrived.

     Lin Shi Cha raised the corners of her lips, looking gentle and harmless.

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