On the way back, Lin Shi Cha kept huddling by the window of the car seat, her whole face buried in the blanket.
This posture made her appear like a caterpillar that has not yet emerged from its cocoon.

     Lu Chi stared at her through the car mirror, his eyes dark and his lips tightly lined.
Inside his black stone-like eyes were concealed turbulent waves.
In the end, it still all returned to calm.

  —– —– —–       —– —– —–       —– —– —–

     Lu Family Mansion

     In the bathroom, warm water poured down Lin Shi Cha's head.
Lu Chi expressionlessly tore at the thin blanket that Lin Shi Cha was wrapped in.
Lin Shi Cha pulled tightly in horror.
The wet hair prevented her from fully opening her eyes, but her face was extremely pale.

     “No… …” Her lips twitched, timidly daring not to let go.

     Lu Chi paused before approaching Lin Shi Cha.
His voice softened, “Guai, let me bathe you, okay?”

     “Chacha is the most obedient, eh?”

     The man in front of her at this moment, although gentle, was extremely dangerous.
Lin Shi Cha's lips moved as her fingertips flinched, allowing Lu Chi to move the thin blanket.

     Only then did Lu Chi know why Lin Shi Cha didn't want to let go of the blanket.
It was because that was the only cover for her hickey marks.

     Lin Shi Cha couldn't describe Lu Chi’s gaze at her body in words.
Her face whiten to an extreme, showing a sickly blue.
She retracted backwards without noticing the bathtub behind her as she let out a panic call.

     Lin Shi Cha struggled in the water and wanted to sit up.
Through the water curtain, she saw the blurry figure of a man just looking at her, then slowly squatted down and stretched out his hand.

     Lin Shi Cha supported herself against the bottom of the bathtub using her palm to float up.
The next moment, the man's hand grabbed her fragile neck and pressed down.
Her panicked hands grabbed the air indiscriminately.
One of her hands grabbed the man's collar and her sharp nails scratched his neck.

     Bloody marks appeared.

…Help—Ah Chi—”

     Lu Chi's eyes were unbearably cold.
His fierce action felt like he truly wanted to drown Lin Shi Cha in the bathtub, even ignoring the pain from his neck, as if he was possessed.
His expression was indifferent with a maddened paranoia.

     That sound of “Ah Chi” suddenly woke Lu Chi up.
He released his grip in a daze and let go of the hand that was pinching Lin Shi Cha's neck.

     The woman in the water coughed and struggled in pain.
The water in the bathtub had already been splashed all over the floor.
She tried her best to get out of the bathtub before sitting powerlessly on the wet floor.

     Lu Chi felt like he was possessed just now.
He reached out to hug Lin Shi Cha, “I'm sorry, I just… …” He couldn't describe his feelings.
After seeing the hickey marks on her body, he simply went crazy.

     He kept wondering, only if she died, would she be his forever.

     Lin Shi Cha looked at Lu Chi in horror.
She scrambled back, holding her head in her hands and crying, “You-you, don't come over here… …”

     The corner of Lu Chi’s lips twitched as his expression was stiff.
One side of his face was shadowed by the light of the bathroom, looking a little scary.

     He wondered why he was like this.
It was because he was too much of an as*hole that his Chacha wanted to commit suicide countless times before finally heartlessly leaving him.

     How could he make this mistake again?

     “I'm sorry, Chacha, please forgive me.
I was just too angry, I love you so much, I didn't mean to hurt you.” Lu Chi took a step closer to Lin Shi Cha, “I promise there will be no next time, okay?” He tenderly assured.

     Although Lu Chi's tone was extremely gentle and his eyes were focused, there was clearly no luster in it.
It was all dark and ugly.

     Lin Shi Cha trembled and sobbed as she was held in Lu Chi’s arms: “Okay.”

     Holding Lin Shi Cha, Lu Chi's eyes landed on the thigh of the woman in his embrace.
On the inner side, there was a mark that had turned purple.
He stared at it closely, then stretched out his hand to vigorously rub it.

     Lin Shi Cha was in pain, but she didn't make any sounds.

     Being held in the water and almost suffocated to death was nothing.
Six years ago, the original owner was sent to the hospital multiple times for rescue due to Lu Chi’s rescue.
The most unbearable thing is the perverted love he performed to vent his hatred.
Because of this, the original owner had continuous high fevers, but he refused to let her go when she was ill.

     His woman was slept by someone else, shouldn't he carefully investigate the reason and the perpetrator? What kind of man is he to turn around and take revenge on her?

     What's more, the original owner was only r*ped because of Lu Chi.
Lu Chi got caught in a scheme during reception which caused the original owner to be seized.
In the end the original owner was the victim.
It’s not like she wanted to be r*pe.

     That process is terrible, being forced on by a man you don't like and can't resist.
She was like a meat on a cutting board that was free to slaughter by others.
Originally, the original owner had trauma and nightmares all day long for that matter alone, but she was still treated like that by Lu Chi afterwards.

     Whereas Gu Jing Ting, who ruined the original owner's life and had attacked the original owner in order to compete with Lu Chi in business, is also not a good person.

     In the dark night, Lin Shi Cha was lying on the bed.
Her eyes calmly stared at the ceiling as she thought about her future plans.

     For a whole week after that, Lin Shi Cha couldn't step out of the bedroom.
Lu Chi even moved things needed for the company business back to the Lu residence and stayed inside the bedroom, refusing to leave Lin Shi Cha for a single step.
He personally changed her clothes, fed her, combed her hair, put shoes on her and even read stories to her in a soft and pleasant voice under the sun.

     The entire Lu Residence waited on Lin Shi Cha even more attentively.

     Two days later, in order to take care of his sick wife, the Lu Group’s President’s absence from the company meeting made the entertainment news.
What's more, Lu Chi driving halfway across the city late at night to find what his wife wanted to eat, became everyone's favorite entertainment gossip at mealtimes.

     More girls became secretly envious of Lin Shi Cha not only marrying into a wealthy family, but also marrying a peerless good man.

     Lin Shi Cha looked at her Weibo.
Every day, a large number of fans came to bless her and Lu Chi.
She wondered if they all knew Lu Chi's true face, would they still be that envious?

     Lu Chi stuck by her side, not because he can't leave her, but because of a different kind of imprisonment.
Her staying in the bedroom and not going out was also not because she didn't want to go out, but because Lu Chi forbade her from going out.

     He was much better now since he didn't imprison her directly, but instead took good care of her.
You had to know the Lin Shi Cha six years ago even wore a dog leash and slept in a cold iron cage.

     With a dead heart and suffering enough torture, she finally decided to become a slick green tea girl and wait for an opportunity to take revenge.
It's a pity that the original owner's life ended in that car accident.

     One evening, Lu Chi finally proposed to head out.
He bent down to tenderly approach Lin Shi Cha and rolled up the hair by her ears.
Kissing the corner of her lips, he said: “There is a banquet tonight and everyone else has their wives to accompany them.” When he spoke to here, he glanced at Lin Shi Cha with some grievances.

     Lin Shi Cha shyly looked away and pinched the corner of Lu Chi's clothes, “You, you have me to accompany you.”

     Lu Chi laughed softly as he lightly hugged Lin Shi Cha, “I wished you could stay by my side all the time.”

     “Of course.” Lin Shi Cha leaned against his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck.
She whispered coquettishly, “Then can you carry me over there to change clothes~?” Her voice was soft with a sweetness.


     Lu Chi princess-carried Lin Shi Cha and Lin Shi Cha only had Lu Chi in his eyes.
Her eyes lit up again, “I kept feeling that I’ve already loved Ah Chi very much a long time ago.
Say, were we also husband and wife in our last life?” Lin Shi Cha slipped into Lu Chi's arms in smiles and joy in the corners of her eyes.

     When Lu Chi heard this, his body abruptly froze.
He stared at Lin Shi Cha, but he quickly recovered after half a second and jokingly answered: “Yes.”

     “Not only in the last life, we must have been husband and wife in the last last life.
Otherwise, what would have made me fall in love with you, this cutie at first sight?”

     The little woman in his arms smiled coyishly, her blinking eyes filled with a little pride: “Of course, others all envied me to death, saying that I married to love.” Her cheeks were red.

     Lu Chi couldn't resist kissing the tip of her nose.
He knew that Lin Shi Cha at this moment had lost all the memories after their acquaintance, that is to say, she thought that she was still seventeen years old at this time.
This is why she was as bashful as she was when she was a girl and liked to act like a baby to him, just like a little girl who can't grow up.

     That's right…
… Lu Chi and Lin Shi Cha met when they were seventeen years old by the seaside.
At that time, the weather was not so beautiful and it was about to rain.
Coincidentally both of them were strolling by shore in a bad mood.
Once they met, it started raining and they got drenched together.

     After that, they fell in love naturally and even got engaged, but what happened afterwards was too messy.

     Lu Chi lowered his brows coldly, waiting for Lin Shi Cha to change her clothes.
He was thinking that he should cherish her, and this time, he would never let her go.

     In front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the bedroom, Lin Shi Cha looked at herself in the mirror.
The pure white off-the-shoulder dress made her more youthful and charming.
Facing the mirror, she raised a corner of her lips.

     She finally waited until this day.

     The smile on her lips was serene and the long curly eyelashes covered her eyes, which turned into a light honey sweetness.
This appearance was exactly the same as when Lu Chi loved Lin Shi Cha the most.

     The original owner and Lu Chi fell in love early in high school.
At that time, the original owner was just as pure and sweet as today, blooming in Lu Chi's heart.

     Lin Shi Cha fixed her hair and then put on her makeup.
After finishing all this, she sat by the bed and sent a text message.

     In the car heading to the banquet, there was a notification sound from his phone.
Gu Jing Ting opened it and quickly narrowed his eyes.

     It was a picture, a confused and sentimental camellia lying quietly in the sparkling water.
The colorful water light was like a rainbow, while the petals of the camellia were ravaged delicately.
Yet, when the petals were in full bloom, there was just the right amount of erosion.

     The sender was Lin Shi Cha.

     With just this one picture, Gu Jing Ting's mind suddenly returned to that night.
Lin Shi Cha was trying her best to bloom under him, her face hazy, but the smile on her lips was flamboyant and charming, as if she was going to exhaust all her energy to entangle with him together.

     Gu Jing Ting's Adam's apple rolled slightly as he tapped his finger.
Snorted softly, he muttered in a low voice.

     This woman was seducing him.

     Is she telling him not to forget that night?

     Lu Chi said that this woman lost her memory and now her mental age is only seventeen.
Gu Jing Ting gave an unsmiling smile, but the more he looked at it, the less it seemed true.

     He swiped his finger on the phone screen a few times before finally saving the picture to his phone.

     And that kid…
… six years old?

     He needs to find a way to figure out whether the child's biological father is Lu Chi, or… …

     Outside of the room, Lin Shi Cha merrily turned around, “Ah Chi, is it pretty?!” She was cheerful and flew to Lu Chi's side like a bird, but stopped at the last moment, waiting expectantly for his reply.

     When Lu Chi saw Lin Shi Cha, he was slightly stunned for a moment.
Then, he praised sincerely: “You’re the prettiest.” There was real love in his eyes, fierce enough to make Lin Shi Cha a little shy.

     “Aiya, stop looking, don't we need to go to the banquet? It's good that I won't embarrass you.” Lin Shi Cha hugged Lu Chi's arm.

     Lu Chi walked out.
Along the way, he could still hear Lin Shi Cha asking: “Is it really pretty?” She just wanted to hear Lu Chi praise her more.

     Aunt Lin, who was doing the cleaning, shook her head behind them.
Who knew she was pitying.

     “Ah, what about Xiao Su?!” Lin Shi Cha seemed to have just remembered.

     Lin Bai Su was the six-year-old child that Lin Shi Cha appeared with, who was arranged by Lu Chi to a school.
Lu Chi scolded dotingly: “You ah, you, are you so unwary? Only remember my son now? I've already made arrangements to let Lao Li pick him up later.”

     Lin Shi Cha puffed up his mouth after being scolded: “Heng.” After henging, she said.
“He's not your son, he's obviously my son.”

     “Okay, okay, he's yours, he's yours.” Lu Chi didn't think too much as he was feeling a little helpless about Lin Shi Cha's childish and cute appearance.

     Lin Shi Cha happily opened the car door and got in.

     Hmph, I already told you early on that Lin Bai Su is not your, Lu Chi's child ah.
You just didn't believe it yourself.

     They soon arrived at the banquet, which was held on the top floor of Ding Feng, and was extremely luxurious.
As soon as Lin Shi Cha and Lu Chi arrived, they saw Gu Jing Ting, who was sitting in the car in front, get out of his car.

     The two kept meeting each other like they were on a narrow road and the smile on Lu Chi's lips instantly disappeared.
Lin Shi Cha didn’t forget that day when Lu Chi threatened Gu Jing Ting that he wouldn’t let him go, but Gu Jing Ting was still fine now.

     This meant that Lu Chi didn't do anything at all.
The reason Lin Shi Cha could guess a little bit.
It was probably Gu Jing Ting using Lin Shi Cha's memory loss as a threat, while Lu Chi was afraid that Gu Jing Ting would tell her the truth, so he couldn't do anything for a while.

     As for why he didn't do anything six years ago, Lin Shi Cha doesn't know the reason for the time being.

     There are many doubtful points in this story that Lin Shi Cha wasn’t clear about and needed to carefully investigate, but she is not in a hurry.

     Gu Jing Ting raised his brow, “Miss Lin, I haven't seen you in half a month and you've become even more beautiful.” He said with a smile of unknown meaning.

     This man was quite fearless, daring to talk to Lin Shi Cha like this to Lu Chi.

     Lin Shi Cha timidly hid behind Lu Chi.
She grabbed Lu Chi's fingers nervously and whispered, “Ah Chi, let's go, I'm afraid… …”

     Lu Chi grabbed Lin Shi Cha's shoulders, “Don't be afraid.”

     The moment he lowered his head, Lin Shi Cha's and Gu Jing Ting's eyes intertwined for a brief moment.
Although it was only half a second long, there was plenty of meaning behind them.

     Gu Jing Ting's smile widened, though he kept silent: Ha, sure enough, this woman did not lose her memory.

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