Had multiple myeloma since young…

     Chi Xing didn't even know how he walked in.
Shen Mo’s voice cut through his daze as he asked the doctor, “What is multiple myeloma?”

     Bian Heng also looked nervous.

     The doctor pushed his glasses and replied: “Multiple myeloma is one of the most common primary bone tumors in the human body, but it is also a malignant disease caused by abnormal plasma cells in the human body that can cause damage to related organs and tissues.”

     “The most common symptoms are bone pain, anemia, renal insufficiency, weak immune system, auditory hallucinations, etc.”

     “It is more common in people aged 25 to 80, rare in adolescents, especially in women.”

     Bian Heng hurriedly asked: “Can it be cured? Didn't you say the bone marrow can be replaced?”

     The doctor shook his head, “Originally, even if the bone marrow is not replaced, this disease will not be fatal.
After all, it’s not a terminal illness.
It can still be alleviated to prolong the patient's survival time through reasonable treatment, but it cannot be cured without surgery.”

     “If she wants to be cured from the root, she will need surgery.
However, she has missed the most optimal time for surgery nor has she previously received treatment, she has only used the most basic drugs to maintain her condition.
In this case, the success rate of surgery is only less than ten percent.”

     Chi Xing lost his strength.
His powerless whole body almost overturned the cart behind him, his lips moved: “Then if… ..the operation is not performed——”

     Before he finished speaking, the doctor announced the result: “Without surgery, she won't survive this summer.”

     The sky seemed to have collapsed.

     Darkness in front of his eyes as his brain buzzed.
It was like thousands of bees humming.

     “I don't believe it…
I don't believe it…

     “How can……”

     “You mu-must be kidding!”

     Surrounded by the voices of Bian Heng and Shen Mo, Huo Yi Nan never said a word.
He only kept leaning against the transparent glass window, with his eyes on Lin Shi Cha.

     Her pain, her struggles, her cries, her breakdowns and tears are all important elements that dismantle his sanity.

     Behind him was Chi Xing's suppressed cry like a trapped animal.
He didn't need to turn around to know what he looks like right now.

     Although Huo Yi Nan didn't speak, he felt any better than the rest of them.

     It seems that his outer shell was a huge container, constantly containing all his extreme emotions, waiting for the one day he would erupt.

     Huo Yi Nan was terribly calm.

     If Gu Yin was here, she would almost doubt whether Huo Yi Nan would have pulled the doctor over and yelled at him not to talk nonsense, his Cha Cha is very healthy! !

     Shen Mo was at a loss.
Standing in front of the window, his eyes reddened.
He didn't dare to look at Lin Shi Cha's appearance, because he knew it would be miserable.
He couldn't face it, because in his heart, Lin Shi Cha’s beautiful appearance kept standing quietly under the camphor tree smiling in the afternoon.

     She should have always been like this.

     How could he be willing to let Lin Shi Cha suffer… …

     They don't know how long it took until Grandma Lin finally arrived.
She didn't even need her crutches and unsteadily ran towards this side.
After hearing Lin Shi Cha's voice inside, she only felt the world spinning and almost passed out.

     Then, she burst into tears: “Baby! My baby!” The old woman was in tears with her hair graying.

     The summer of this year, seems to be very long, yet also extremely short.

     This world was really cruel, it will mercilessly eliminate a part of the weak.
But, isn't the word death far far away from them?

     Why was it so close at this moment?

     All the incomprehensible meanings of life and death before seemed to be understood on this day.

     It is precisely because of this that it was so unacceptable.

     She had only lived seventeen years.

     Was Lin Shi Cha willing or not? To her, coming to this world seems to be to just take on suffering.
Except for that portion of love from her grandma, she has hardly felt any other love.

     So, that was why she is so greedy for everyone’s love? It turns out this wasn't a selfish and greedy princess disease, but a humble prayer.

     My life is too short, but I haven't felt anything yet.

     Can you guys love me?

     And what exactly is love?

     In the quiet ward, the pale girl laid on the hospital bed with her eyes closed, her breathing soft and regular.
Her soft hair was spread on the pillow with her bangs pushed aside, revealing her smooth forehead.

     Bian Heng sat on the edge of the bed, just looking at her like this, as if he couldn't get enough of it.
He held her hand like holding a treasure, not daring to use force but unwilling to let go: “ChaCha…”

     Suddenly, the person on the bed fluttered her eyelashes.
In the next moment she opened them, staring blankly at the ceiling.

     She turned her head slowly and saw Bian Heng on the side, “Bian Heng…”

     “En, it's me.” Bian Heng tightened his grip.

     “Why are you crying?” She couldn't make a loud voice.

     “I’m not.” Bian Heng wiped his eyes and still denied it like before, only his voice became hoarse.

     “Liar.” Lin Shi Cha exposed him.

     Looking at Lin Shi Cha like this, Bian Heng shed transparent tears again.
He couldn't help but lower his body, not wanting Lin Shi Cha to see him cry, “Why don't you cry?” On the contrary, he couldn't stop .

… crying is useless ah.” Lin Shi Cha smiled softly, “Crying tears when necessary can arouse everyone's pity, but your current state obviously doesn't require me to express tears.”

     Bian Heng fell silent.
He didn't blame Lin Shi Cha for still saying these inexplicable words at this time.
After a while, he spoke: “I am sorry.”


     “I said that you are selfish, that you are greedy, and that you should not fantasize being liked by so many people.
I overdid it, I’m sorry.”

     “You're not wrong, I am indeed selfish.” The smile on Lin Shi Cha's lips faded by two points, and then raised again: “But…
Even so, you guys are still willing to like me.
Doesn't that mean I can gain everyone's affection?”

     “Yes, you’re the best, the best of the best.” Bian Heng choked up.

     “Then, that's good.”

     Chi Xing went out to buy congee.
When he walked into the corridor of the hospital with the congee takeout box and passed by the doctor's office, he saw Grandma Lin talking with the doctor inside.

     “Ten percent, that can't be done, that can't be, how is it possible, it can't…
… I’ve saved this much money for so many years, just to operate on my granddaughter, and you tell me today that there is only a 10% chance of success.
Clearly, the last time I asked the doctor, the doctor said that this is just a normal operation, the risk is very low!”

     Grandma Lin couldn't sit still, her weathered voice was full of sadness.
The money, the money she saved up for most of her life, but because she couldn't afford the expensive surgery fee, she forced Lin Shi Cha to miss the best time for surgery.

     Yet, she couldn't let anyone blame her.
She was too bitter, she had worked so hard to raise Lin Shi Cha up.
When Lin Shi Cha’s illness acted up, she also couldn't sleep at night, worrying about having her granddaughter do surgery to replace the bone marrow.

     She cried unwillingly with panic and fear, “It can’t be, it can’t be!” Her trembling voice kept shouting, and even her crutches fell to the ground.

     The doctor tried to reason with her.

     But what use is reasoning at this time?

     Grandma Lin was about to break down, “That damn son of mine has no conscience.
After two years of marriage with Daughter-in-law, he cheated and they divorced.
The two hated each other, leaving ChaCha for me to raise.
How could I let ChaCha become like this, she is the only one I can rely on… …”

     Just listening to the voice, he could feel the despair of Grandma Lin.
She was blaming herself and hating herself, hammering her chest: “Just let me die, I am willing to exchange it for ChaCha to live, give my bone marrow to her, give it to her!” She sat on the ground and cried bitterly.

     The doctor was flustered.
He too was helpless, “This elder…
This elder…you get up first… … Life, old age, sickness and death, there’s nothing anyone can do about those.”

     Chi Xing just stood there holding the congee box, without moving for a long time.

     In fact, up to now, he still didn’t know what to say.
He seems to have developed aphasia, unable to utter a word or even move his mouth.

     He continued to walk forward.
At the door of Lin Shi Cha's ward, Huo Yi Nan was sitting on a bench holding his phone, as if he was doing some math problems.
Chi Xing slapped his phone away, “What the h*ll are you doing, Huo Yi Nan!” A hoarse voice came out of his mouth.

     Huo Yi Nan picked up the phone without caring, “The tenth question she sent me, I haven’t answered her, how could I not reply to her?”

     Chi Xing couldn't tell the truth that the questions Lin Shi Cha sent him were ones she couldn't solve and it was just for him to find the answers for her.
He couldn't tell the truth, but he also vaguely felt that Huo Yi Nan couldn’t not know this.

     “Are you trying to say…
… She's only using me to write the homework for her that she doesn't know.
She doesn't like me that much, she just wants my liking.” Huo Yi Nan's voice was a little strange, as if suppressing something.

     Chi Xing didn’t speak.

     “I've always known it, and I've always been willing, that's all there is.”

     After a long time, Chi Xing's self-deprecating voice came from the air: “Who the f*ck isn't?”

     Willingly, willingly, if they didn't really like her, who would be willing to bow their heads to her? After all, everyone was proud by nature.

     “Get up first, let's head in together.
Don't let her see our unhappiness.” Chi Xing said.

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