… I can already fantasize…
… how you’ll stand on the stage in the future.” Lin Shi Cha's eyes were slightly blurred, with bursts of excited and exaggerated screams of girls whizzing past her ears, sharp like a sound wave which caused pain in her temple area.

     Those voices gradually overshadowed Shen Mo’s voice so that Lin Shi Cha couldn't hear what he was saying.

     She only realized the auditory hallucinations she had occasionally reappeared again today.

     “What did you say?” Lin Shi Cha asked.


     Shen Mo seemed a little shy as he whispered in a small milky voice: “If you didn't hear it, then forget it… …” When he looked at Lin Shi Cha, his eyes were always shining, as if Lin Shi Cha was his favorite star.

     The main focus of the league was still the debate competition.

     Students wearing school uniforms of various colors were prepping under the stage.
Lin Shi Cha looked down, searching, while holding the red curtain with her hands.
As expected, she saw Huo Yi Nan in the middle of the second row.

     He was wearing a dark red British-style school uniform, with an upright posture, listening to the girl with a ponytail next to him, probably discussing the content of the competition.
The area between Huo Yi Nan's brows was very cold, but his straight lips told Lin Shi Cha that he is extremely serious at the moment.

     Huo Yi Nan was simply too outstanding.
Before the appearance of the lively She Mo, he attracted almost all the girls in the audience.
He was like the silver moonlight in the dark night, calm and steady.
With him just sitting down, there was a faint sense of coldness spreading around the surroundings.

     Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed something.
Following Lin Shi Cha's gaze, the two locked eyes.

     For a rare moment, Huo Yi Nan was stunned and he just stared at her without stopping.

     Under his gaze, Lin Shi Cha took out her phone and sent a text.

     Feeling the phone in his pocket ring, Huo Yi Nan opened it to take a look: [Congratulations, you have successfully reached the tenth level.
The question has been issued.
Please answer within ten hours.
Successful answers will be rewarded, but failures will not be punished.]

     The hand Huo Yi Nan had on the phone immediately tightened as his face turned ugly.
When he looked up at the stage curtain, Lin Shi Cha was no longer there.

     It turned out that the inexplicable text messages he had been receiving for the past few days were all from Lin Shi Cha.

     What was this, toying with him?

     He won't answer the question.

     Huo Yi Nan put the phone back in his pocket with a grim expression.
For a long time, he couldn't recover.

     The happy times when he was dating Lin Shi Cha in the past along with the scene of him saying “let's break up” to her in the radio room all appeared in front of Huo Yi Nan's eyes.
His hand holding the pen tightened, nearly breaking the pen barrel.

     What kind of person was she exactly? How can she still pretend to be nonchalant and tease him after doing such a thing?

     Or maybe, she was using him again?

     After Lin Shi Cha retracted her head, she saw a girl standing behind her with cold eyes, “You were looking at Huo Yi Nan, right?” She said in a firm tone.

     The girl has mid-length hair that is slightly sharp-looking, and the ends of her hair curled slightly.
Perhaps because she was about to perform on stage, her eye makeup was extremely heavy.
Yet, it didn’t appear heavy, but instead glamorous.

     Lin Shi Cha was confused: “Huh?”

     The girl lifted her fiery red dance skirt and stepped forward, showing off a pair of beautiful legs.
She mocked, furrowing her brows: “I saw it all.
You were hugging Shen Mo on the rooftop just now, but now you’re peeking at Huo Yi Nan.
If I guessed correctly, you’re also still in contact with Chi Xing and Bian Heng now.
You are such a b*tch.”

     Lin Shi Cha was puzzled, “How is it your business? May I ask your name?”

     “Ha, you don't deserve to know my name.”

     As soon as her words fell, a girl next to her popped her head out: “Gu Yin, it's your turn, hurry up.” After speaking, she retracted her head.

     The atmosphere fell silent.

     Gu Yin twitched the corners of her mouth, then stubbornly continued:

     “I just want to know, how did you manage to make them come to you without caring even if they all know you're a b*tch.” She approached Lin Shi Cha.
Her slender eyebrows raised and her eyes hid deep malice.

     Lin Shi Cha didn't notice her hostility, and furrowed her brows, “You're the b*tch.” She cursed back softly.

     “Ha, why are you still pretending to be an innocent girl here? How disgusting!” She squeezed Lin Shi Cha's chin, staring at Lin Shi Cha and pressured.

     “You’re hurting me.” Lin Shi Cha pushed her away with force.

     Gu Yin took a step back and indifferently set down her hands, “Oh.”

     Lin Shi Cha rubbed her chin, “It’s not like I’m dating them, we’re just friends, why can’t I do that?”

     “But they all like you.” Gu Yin emphasized.

     “Oh,” Lin Shi Cha replied, and raised her eyes, “I know.”

     “And then?” Gu Yin arched her eyebrows.

     Lin Shi Cha thought for a while and said slowly: “What else? I want them to like and love me more and more.”

     Gu Yin didn't seem to have thought Lin Shi Cha would say such shocking words.
She was stunned for a long while, pointing at Lin Shi Cha and could only stutter “you” several times.

     Lin Shi Cha tilted her head, her gaze pure: “Why, do you also want to like me?”

     Gu Yin: “I like your mother! Scram as far as you can.”

     “You have quite the strong taste, my mother is already in her forties.” Lin Shi Cha remarked.

     “This is swearing, swearing, don't you f*cking understand??” Gu Yin swore angrily, throwing a daggered glare at Lin Shi Cha and storming away in anger.

     Back in the dressing room, another girl saw her return and curiously asked: “What's wrong? Gu Yin?”

     “Nothing, I just encountered a psychopath.” Gu Yin was annoyed.

     Just as she finished speaking, a voice sounded from behind: “Your name is Gu Yin, which Gu and which Yin?”

     It was Lin Shi Cha.

     Gu Yin screamed, “You’re sick!”

     “Ah, how did you know I was sick?” Lin Shi Cha asked.

     “You little idiot.” Gu Yin was about to explode with anger, thinking that Lin Shi Cha's answer was deliberately trying to goad her.

     From then on, wherever Gu Yin went, Lin Shi Cha followed her in the background, trying to talk to her like a little follower.

     “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhh, why are you following me!” Gu Yin was going crazy.

     “Can we be friends?” Lin Shi Cha blinked her eyes, showing her a cute expression in an attempt to be cute.

     “Go find someone else!”

     “But no one wants to talk to me, only Yin Yin is willing to talk to me.
So you must not hate me, right?”

     “Stop talking to yourself, don't you understand my sarcasm???” Once she was over her annoyance, Gu Yin did notice that with this many people, no one actually took the initiative to talk to Lin Shi Cha and she seemed to be alone all the time.

     Therefore, Gu Yin hesitated.

     It was precisely such a hesitation that this girl immediately took advantage, “How about adding me on WeChat? Can I hang out with you on the weekends? By the way, what color do you like? What do you like to eat?”

     “Also also, where do you live?”

     Questions like this kept popping up endlessly, setting Gu Yin's head on fire.
She gritted her teeth and picked up Lin Shi Cha's phone and entered her phone number: “Here you go! Please shut up for a while, little idiot!”

     Lin Shi Cha closed her mouth and glanced at Gu Yin with her doe eyes.

     Afterwards, until Gu Yin went on stage to perform, she felt both inexplicable and frustrated.
Why did she respond to that little b*tch? ? Being friends, was she crazy? ?

     You have to know, she hated this kind of b*tchy girl the most!

     Following her fiery dancing to the music, Gu Yin turned her eyes and saw Lin Shi Cha, who was obliquely below the stage.
She had also changed her outfit into a small white gown.
At this moment, she appeared cute like a petite princess, clapping her hands to cheer her on.

     Gu Yin: …
… Gu Yin, remember this is all a front!

     After the performance, Gu Yin crossed through the crowd and sat next to Huo Yi Nan, brushing her hair irritably: “Huo Yi Nan, do something about your little darling.
It’s not like I’m a man, why is she pestering me?”

     A question mark slowly appeared on the top of Huo Yi Nan's head: “?” He looked at Gu Yin, the art committee member from his class.

     “I suspect she's being [email protected].”

     “Impossible, she likes boys.” Huo Yi Nan directly denied it.

     “No,” Gu Yin changed her posture to support her chin with her arms, “I didn't even say who it was and you just answered?”

     “My little darling.” Huo Yi Nan said lightly.

     Gu Yin smiled sullenly.
However, as she smiled, she felt unworthy for Huo Yi Nan.

     Huo Yi Nan simply deduced from the words “little darling” that Gu Yin was talking about Lin Shi Cha.
With just this, there was no ambiguity involved.
Yet, it's a pity that the word “darling” itself is an ambiguous pronoun to begin with.

     Gu Yin couldn't help thinking about this.

     “You still like her.” Gu Yin stated with certainty.

     Huo Yi Nan didn't speak.

     The love in youth was truly strange.
Sometimes in one second, one can decide not to like you anymore, but in the next second, they are still deeply immersed in that unknown throbbing.

     Maybe it’s just inevitable struggling?

     The pride that had been maintained for so long was defeated in an instant after seeing her, whilst his stubbornness disintegrated as well.

     Huo Yi Nan lowered his gaze.
His phone still lay quietly in his pocket.

     The school represented by Huo Yi Nan will soon enter the competition, and its opponent is Lin Shi Cha's Shui Lu No.
1 High.

     Lin Shi Cha took two colorful cheer sticks and swung them in the auditorium, cheering for Huo Yi Nan.
Once Huo Yi Nan saw Lin Shi Cha's outfit when he stepped on the stage, his eyes twitched and he almost missed a step.

      The smile on Lin Shi Cha's face was too bright for him to resist.

     But fortunately, Huo Yi Nan swiftly adjusted his mood.
After calming down, he went through the rhetoric in his mind to prepare for the debate competition.

     The referee announced the topic of debate, then allowed the two parties to present their views.

     Following that, there was a fierce debate between the two sides.
Towards the end, everyone's speech speed became faster and faster, as if whoever spoke faster had the upper hand in terms of momentum.

     This debate made the blood of the students below boiling.

     In the end, Huo Yi Nan won, refuting the other party to the point of being speechless and unable to find any more favorable reasons or testimony.

     On the other side

Chi Xing, after listening to the lackey in front of him, suddenly put down his leg that was on the table: “What did you say? Lin Shi Cha is participating in the league???!”

     The lackey nodded tremblingly: “Yes.”

     “Why didn't you say it earlier!” Chi Xing was livid.

     “You, you didn't ask ah…”

     “What use do you have!” Chi Xing kicked him, “Scram to the side.”

     What's so great about participating in the league? Wait, aren't Bian Heng, Shen Mo, and Huo Yi Nan all there? ? ?

     Chi Xing uttered a swear word.
He had just ran a few steps before turning around and shouting: “Where is the league venue?!”

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