Lin Shi Cha had applied for two days off.
On the sunny morning, she returned to school to study.
Unfortunately, she met Bian Heng on the bus.

     The two’s homes weren’t far apart, and there is actually only this one bus route to Shui Lu No.
1 High.
Bian Heng saw Lin Shi Cha getting into the bus.
She didn't seem to expect to bump into him just like that and quickly walked over with her head down, as there were no vacant seats in the car.

     She was wearing a well-fitted school uniform, while her two fair legs exposed between the skirt and tube socks were extremely slender, smooth and white.

     Bian Heng sat for a while before his eyebrows suddenly started trembling.
There was no expression on his face as he silently stood up.

     Bian Heng originally intended to give up his seat for Lin Shi Cha.
He heard she passed out at school that day due to heat stroke, which was why she asked for leave.
Therefore, he was very considerate, but…
… The next moment, a young boy, who caught up with the bus at the last moment, rushed over to sit with his schoolbag in his arms.
He even said with a bright smile: “Thank you, Senior Bian!”

     Bian Heng was dumbfounded, “…
…” He turned his head to look at Lin Shi Cha, but she didn't seem to understand what was going on.
Eyelashes fluttering, she raised her head to look over and asked strangely, “Did you also want to stand?”

     Stand my @ss!

     Bian Heng gave the kid sitting on the seat a death glare, “Get up.”

     That wine-colored dyed hair boy with a darker complexion froze for a moment, a little confused, “Oh, oh.” He dryly stood up and shrank weakly to the side while holding his schoolbag.

     Bian Heng glanced at the empty seat, but didn't speak.

     The time was quiet for several seconds.
Only then did Lin Shi Cha seem to have belatedly react, she walked over slowly and sat down: “Bian Heng, have you had breakfast?” She looked at Bian Heng naturally, as if she felt that there was something wrong with Bian Heng taking care of her.

     “I had, thank you, Junior Sister Lin, for your concern.” Bian Heng smiled subtly, changing his cheerful personality and pretended to be aloof, and hung onto the pull ring.

     “Can I still come to watch your basketball game?”

     After a while, when Bian Heng heard Lin Shi Cha's question, he felt a little surprised.
He never thought Lin Shi Cha would still remember this, so he remarked: “What for?”

     “I want to watch you play basketball.” Lin Shi Cha's eyes were full of innocence.
She even spoke as she usually did when she showed affection to him, with an imperceptible, faint coquettish tone in her tone.

     Bian Heng was hoarse for a bit before he could find his own voice: “We’ve already broken up.”

     There were a few students sitting on the bus.
None of them said a word as if they were watching a play, though they all silently eavesdropped.

     Once he finished this sentence, Bian Heng couldn't understand his emotions either and added another sentence: “The basketball game is a public game held by the school, you can just come watch if you want.”

     Lin Shi Cha nodded, “I just feel like I can't go back on your invitation from a week ago.
I’ll come see it, good luck.”

     Can't go back?

     Bian Heng was ignited by this sentence like a firecracker, “What’s this? Are you trying to win me back, Lin Shi Cha?”

     Lin Shi Cha hesitated for a moment, then apprehensively nodded.

     Bian Heng barked out a laugh and released his grip on the pull hook.
He spoke righteously, “I'm telling you, Lin Shi Cha, I won't look back.
Do you think I'm that spineless? Who do you think I am? No matter what kind of relationship it is, I will only stand and will not kneel to anyone!”

     Bian Heng exclaimed these words with impeccable clarity to express his determination.
Yet the next moment, the bus abruptly braked and Bian Heng, who had no pull ring in grip, followed the inertia force and fell forward with a thump.

     A deathly silence spread with the bus.

     The voice of the uncle driving sounded from the front of the bus: “Sorry ah, I stepped on the brakes a bit too fast.”

     This pose was…  …a bit awkward.

     Bian Heng was grabbing Lin Shi Cha's chair with one hand, while he kneeled solidly in front of her.



What I mean…
is kneeling in the psychological aspect, not physical kneeling.” Bian Heng stood up nonchalantly, supporting himself on the handrails.
The pain from his knees made him want to grind his teeth, but he forcibly held it back.

     Although the group of girls, who were watching, tried to suppress themselves, they still burst into uncontrollable laughter one after another.
Lin Shi Cha's gaze was clear, “It's okay, this isn’t considered kneeling, it's proposing marriage.” After all, he was kneeling on one knee.

     Bian Heng quickly retorted: “Don't even think about it!” He snorted, then moved away from Lin Shi Cha in a crab shuffle.

     On the small TV in front of the bus, the current summer TV series 《Journey to the West》 was playing and the Great-Sage Sun cursed on the screen: “You shameless monster!!”

     This voice matched unexpectedly well with Bian Heng's posture.

     Suddenly the bus interior burst into laughter again.

     Soon, it was time to get off the bus.
Two girls walked side by side outside the school gate, laughing and discussing what they saw on the bus.
One of them said: “That was hilarious, I’ve never seen this side of Senior Bian Heng before.
I always thought that Senior Bian Heng was outgoing, enthusiastic, sunny and handsome, like a prince who walked out of a comic!”

     Another girl continued it and rubbed her belly: “He turned out to be a fool.
It's actually quite cute.”

     “I think Senior Bian Heng still likes Lin Shi Cha.”

     “Yeah, yeah, I think so too.
You didn't see how he wanted to give his seat up to her, but that idiot Li Tao Lin went over to snatch it.”

     “I thought Senior Bian Heng would blow Li Tao Lin's head off at that moment hahahaha.”

     “It's a pity…
… Lin Shi Cha did such a thing.
Nobody will be able to accept it, I just don't know what she is thinking.”

     Lin Shi Cha, the subject of discussion, received looks from all directions as soon as she entered the school, both curious or contemptuous.
In short, all kinds of gazes.

     Lin Shi Cha pretended not to see it all.
Her mission was not to deal with these people, so there was no need to waste time on this.

     Bian Heng's basketball game took place this morning thirty minutes between classes since it's impossible to occupy the class time.
Otherwise, they were afraid the group of teachers would lose their minds.

     After the second period, Lin Shi Cha went to the school store to buy a bottle of iced mineral water.
There were already so many students surrounding the basketball court that Lin Shi Cha struggled to squeeze inside.

     The appearance of Lin Shi Cha more or less attracted the attention of some people.

     On the court, a group of hot-blooded teenagers were sweating freely.
The light golden rays combined with transparent sweat beads flew on the basketball court as cheers and shouts came in waves.

     Lin Shi Cha followed Bian Heng with her gaze.
She stood there holding a bottle of mineral water, as if Bian Heng was the only one in her eyes.

     With such a big posture, Bian Heng naturally noticed Lin Shi Cha.
He dribbled the ball and retracted his gaze, passing the ball to his teammates with agility.
Then, he ran to his position on the court.
During the short duration he was panting, he couldn't help turning his head to look at her again.

     She showed a radiant smile.


     Bian Heng cursed secretly.

     In the early morning, Chi Xing skipped class to head to Cheng Xi Breakfast Store, but he waited until ten o’clock yet Lin Shi Cha still hadn’t come.
He didn't sleep at all last night, lying on the bed tossing and turning.
He was angry with Lin Shi Cha for not knowing his worth, but he was even more angry with himself.
He felt that he was worthless, because even if Lin Shi Cha said so, he still treated her with hate.

     In his entire life, he has never liked anyone that much.
He wants to be with her, hug her and even kiss her.
Her hair was very fragrant and so was her body, but she never allowed him to get too close to her.

     It turns out she doesn’t like him…

     How can he be so cheap?

     Early the next morning, Chi Xing had dark circles under his eyes, but he still couldn't hold himself back.

     At ten o'clock sharp, Chi Xing scolded himself all the way under the camphor tree at Cheng Xi Breakfast Store.
Yet, the more he scolded, the more wronged he became.
In the end, he called a taxi to Shui Lu No.
1 High.

     At the moment, Shui Lu No.
1 High is very lively.
Chi Xing snuck into the school over the wall.
With a guilty conscience, he creeped around like a thief.
Soon, he met another student and immediately straightened up.
He coughed dryly and put on a sullen face.
After all, his face was recognized everywhere since he was the notorious school tyrant.
This was not only just the school tyrant of one school, but the school tyrant of many surrounding schools.

     When that student saw Chi Xing, he instantly ran away with a frightened face, fearing that he would catch him and bully him if he ran too late.

     “Hey, you, stop!”

     “Where is Year Two Class Three?” Chi Xing asked.

     That student tremblingly pointed his hand, then ran away without a shadow.

     “What’cha scared of?” Chi Xing muttered.
He looked at the teaching building in the distance and wandered around the spot a couple of times irritatedly before heading towards his destination.

     The referee whistled, signaling the first half of the game came to an end.
As they entered intermission, the score was even.

     Lin Shi Cha took the water and planned to hand it to Bian Heng.
However, Bian Heng wiped his neck with a towel and didn't take the initiative to find Lin Shi Cha, though he still paid attention to her secretly.

     Suddenly, a furious voice sounded and the court fell silent.

     A person broke in from the crowd.
He glanced at Bian Heng sullenly, then parted his lips and gave a sneer before grabbing Lin Shi Cha's hand without saying a word: “Follow me!”

     “It's Chi Xing!”

     “Chi Xing!”

     “He's not from our school! How did he get in here?”

     “He came for Lin Shi Cha… …God, what's going on with these people? [email protected]…”

     “Bian Heng's complexion doesn't look very good…”

     Discussions sounded from all around.

     For a moment, Bian Heng stood on the spot.
His hand on the towel gradually tightened, causing the muscles on his arm to pop out a little.
After a while, he dropped the towel and chased after them.

     “Hey, hey! Bian Heng, the second half is about to start!!”

     Someone behind him tried to stop him, but he didn't succeed.

     The way Chi Xing pulled Lin Shi Cha's wrist caused him pain.
She had to struggle for a long time before she could shake off Chi Xing.
On a small path surrounded by bamboo, Chi Xing had a furious expression: “Good, good, you, Lin Shi Cha! Lao Zi was waiting for you at Cheng Xi, while it turns out you're here watching Bian Heng's game.You effing stood me up just because of him!!” At the end of the speech, his voice turned into an injured roar.

     The corner of Chi Xing’s eyes had turned red.

     Lin Shi Cha rubbed her wrist and replied softly: “But you were the one who said you didn’t want me to go yesterday, I didn't know you were waiting for me.” She went to hold Chi Xing's hand, but Chi Xing shook her off, “Don't touch me!!”

     “That hurts… …” She raised her wrist aggrievedly.

     “I hurt even more!!” Chi Xing panted, his heart aching.

     Chi Xing stared at Lin Shi Cha closely, “Lin Shi Cha, I can continue to like you.
I can act like nothing happens and ignore everything, but you must end it with them all and choose only me.
Otherwise you can never look for me!”

     Lin Shi Cha unresponsively blinked her eyes.

     Bian Heng stood at the intersection, looking in this direction with a blurry expression.

     Lin Shi Cha glanced at Bian Heng, and then at Chi Xing.

     Chi Xing raised his voice, “Choose ah!!”

     The author has something to say: 
Cha: Only children make choices, adults want them all


Journey to the West (西游记): a well-known Chinese classic about a pilgrimage filled with obstacles to obtain Buddhist sutras of a Buddhist monk and his disciples.
the Great-Sage Sun (孙大圣): another title for the Monkey King or Sun Wu Kong, one of the disciples in the Journey to the West.

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