Lin Shi Cha spent three days relaxing in Hawaii before buying a plane ticket to return.
When she arrived in China, the situation had already progressed to a fever pitch and the financial media was all over it.

     After all, both companies were one of the top-tier and famous enterprises within the country.
People would watch any small actions, let alone such big actions of the two mutually battling, which was extremely eye-catching.

     Lin Shi Cha wasn’t in a hurry.
She went to see Lin Bai Su first, then got some things and went shopping to buy nice clothes as well as got her hair done before openly sashaying her way into the Lu Group.

     Gu Jing Ting was completely caught off guard.
It can be seen how ruthless Lu Chi's attack was.
He didn't give him any chance to breathe with the obvious intent to wipe him out.
Right now, Gu Jing Ting was in a weaker position.
This is why the atmosphere at the Lu Group both interior and exterior had a strange undertone.

      It seems like they felt elated in securing victory.

      Even the smile on the front desk lady's face had become sweeter.


      The wavy-haired woman took off her sunglasses and placed them on the marble table at the front desk, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes.
She smiled, and then said softly: “Where's Ah Chi?” Her tone couldn’t be softer.

      Madam Lu acted no different from usual.

      The lady at the front desk was very happy when she heard her words, “The President is in the meeting room on the top floor.
The person in charge of the Gu's Group brought people to make trouble, so the President is meeting them.”

      The lady at the front desk took pleasure in other people's misfortunes, and felt that Gu Jing Ting was just making inevitable struggles, while Lin Shi Cha also had a smile on her face, “Ah Chi hasn't eaten for several days, I'm going to see him.”

      “Okay, Madam, take care.” The lady at the front desk immediately cast a gaze at the man in a black suit standing by the door of the building, and the man hurriedly rushed over to press the elevator for Lin Shi Cha.

      Lin Shi Cha politely thanked him.

      She gently stroked her hair with her jade hands.
When she saw the elevator door close, the corners of her lips raised whilst facing the reflection.

      In the office on the top floor, a group of high-level executives from the companies gathered in the conference room.
On one end was the Gu Group with only two people and the other side was the Lu Group.

      The two sides confront each other, their momentum tense.

      Lu Chi asked, “Where is she?” Although he didn't mention the name, they both knew what he meant.

      Gu Jing Ting didn't show any timidity, nor did his expression show the slightest fear that his company would go bankrupt.

      “Ha, you still want her, what miracle are you dreaming?” Gu Jing Ting deliberately stabbed at Lu Chi's heart as he spoke: “She knew about those incidents from all those years ago, how much do you think she hates you now?” He cooperated in conjunction with Lin Shi Cha's acting skills.

      Sure enough, Lu Chi's face changed again and again.
Soon, he laughed out of anger: “Even so, that's also a matter between us, husband and wife.
What business does it have with you?

      “How is it not my business?” Gu Jing Ting revealed a smile, “Lin Bai Su… …” He deliberately paused, observing Lu Chi's face, “is my child.”

      “What are you talking about!” Lu Chi was livid and wanted to rush over and punch him in the face at that exact moment, but was pulled by the people beside him.

      Gu Jing Ting smiled, “Lin Bai Su is my seed, do you want to see the paternity test?” He lightly picked up a white folder and threw it over the long conference table.

      As soon as this remark came out, not only Lu Chi, but everyone in the conference room was stunned for a moment, terribly startled.

      At this moment, the door of the conference room was knocked.
Everyone turned their heads, only to see a woman in a red dress standing by the door, with wavy hair resting on her shoulders, exquisite makeup on her face, amorous and charming like a red rose, exuding a faint fragrance.

      “Were you looking for me?”

      She curled her lips in a polite smile.


      Since Lin Shi Cha appeared, Lu Chi appeared to have lost his soul, which was clear to anyone.
At this moment, many people felt that Lin Shi Cha was vicious.

      Because she walked straight towards Gu Jing Ting as if she hadn't seen Lu Chi.
With her skirt swishing, she became more and more charming.

      “Sigh, why are you so careless? You forgot this.” Lin Shi Cha lifted her hand and thoughtfully straightened Gu Jing Ting's tie as she handed him a blue USB flash drive.

      Gu Jing Ting still didn't know what it was, so he glanced at Lin Shi Cha.

      However, Lu Chi’s face suddenly changed: “That's—!” He recalled something and his face turned livid. 

     Lin Shi Cha coyishly said, “It's a gift from your son.” She didn't mention whose son it was and deliberately omitted the subject.

      “He's lying to me, isn't he?”

      Hearing the sound, Lin Shi Cha first twirled the hair by her ear.
Then, she watched Gu Jing Ting playing with the USB flash drive for a while before turning her head to look at Lu Chi.

      Lu Chi's face was hideous, “Scram!” After speaking, the company executives beside him were all frightened to exit one by one.

      Lin Shi Cha raised a sweet smile on her lips.
In the most innocent tone, she said the venomous words: “That’s right, I'm lying to you.
I've been lying to you, why are you so stupid ah?”

      “I didn't have amnesia.” She giggled, scratching the conference table with her white and soft fingertips.
Afterwards, she strode slowly to Lu Chi's side, “You really fell so deep…”

      Lu Chi couldn't believe it.
As his anger faded away, his face gradually turned pale, “You were taking revenge on me?”

      Lin Shi Cha seemed to have heard some joke, “That couldn’t be more obvious, could it?”

     Even Lu Chi's lips were trembling and he found himself speechless, as if everything had nothing to do with him, only the woman in front of him was left.
When he greedily tried to possess her, he also did many crazy things

      “…Why?” Only after a long time did he hear his own voice.

      “I hate you ah.” She murmured, the smile in her eyes was the same as her coquettish expression after the two of them had s*x in bed.

      However, everything seems to be different.

      Lu Chi never believed that Lin Shi Cha hated him until today when she said it herself.

      “I hate you.” She said it again then turned around.
Her action was relentless and didn't even leave any extra time for Lu Chi.

      Lu Chi subconsciously reached out, “Don't go…” He wanted to hold Lin Shi Cha's hand.

      Lin Shi Cha didn't even think twice about turning around, and slapped him on the face with a clear and loud sound, which forced Lu Chi's face to turn sideways.

      She stopped smiling again, her face cold, “Don't touch me, it’s disgusting.” Her expression was mocking.

      Gu Jing Ting sneered as he walked over to wipe Lin Shi Cha's hand with a handkerchief.
That hand had just touched Lu Chi.

      In his ears, there was a buzzing sound, while his own breathing and heartbeat rang beside his ears.
It felt like someone was gripping his heart tightly with one hand, otherwise, how could it hurt so much? It hurt so badly that he wanted nothing more than to just go die.

      Those two people left.

      Lu Chi could still vaguely hear their voices.

      “What's in the USB drive?”

      “Confidential files that Su Su downloaded from his computer.”

      “No wonder he didn't even struggle when he saw the USB drive, hahaha.”

      “Don't come near me, where’re you kissing? My makeup’s all ruined now.”

      His fists tightened as the veins on his forehead popped.
Lu Chi's eyes darkened, revealing his murderous intent.
Gritting his teeth, his face started shaking.

      He appeared horrific.

      Lin Shi Cha, who was in Gu Jing Ting's arms, looked out the window thoughtfully.
If she guessed correctly… … there’s a possibility that the original owner's car accident was Lu Chi’s… …

      Suddenly, Lin Shi Cha smiled.

      Half a month later, the Lu Group successfully went bankrupt.
Since Gu Jing Ting has gotten hold of the Lu Group's core documents, there were more than enough ways to mess with them.
He chose one that was swiftest and the most effortless to crush him.

      Lu Chi also faces the risk of being sued because of his enormous debt.

      Because Gu Jing Ting was busy buying the Lu Group, he also left  Lin Shi Cha alone for a week.

      Lin Shi Cha took Lin Bai Su to the villa that Gu Jing Ting bought for her.
Gu Jing Ting was not as twisted as Lu Chi, meaning there was no surveillance system installed at home, this allowed Lin Shi Cha to relax a little bit.

      Lin Shi Cha was sitting on the sofa watching TV when she saw Lin Shi Cha running down from the second floor.
He called happily: “Mommy!

      Lin Shi Cha smiled, “Let's watch TV.” She went to the open kitchen and took some fruits from the refrigerator.
Next, she put them into glass bowls and poured in some yogurt with a spoon for Lin Bai Su after dicing them, “Come eat fruit, it’ll help you grow taller.”

      Lin Bai Su was like a proud little milk leopard: “Mommy, did Su Su do well this time?” He raised his chin and hugged the glass bowl.

      Lin Shi Cha laughed, “Yes, you did great.”

      Lin Bai Su bashfully leaned on the sofa, giggling, looking innocent and cute.
Due to his childhood environment, this child was quite scheming and hid it well, but he also has a cute side.

      Lin Shi Cha felt honored for the original owner, to be favored by Lin Bai Su.

      Although all the plans were laid out by Lin Shi Cha, it is truly remarkable that a six-year-old child can meticulously follow it without revealing anything.

      “Mommy… … are you really going to marry Gu Jing Ting?

      Lin Bai Su raised his head, biting a piece of watermelon with yogurt on his mouth.

      Lin Shi Cha: “This…” He, might not live to that time.

      However, Lin Bai Su didn't understand Lin Shi Cha's meaning.

      Two days later, the weather gradually turned cooler.
Autumn had arrived.

      Inside the luxury car, Lin Shi Cha cast a sideways glance at Gu Jing Ting: “Considering how long you’ve been living in the company, asking you to come out to accompany your son was like killing you.
Don’t you see how unhappy Su Su is?”

     Gu Jing Ting laughed wryly as he proactively took over Lin Bai Su, who was on Lin Shi Cha’s legs.
“You’re mad?”’ He coaxed Lin Bai Su.

      Lin Bai Su still had a small spoon for eating ice cream in his mouth.
He glanced at Gu Jing Ting, but didn't say anything.

      Gu Jing Ting naturally knew his son’s haughty personality, so this didn’t bother him.
“Don't be angry, isn’t Daddy here to accompany you right now? Didn't you say you wanted to go to the amusement park? Daddy has already bought tickets for you and cleared the park.
Our family will have the entire place to ourselves.”

      Lin Bai Su snorted.
He said loudly, “I don't want it! If it's all cleared, then I'll be the only kid, it won’t be fun at all!

      Gu Jing Ting felt happy coaxing him as it felt quite novel, “OK, OK, I was wrong.
I'll call Secretary Li and have those people all return?”

      Lin Bai Su pursed his lips, but didn't refute anything back.
From his appearance, it seemed he was quite satisfied.

      Gu Jing Ting laughed, and Lin Shi Cha also followed in laughing.

      The car then drove for a while.
Just as it was about to reach their destination, Lin Shi Cha glanced at Lin Bai Su.
Lin Bai Su understood and immediately held his stomach, crying out: “Daddy, I want to go to the bathroom.”

      “How could you want to go to the bathroom all of a sudden?

      Lin Shi Cha was unhappy.
She looked at Lin Bai Su accusingly: “I told you not to eat so much ice cream.
It’s not like you’re the only one that knows how to pamper my kid, always giving him whatever he wants.
There’s a public restroom in front, stop the car first.

      “Okay, I'll wait for you guys in the car.” When a child goes to the bathroom, there is no need for both parents to go together.
Plus, Lin Shi Cha was used to taking care of their son more.

      Just like this, the two people got out of the car.

      Before Lin Shi Cha entered the restroom, she glanced back at the pair of big and small dolls placed on the back seat of the car.
It was a limited edition that Lin Bai Su pestered Gu Jing Ting to buy.
From the back, it looked like Lin Shi Cha and Lin Bai Su.

      Lin Shi Cha glanced at the time, then went into the bathroom with a calm expression.

     Since Lu Chi went crazy and wanted to kill the original owner, she’ll give her this opportunity and arrange for him and Gu Jing Ting to 'die together'.

      Aiya, Renjia is just so kind.

     Lin Shi Cha glanced at herself in the mirror and showed an innocent smile, just like the day when Lu Chi and Lin Shi Cha met a few years ago.

Author’s Note:
System Prompt: Double Kill!
This story is ending soon


Renjia (人家): can mean 1.
the person referring to themselves in 3rd person, trying to act 
talking about another person usually not in a good way
talking about another person in a cuteish way

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