The family doctor was a man in his forties.
He wore a proper suit and carried a medicine box in his hand.
Naturally, there was countless emergency equipment in his car parked outside.

     Just as he was about to diagnose and treat the woman lying on the sofa, he noticed she kept making painful noises, and her forehead dripping in sweat with her face and lips ashen pale.
She was probably dreaming? Or did she see something?

     “Let me go…
let me go…

     “Wu, don't…
help, help…”

     “It hurts…
Lu Chi…
Lu Chi…”

     Tu Yue's expression changed.
She immediately leaned over and held her hand, “Lin Shi Cha? Are you awake?” It looks like she was a nightmare, spiraling into pain.

     Tears overflowed from the corners of her eyes, and soon the tears stained her face.
That painful murmur which pierced people’s souls shocked Tu Yue Ran as she kept repeating the same three words: I hate you.

     The hand Tu Yue Ran held Lin Shi Cha's hand with slowly tightened.
While she sighed with pity in her eyes, she said to herself: “Sure enough, what my sister said was all right.” Lin Shi Cha hated Lu Chi.

     Tu Yue Ran turned her head and glanced at the family doctor beside her: “She has lost her memory.
Right now, she is recovering her memory.
Is there any way to relieve her pain?”

     The doctor shook his head: “This is a necessary process, but I can prescribe some medicines for her afterwards.”

     “Oh okay.” Tu Yue Ran waved her hand to motion him back to work.

     After suffering for a while, Lin Shi Cha, who was on the sofa, gradually calmed down, as if falling into a deep sleep.

     Tu Yue Ran’s tensed heart relaxed slightly.
Noticing that Lin Shi Cha's clothes were damp with sweat, she was fairly disgusted and tightened her lips.
However, physically she was honest and went to the second floor to fetch a set of clean clothes for Lin Shi Cha, intending to let her change into after she wakes up a while.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as she grabbed the clothes, there were screams coming from downstairs.

     Tu Yue Ran quickly went downstairs, only to see Lin Shi Cha screaming with her head in her hands, swiping everything on the coffee table to the ground, and her expression frenzy, as if she was crazy.

     “Lin, Lin Shi Cha…?” Tu Yue Ran was frightened by Lin Shi Cha's change of temperament, so she didn't dare to go to the living room for a while and stood at the stairs holding her clothes.

     “Lu Chi, Lu Chi, Lu Chi, Lu Chi, Lu Chi…” She seemed to be unable to control herself, with strong hatred in her voice, “Why won't you let me go?”

     Tu Yue Ran swallowed her saliva: “Then…
you can just leave him.
Fortunately, you have only been married for four or five months, which is not a long time, and your son’s surname hasn’t been changed by Lu Chi yet.”

     Lin Shi Cha sharply turned back.
Her eyes were bloodshot and her lips were bloody like she had bitten it herself.
This appearance of hers truly didn’t look like a normal person.

     Tu Yue Ran shrank her neck and looked away: “Eh…
Maybe I shouldn't have shown you that…”

     “No, I am very thankful to you.”

     Lin Shi Cha's mood seemed to have calmed down.
Her face no longer had the soft smile it used to have, instead it was empty and cold.

     “Thank you for taking me in.”

     “Hey, hey, you haven't put on your shoes yet!” Seeing Lin Shi Cha left barefoot, Tu Yue Ran was both worried and angry at the same time.

     Walking barefoot on the road, the sharp stones scratched her soles, but she didn't care at all.
After walking for a while, she stared up at the scorching sun and took out her phone: “Come and pick me up.”

     Half an hour later, Lin Shi Cha appeared in a luxury car with Gu Jing Ting playfully peering at her, “How did you make yourself so much of a mess?”

     Lin Shi Cha caressed her long hair with one hand, while she narrowed her downcast eyes at Gu Jing Ting and tore off her long skirt, revealing a pair of slender legs.
She leaned against the car seat, her voice languid, “Restoring my memories, I had to make a big fuss somehow.”

     Hearing this, Gu Jing Ting let out a laugh from his nose.
Seeing her legs in the rear car mirror, his gaze paused for a moment before retracting.

     Lin Shi Cha curled the corners of her lips, as if she was a bit proud, “Ha, even my flustered appearance can make President Gu move, I truly am quite outstanding.”

     Gu Jing Ting raised his eyebrows, but didn’t deny it.

     Lin Shi Cha stretched, “Honey, I want to go to Hawaii for vacation.”

     Gu Jing Ting readily agreed: “Okay.”

     Gu Jing Ting swiftly arranged everything and utilized a private jet.
Once Lin Shi Cha changed her clothes and took a shower, she followed him to board the plane.

     In the evening of the next day, the plane successfully arrived at the Hawaiian Islands in the United States.
Inside the luxury hotel suite, Lin Shi Cha and Gu Jing Ting first had a hearty showdown before moving to the bathroom for the next round.
Only then was their battle concluded.

     Afterwards, Gu Jing Ting applied medicine to Lin Shi Cha's feet.

     Lin Shi Cha leaned against the head of the bed as she held a lady's cigarette in one hand.
Next, she brought it to her red lips and soon exhaled the smoke.

     Gu Jing Ting glanced at the English letters of “Marlboro” on the cigarette box.
He got up after applying the medicine: “When did you start smoking?”

     Lin Shi Cha arched her eyebrows with a smile on her lips: “In the United States.” She took another puff and the same smoke lingered away, making her red lips even more compelling, “There are plenty better things there.” Her tone carried a touch of nostalgia and ambiguity.

     Gu Jing Ting didn't ask much, as he wasn't very interested in Lin Shi Cha's life in the United States.
Instead, he asked: “How did you tell Lu Chi?”

     Lin Shi Cha: “He doesn't know yet.” She said with ridicule.

     “By the way,” Lin Shi Cha thought of something, “I still remember the last time you said you were going to tell me why you weren't retaliated against by Lu Chi six years ago.” She glared at Gu Jing Ting.

     Gu Jing Ting laughed, “There was a reason why I treated you like that back then.
Back then, there was a big project in Europe, and Lu Chi and I were the only domestic competitors.
After your incident, he couldn't take care of himself, so that opportunity fell upon me.”

     “Once I started the project, I began a romantic relationship with the European project manager’s daughter for a period of time.
Thus, Lu Chi couldn't do anything to me.” To put it bluntly, he became a boy toy and the Europeans were protecting him.
Hindered by their power, Lu Chi didn't dare to do anything to Gu Jing Ting.

     Although they broke up later, the girl was very sentimental and kept protecting him.

     Things were that simple.

     Lin Shi Cha “hmm” and smiled: “It turns out Big President Gu’s charm is that powerful ah.” She lowered her eyes and giggled delicately, the coldness in her eyes concealed by her curled eyelashes.

     It turns out it was because of a European project.

     That was how the original owner got involved.

     With money and power ah, women were the most worthless among them.

     And it is because of this reason, women have to learn to be independent .
Even if you are abandoned by everyone, what you have worked hard to earn will always be honest and never deceive you.

     Lin Shi Cha would rather be Wu Ze Tian, who usurped the throne to seek power, than be a toy fought over by two nobles before eventually dying under the lure of imperial power like a sitting duck.

     A man's love is the least guaranteed promise.

     It is also for this reason that Lin Shi Cha doesn't care about playing with men.
She doesn't believe in the existence of true love at all.
Rather, she thinks it is nothing but fantasy and an intangible thing.

     Not only Lu Chi, but also Gu Jing Ting, they were all… just some cuties.

     Lin Shi Cha's lips curled, and a sweet smile appeared in her eyes.

     “Thank you, Big President Gu.” Lin Shi Cha raised her feet, the soles of her feet that were scratched by the stones did hurt quite a bit.

     On this side, while Lin Shi Cha and Gu Jing Ting started a sweet vacation, Lu Chi within China was going crazy.

     Tu Yue Ran was tightly protected by Xu Lie.
Staring at the dark face and cold aura of Lu Chi in front of her, she comforted him with a headache: “Ah Chi…don't do that…Yue Ran didn't do it on purpose either.
Besides, Miss Lin will know about these things sooner or later, so why bother?”

     “You can fool her for a while, but you can't fool her forever.
She will only hate you even more.”

     Tu Yue Ran shrank behind Tu Duo and Xu Lie, terrified.
Yet, seeing Lu Chi's face, anger rushed up in her again.
She indignantly shouted: “You scum! Bah, and to think, I used to like you.
My brain must have been broken!”

     “You don't even know how painful Lin Shi Cha is.
When she was unconscious, she kept chanting that she hated you.”

     This sentence is undoubtedly a knife, directly stabbing Lu Chi's heart.
He grimly responded, “Shut up!!”

     “Just let her go, not to mention I don't know where she is.
Even if I did know, I will never tell you!” Tu Yue Ran continued, making a face, wanting to kill Lu Chi from anger.

     “Yue Ran!” Xu Lie scolded, showing embarrassment, “Ah Chi, don't take it to heart, but Yue Ran really doesn't know where Miss Lin has gone.”

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