The blazing fire burned brightly.

Priton screamed and rolled on the ground.
His huge body crashed into the ground and the entire Deros Island trembled.

However, no matter how it rolled, the flames on its body were not extinguished.
On the contrary, the fire burned even more vigorously, and it spread over half of its body.

Artemis’ pale face flickered as she heard Priton’s tragic cry and looked at the sturdy figure exuding an infinite golden light in front of her.

Apollo, who felt her gaze, gently held her to support her and said: “This is the punishment he deserves for hurting my dearest sister.”

Artemis stared at the gentleness on his handsome cheeks under the brilliant golden light and her pale face couldn’t help but show a blush as she held Apollo’s palm.

The hissing sound in the distance grew louder and louder.

Priton’s enormous body twisted wildly on the ground and was devoured by the dazzling flames.
In the flames, he pleaded, “Son of the great king of gods, please spare me.
All of this was directed by the Queen of the Gods, it was not my intention to attack you and your sister…”

Apollo’s eyes were cold and indifferent.
He ignored Priton’s words and emitted an even more dazzling light.
The golden flames completely enveloped the huge python.

It had been ten years since he came to this world and his sister Artemis was his closest relative.
No one could hurt her without bearing his wrath!

Golden light burst forth and flames burned.
The heat surged in the air like a tidal wave and the entire island was glowing red.

Priton’s huge body was burned dry.
His scales and flesh were turned to ashes, leaving hideous and ugly bones that were still wriggling.

He roared in despair: “Apollo, the Queen of Gods will not spare you.
You will face the eternal darkness of Tartarus!”

Accompanied by a furious roar, the python struggled to use its last bit of strength.
It unleashed its divine power and roared at Apollo.

“Useless struggle.”

Apollo sneered and slashed with the golden sword of the sun in his hand.

The brilliant sword light fell on Priton’s head and the ugly snake head broke apart with a click.

Artemis looked at this scene absent-mindedly.

Priton, the lord of snakes and pythons, was an upper god, and he was not that weak, but he was killed so easily.

Has my brother’s strength unknowingly reached such a level?

Gazing at the tall figure standing in front of her, Artemis was both joyful and gloomy in her heart.

“Why am I so useless that I need to rely on my younger brother to protect me? Obviously, I want to protect him more…”

Artemis clenched her palms.

“By the Chaos, is this Priton?” Mother Leto’s exclamation came from a distance.

The Goddess of Nurturing hurried over in a panic.
She was extremely surprised when she saw the body of the huge python on the ground that was scorched black by the flames and her son standing tall and straight in front of the fire.

Immediately afterward, she noticed her daughter’s pale face, and came to Artemis worriedly: “My child, what happened?”

Artemis softly hugged Leto and said, “Mother, he was sent by Hera to kill us, but Apollo killed him.
Both of us are fine, so don’t worry.”

Leto’s body couldn’t help but tremble upon hearing Hera’s name.

Looking at the huge and hideous snake corpse in front of her, she angrily said, “Why can’t she let you go? She should only target me for everything.
You are just innocent children…”

Apollo walked over to her and softly said, “Mother, don’t be afraid.
We have grown up.
She can’t hurt us.”

Leto looked at his son, who had just reached her shoulders and looked at the corpse of the python that was as high as a hill, and hugged Apollo tightly.

“Son, you are my pride.
Since you can kill Priton at the age of ten, you will definitely be the greatest god in the future.
But I don’t want you to have much achievement.
I just want to see you and your sister be happy and joyful, without any danger.”

In the end, her eyes filled with tears as she hugged both children tightly.

Apollo and Artemis obediently stayed in their mother’s arms, with determination in their eyes.

“If you want to live a happy life among the gods, you need to have strong power, so that you can protect your loved ones…

Brother, you should think the same way.”

“Just like how my mother only wants us to be happy.
I also want you to be happy, and I will bear the rest.
We are twins and I will always protect you instead of being protected by you…”

Artemis was full of determination as she secretly looked at her mother and brother.


On Mount Olympus, Zeus was lying comfortably in bed.

As he looked at the familiar beautiful woman beside him, he felt a little strange.

How long has it been?

Ever since she became the queen of gods, his youngest sister had never been so flirtatious.

There was a time when he was so addicted to her.

The wise and proud goddess of wisdom, Metis, the just and serious goddess of justice, Themis, the plump and attentive second sister, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and the versatile and gentle goddess of memory, Mnemosyne… Before he had six wives that gave birth to many children but he never thought of making them queens.

Hera was the only one who really moved his heart.

However, after she became the queen of gods, she lost her former charm and he could only keep looking for other goddesses.

But today, she had completely returned to the past after such a long cold war with him.

She was bright and eye-catching.

She was so beautiful that it felt unreal.

While Zeus was deep in thought, the beautiful woman beside him suddenly let out an ear-piercing roar.

It broke his fantasy and brought him back to reality.

“What are you doing?” The king of the gods didn’t have time to respond before his wife, who had just been gentle and considerate, suddenly kicked him fiercely and he was sent flying.

On the ground, he saw Hera roaring into the distance.

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