Staring at the god-level treasure chest next to the throne of Zeus, Apollo kept his expression unchanged.

After finishing the enthronement of Artemis, under the eyes of the gods, Zeus turned his attention to him.

His lightning spear lifted lightly, and the King of Gods solemnly said:

“Apollo, the son who makes me proud, you have the splendor of gold, are the embodiment of light, and will surely lead a new glory to Olympus.
The gods bear witness that I will make him the God of light and sit high in Olympus.”

The gods of heaven and earth once again felt a surging throne of infinite light rising over Olympus.

Looking at Artemis as she walked down, Apollo slowly walked toward Zeus.

The dazzling golden light bloomed on him, setting off his tall and slender figure, and his handsome cheeks were like the perfect artwork, reflecting in the temple of the gods.

Looking at the golden figure walking up, Hera behind Zeus was full of jealousy and hatred, and her white arms tightly grasped the armrest of the throne.

Zeus’s face was full of smiles, and a brilliant light enveloped Apollo.

In an instant, Apollo felt that his own bloodline power had been activated a lot and was only a hair’s breadth away from being promoted to the Main God.

It seems that the so-called position of the Main God is not entirely a vain position.
It is related to some special rules.
Is it the so-called authority of the King of Gods?

Apollo’s mind turned; he suddenly leaned down and bowed to Zeus: “Apollo has seen Father God!”

The gods were surprised by his sudden salute, but no one noticed that when Apollo leaned over, his one hand quickly grabbed the golden box beside the throne.

At the same time, he used space magic to put away the treasure chest.

“Don’t be too polite.” Zeus lifted him up with a smile.

However, there was a strange look in his eyes.

He noticed that Apollo’s eyes just now were swept toward his throne.

“Could it be that he is coveting my throne?” With this thought, Zeus’s heart sank.

But keeping a smile on his face, he grabbed Apollo’s hand and walked over to Artemis.

Raising both of their hands high, he shouted to the gods, “Let us celebrate for the God of light and the Goddess of the hunt!”

All of a sudden, the gods echoed and cheered.

The nine muses appeared and danced and sang happily.

Tables of wines were also arranged outside, and many nymphs served quietly, and a grand banquet began immediately.

The banquet lasted for several days before Apollo and Artemis had the opportunity to come to their temple.

“Lord Apollo, this temple of light was built years ago by the King of Gods who ordered Kratos, the God of power, the subordinate god of Lord Hephaestus, to build it.”

Several nymphs took Apollo to his temple of light.

This temple was located not far from the top of Mount Olympus.
The whole structure was made of gold.
It was tall and magnificent, and it emitted a brilliant light.

After walking in, there was a vast space.
First, there was the main hall used to receive guests.
There were four or five smaller side halls next to it and a garden.

The garden was full of flowers and plants, and behind it was a place to live and a training ground for exercise.

After roughly understanding it, Apollo sent the nymphs back and went to the bedroom.

After closing the doors and windows and setting up a few magic formations, he took out the golden treasure chest.

“God-level treasure chest!”

Apollo’s eyes were solemn when he looked at the small golden box in front of him.

His willingness to visit Olympus so quickly was mainly for this God-level treasure chest.

Now was the time to accept the results.

He carefully opened the treasure chest.

In the dark room, a golden light suddenly flashed.

At the same time, the system’s voice appeared in mind: “Ding, you opened a God-level treasure chest and obtained Divine Origin Crystal x2600, Oradro’s Etheric Divine Body Method (three stars), and the Divine Artifact Burning Sword (three stars).”

Hearing the sound of the system, Apollo was shocked.

“It opens up the three stars, the Etheric Divine Body method, and the Burning Sword!”

“Isn’t the name Oradro the name of the sun God in that game, in some torture chamber of the world of the gods?

Remembered that torture chamber was countless times more vast than the continent of Arago, and the one who rules the world was the Nine Pillars God.

The sun God Oradro was one of the Nine Pillars Gods and the King of the Pantheon, the strongest god born at the beginning of creation, who led the gods to defeat the Serpent of Chaos, create the Pantheon, quell the scourge of the Black Stone, and overthrow the Shadow Kingdom.

And his most powerful thing was the sun God’s body that claimed to contain the power of billions of stars in the universe, also called… Etheric Divine Body! ”

The memory of the gods made Apollo recall everything at once, and his expression became excited.

In that game setting, the Etheric Divine Body was the supreme divine body that could encompass all the energies of all things in the universe.
After cultivating it to the extreme, it could turn every cell of the body into a star or even a star system, and the body would form a universe.

And the treasure chests opened over the years have made him discover that once they appear in this world, the effects of the things in the treasure chests were entirely in line with the game settings.

“Etheric Divine Body … and this burning sword, although I have not heard of it, it has the same three-star rating.
It is not worse than the Etheric Divine Body.”

A mottled, rusty sword suddenly appeared in Apollo’s hand.

If you just observe the appearance, I am afraid that even mortals will dislike this sword.

But after holding it in his hand, Apollo suddenly saw a world floating in the void.

Its size was only a half smaller than that of the Greek World, and there were countless creatures in it, both ordinary and transcendent beings.

These beings lived carefree in that world for countless thousands of years.

Suddenly one day, a dappled rusty sword flew from outside the sky.

Like a meteor, it penetrated the sky and the earth, and suddenly the whole world burned, and endless flame rose from the rusty sword.

The blazing light spread all over the world.

For nine days and nights, that world was completely plunged into a sea of fire, and as early as the third day, all life was extinct.

And on the night of the ninth day, the whole world began to extinguish, turning into eternal ashes in the vast void.

Only the mottled rust sword flew to the next target in the darkness.

“This is an artifact that can destroy the world!”

Apollo’s hand shook suddenly, and he stared at the rusty and mottled long sword in his hand and was silent for a long time.

After a while, he carefully put the sword away and decided never to use it easily.

It was no laughing matter if it did destroy the world.

After putting away the rusty sword, he picked up the divine source crystals that appeared in front of him and at the same time, recalled the cultivation method of the Etheric Divine Body in his mind and muttered:

It seems that the Etheric Divine Body method needs the assistance of the power of the stars.
Maybe I can go to Astraea for help.
Don’t worry; these source crystals are enough for me to be promoted to the Main God, and I will spend some time to promote.

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