“They are the Muses, the daughters of the Father God and Goddess of memory, and the source of joy in Olympus, an essential part of all the festivals.”

Hermes also stopped and introduced these nine beautiful, lively, and passionate girls to the two of them.

Apollo nodded slightly.

In greek mythology, Apollo, the God of light, was also the god of art, and these nine muses were actually his gods later.

Ah, that handsome boy, Apollo, he has a refined and artistic sentiment, he is the embodiment of light, and Olympus shines because of him…”

“Silver-haired Artemis, she is the symbol of purity, the embodiment of nature, and she has brought her beauty to the home of the gods!”

After enjoying the performance of the muses, they continued on their way.

A bright fire flickered in front, showing gentle warmth.
A beautiful and dignified woman sat quietly on the cloud and smiled honestly.

“Goddess Hestia!” Hermes bowed respectfully to the woman.

Apollo and Artemis then responded and followed suit with a salute.

Hestia, the Goddess of the stove, was the eldest daughter of the second-generation King of Gods Cronus, the eldest sister of the King of Gods Zeus, the Sea Emperor Poseidon, and King Hades.

With a distinguished status, she was one of the Main Gods of Mount Olympus, and her strength was not inferior to the three brothers.

Unlike her two sisters, Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture, and Hera, the Queen of the Gods, this Goddess of the hearth was also one of the few virgin goddesses of Olympus, a symbol of purity.

In greek mythology, there were three virgin goddesses, the Goddess of wisdom, Athena, and the hunting Goddess Artemis.
They were all famous, but in terms of status, Hestia had high status all of them.

“You are Leto’s children?” Hestia glanced at Apollo and Artemis with a trace of pity on her face.

“Aunt Hestia.” Apollo and Artemis stepped forward.

After watching them carefully for a moment, Hestia stood up and walked over to Artemis.

“Young Artemis, I can feel that you have a pure heart.
Don’t be infected by the filth here in Olympus.”

Artemis nodded quietly.

“Apollo, you do the same.” Hestia said in a low voice.

“Zeus and Hera are too heartless to you.
Take care of yourself in Olympus in the future, and come to me if you need help.”

“Thank you.” Apollo and Artemis said gratefully.

Hestia waved her hand, “Okay, the gods behind are still waiting for you.”

After that, they continued on their way.

Hermes said on the way: “Goddess Hestia specially came to see you.
She rarely appeared in Olympus; even the Father God respects her very much.”

When Hera actually persecuted him at the beginning, Hestia didn’t care about her nephew.

Maybe the persecution was not strong enough!

A bright light suddenly bloomed in the distance, and two majestic chariots drove in the sky.

One was burning with golden flame, and the other exuded icy chill.

“This is the sun chariot and the moon chariot, driven by the top most Main Gods,  sun God Helios and the Goddess of the moon Selene, alternating day and night.”

As Hermes spoke, Apollo saw the two gods seated in each divine chariot.

He knew that they were the sun God Helios and the moon Goddess Selene, who were often identical to him and his sister Artemis.

The sun God and moon Goddess were changing shifts, and the three continued on their way.

Not long after they walked, a magnificent temple appeared in front of them.

The open door was covered with a red carpet of flowers and brocade, and a group of beautiful goddesses was singing.

On both sides of the temple, there were many attractive gods and goddesses standing on each side.
They all turned their attention to the door.

At the highest point of the temple, two figures were wearing crowns.
They were the King of the Gods, Zeus, and the Queen of the Gods, Hera.

Hermes went in first and saluted Zeus: “Respected King of the Gods, I have brought Apollo and Artemis as you will.”

When communicating with Apollo and Artemis, he called Zeus Father God, but in official matters, he called him the King of Gods.

Apollo suddenly understood why Zeus trusted Hermes.

He kept the two identities of son and vassal very separate.

When he was not officially doing things, he was the son of Zeus, but when he was ordered to act, he was the messenger of the gods and the Main God of Mount Olympus.

Zeus was delighted with his attitude and ordered: “Introduce them to the gods first.”

Hermes took the lead and walked to Apollo and Artemis, pointing to the surrounding gods.

“This is the Goddess Themis, one of the Twelve Titans and the second wife of His Majesty the King of Gods, the embodiment of justice and order, the most impartial mediator of Olympus.
With His Majesty the King of Gods, she has six daughters, the three Goddesses of Time and order and the three Goddesses of Fate.”

The first goddess he introduced was a dignified goddess with a white cloth covering her eyes, a balance in one hand, and a sword in the other.

Both Apollo and Artemis had heard her name and immediately gave a respectful salute.

As for the goddess of justice, Themis was actually the sister of Zeus’ father, Cronus, with a noble status and fairness in doing things, and was admired by all gods.

She was blindfolded by a white cloth; she never recognized people, only the symbol of justice in her hands.

Themis didn’t smile and nodded at their salute.

After Themis was Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture, who was also the sister of Zeus and the sister of Hestia.

She had a daughter with Zeus, the future Queen of the Underworld, Persephone.

Apollo did not see Persephone, and it was estimated that she might still be small.

Behind Demeter was the beautiful Athena.

Goddess of wisdom, goddess of war, today she was not wearing armor but a bright dress long skirt trailing the ground, her heroic look was a few times less than earlier, and she was more feminine and seductive.

She laughed lightly at Apollo, but when she saw Artemis, she let out a sneer: “Apollo, is this your sister, and can she compare with me? I think in a few days, she will obediently recognize me as a sister; you’d better take the initiative to call me sister.”

Apollo’s face froze.
He didn’t understand what kind of wrong medicine Athena took.
Her behavior was completely different from the previous two times.

However, he suddenly noticed that when Athena sneered at Artemis, Zeus, who was sitting high above, seemed to have a lot of calmness in his eyes.

He immediately understood at once.

Pretending to be angry, he walked up to Artemis.

“Goddess Athena, I appreciate the help you gave me earlier, but that doesn’t mean you can mock my sister.”

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