“Well, although he still harbors resentment, he’s behaving quite well.”

After talking with Apollo about “filial piety to the father”, Zeus nodded in his heart.

Looking to Athena: “You did well today.
I would like nothing better than to see you children get along and be closer to Apollo and his sister Artemis in the future.”

Athena nodded and said, “The daughter understands the meaning of the Father.”

She felt keenly in her heart that when he looked at her and Apollo, there was a trace of scorn in Zeus’ eyes.

She immediately reacted.

The Father God, himself, was worried about his children’s rebellion, and the strength shown today was no less than Oceanus, and Apollo will undoubtedly be one of the strongest Main Gods in the future.

Plus, his sister Artemis.

If the three powerful children had a good relationship, wasn’t it threatening his throne?

“It seems that he is not particularly close to Apollo for the time being.
Maybe Apollo can pretend not to deal with her sister.”

Athena thought that.

Then Zeus looked at Hecate and Astraea and suddenly smiled and said to Apollo: “They are both very beautiful goddesses.
When you grow up, I will give you a marriage.”

Apollo was stunned and silent at this moment.
He saw Zeus turn into lightning and fly out into the sky.

When he turned back, both Hecate and Astraea were blushing.

Astraea directly said: “Apollo, I think it will not take long to see you on Mount Olympus.
Well, I feel like I’m about to be promoted to the Main God recently, so I’ll go back to the stars first.”

After saying that, she flew away like starlight.

Hecate was much bolder, and she blinked her eyes while staring at Apollo and said, “The King of Gods asked you to go to Olympus, and there will be fewer opportunities for us to meet in the future.”

Apollo felt her sadness and smiled: “The life of the gods is endless; we will always have a chance to be together.”

“Well then, I plan to go to the Underworld to find the Goddess Nyx to improve myself, so you must remember to visit me.”

Hecate went up to hug him and immediately disappeared into the ocean.

Apollo was a little disappointed.

Ah, an excellent male god always attracts the goddess’s admiration.
Aren’t you very distressed?” Athena’s teasing voice appeared in his ear.

Apollo looked at her and asked calmly, “Then, are you such a goddess?”

Athena thought about it seriously and replied, “In my eyes, you are just a younger brother.
The male god that can make me admire should at least be at the top of the Main Gods.”

“From the top of the gods, you mean…” Apollo’s eyes flashed.

He suddenly said, “You joined the alliance of Goddess Amphitrite just for this to gain strength?”

“If you want to do such a big thing, you always need some allies, so I suggest you show more charm and gain more love from the goddesses so that there will be more allies.
Our father did the same.”

Athena’s tone was calm.

“You still only see the surface.
Only your own strength is the real foundation.
Besides, I won’t be a person like him.
That’s definitely not me you want to see.”

Apollo smiled and walked into the distance.

“Won’t be a second Zeus?… I hope you always remember that.”

Staring at the golden figure walking under the setting sun, Athena couldn’t help muttering.


In Mount Othrys.

The place where Cronus, the God of Celestial bodies, and the Goddess of Light, Phoebe, lived in seclusion.

At the end of the Titan War, the second-generation God King Cronus was defeated and was thrown into Tartarus; the two powerful Titan Gods retreated here.

In the snowy sky, there was a slim girl in a short skirt, carrying a bow and arrow and waiting in silence.



Staring at each other, both of them smiled at the same time.

“I’ve heard about you; you must have suffered a lot over the years.” Artemis came to Apollo.

The things about Apollo were already known to the gods, and even their grandparents were amazed by their grandson’s achievements.

He was born less than thirty years ago, and he was able to fight against Oceanus.
What kind of talent was this?

The gods were shocked by Apollo, the son of the King of the Gods.

However, Artemis only felt sorry for Apollo.
“It’s all because I’m useless.
If I was more outstanding than you, Hera would definitely target me, and you could live quietly in the ocean.”

She stroked Apollo’s cheek, her eyes filled with remorse and pity.

“Sister.” Apollo was a little overwhelmed and thought about taking out the Heart of the Deep Sea that Amphitrite had given him.

“This is the gift I brought you.”

Artemis stared at the pearl in front of her, stunned and immediately sensed something, and hurriedly said:

“Although the energy contained in it is of the ocean attribute, it also has a great effect on other Gods.
You are about to reach the Main God, so I’ll leave it to you.”

“Sister, didn’t you say you wanted to be strong and protect me?” Apollo smiled, grabbed her fair palm, and put the Heart of the Deep Sea in her hand.

With a lot of Divine Origin crystals, he actually did not lack the auxiliary treasures, and for Artemis, this Heart of the Deep Sea was undoubtedly more helpful.

Being grabbed by the palm, Artemis was a little embarrassed, and her voice was as thin as a gnat: “Mother and grandfather are all waiting there.”

Oh, will mother come with us to Olympus?” Apollo asked.

Artemis shook her head.

“Mother said she only wanted to stay with her grandfather and let us explore our own future without worrying about her.”

Apollo’s eyes flickered, and he glanced up abruptly.

Immediately, he grabbed Artemis’ hand and said, “Let’s go see the mother first.”

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