“Apollo, you are Apollo.”

Qin Qing was stunned by the words of the woman in front of him, who was still beautiful beyond words despite being wretched and filthy.

He spent a lot of time at home playing a fantasy game.
It was easy for him to finish the game and get the legendary supreme treasure chest.

His vision turned black when he clicked to open it.

When he woke up, he found himself in a sphere of golden light.
His body had become a newborn baby, and his entire body was filled with a strange power.

Then the beautiful woman who gave birth to him named him “Apollo.”

Isn’t that the name of the god of light in Greek mythology?

Apart from his own country’s tale, Qin Qing understood the most about Greek mythology because extracurricular reading in the nine-year compulsory education covered it.

And Apollo was one of the most famous gods in Greek mythology.

Many people revered him as the sun god.
In truth, in Greek mythology, the Titan god Helios was the god of the sun, while Apollo was the god of light.

It’s just that he was so famous that so many of Helios’s exploits were placed on his head.

While playing a game, he crossed over into Greek mythology and became Apollo.

If it weren’t for the abundant and powerful divine power in his body and the beautiful and kind woman in front of him, Qin Qing would think that he was dreaming, both of which were so real.

As he was stunned, a slender, soft, cold palm patted his shoulder.

Qin Qing turned his head to look at the silver-haired girl who was born before him.
She was standing behind him, looking at him with worry.

“Artemis, goddess of hunting.”

The identity of the other party suddenly appeared in his mind.

This was a well-known goddess; later, she was one of the twelve principal gods of Olympus, and one of the three virgin goddesses, a sign of dignity and purity.

She was often compared to the most famous goddess of wisdom, Athena.
She was also his sister now.

Yes, I’m already Apollo…

His body shook as he heard these words, and Qin Qing sighed leisurely.

“Brother… Brother, are you all right?” Artemis’ delicate eyes were full of care and concern.

Although she had talent, she had only recently been born, and thus her speaking skills were still developing.

Qin Qing… No, Apollo shook his head with a smile as his handsome face exuded a golden color, and his fingertips gently stroked Artemis’ silky silver hair.

Perhaps it was because they were twin siblings that Artemis could sense Apollo’s unrest at a glance.

Apollo could sense the feelings in Artemis’ heart, which were so gentle and arrogant that everyone wanted to protect her.

Seeing the closeness of the two children, Leto couldn’t help but smile.

At this time, Asteria appeared on the island like a meteor, smiling at Apollo and Artemis and said with admiration, “Sister, you are so lucky to have two such beautiful children at once.”

Leto looked at her sister with grateful eyes and said:

“Isn’t your Hecate likewise lovely? I heard that the goddess Nyx adores her and is willing to accept her as her goddaughter and that she also persuaded His Majesty the King of the Underworld to appoint her as the Underworld’s vice ruler.”

“Well, our children are all beautiful and lovable.” Asteria smiled and walked to Apollo, stretched out her white hands, and rubbed his handsome face with a smile.

Apollo was a little confused; he was only somewhat familiar with Greek mythology, but he knew the name of Hecate, the goddess of opportunity and vice-ruler of the underworld.
Still, he lacked knowledge of this Aunt Asteria.

Although she looked beautiful, she couldn’t rub a boy’s face like that.

He tried to struggle out of those clutches.
But he sadly discovered that.

Although he was a famous future Lord God, the divine might of the freshly born was significantly inferior to that of the Meteor Goddess, who had long since achieved her pinnacle.

No matter how he dodged, he could not escape the devastation of the white palm.

The mother, Leto, said worriedly: “Asteria, is Hera gone?”

Asteria became serious, nodded, and said:

“You don’t see her angry and resigned attitude right now; I can also comprehend that her two sons, Hephaestus and Ares, are so ugly and rude that it would be unavoidable that our magnificent and gorgeous Artemis and Apollo will refuse to see them.”

Leto sighed, “I’m glad she’s gone; I’m just frightened she won’t leave my children alone.”

Asteria said, “Sister, you should not be concerned; Artemis and Apollo’s divinity are powerful, and it will not take long for them to mature and become powerful main gods, at which point Hera should be concerned.
You won’t have to worry about being bullied by her in the future if you have these two children.”

Leto looked at the cheeks of the two children lovingly and mumbled,

“I just want to watch them grow up and become great gods, and the rest are not important to me now.”

Looking at her complexion, Asteria couldn’t help but sigh, her face filled with anger.

“That relentless fellow of Zeus, even though he doesn’t have affection for you, sister, Artemis and Apollo are his children, but he didn’t show up from beginning to end, and the children were named by you, sister.”

Leto, who had a bitter expression on her face, murmured, “He is, after all, the greatest monarch of the gods, whether other goddesses or I am merely a passing guest in his life.”

“Don’t worry about me,” she told Asteria, “when Apollo and the others grow up, I will return to join the Father god and Mother goddess and never appear outside again.”

Listening to the dialogue between his mother and aunt, Apollo couldn’t help but be full of anger.

The realm of Greek mythology was fierce, disorganized, and unpleasant.

The faces of the gods here were far uglier than those of the mortals, full of filth, and the most hateful of them was Zeus. In fact, he could comprehend Hera’s massacre of her mother.

There was no wife who wouldn’t hate her husband’s other women.

But Zeus, the god-king, was simply unfit to be a man or a father.
He was a womanizer, more brutal than affectionate, had no sense of responsibility, and was always looking for methods to increase his own authority.

But in Greek mythology, he was always the god-king, and no one could overthrow him at all.
Apollo was inwardly helpless.

As far as he knew, the theme of Greek mythology was fate.
Unless fate dictates otherwise, no one could shake the rule of Zeus.

Zeus has long since snuffed out several gods who prophesied to overthrow his rule.

In his known destiny, he would always rule the gods.

“Destiny…” Apollo was upset in his heart.

He suddenly noticed a strange light spot in the lower right corner.

“Huh, isn’t this the click mark on the personal panel in that game?”

When Apollo was surprised, he focused on the light spot, and an imaginary light curtain suddenly appeared in front of him.

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