“It was Athena.
How could she have appeared?”

The beautiful figure of the young woman attracted the attention of many gods in the shadows, and they immediately recognized the most dazzling goddess of Olympus.

Athena’s eyes were solemn, and a bright spear suddenly appeared in her slender palm.

On the snow-white neck like a swan, an exquisite and beautiful face full of heroic spirit looked up at the sky and let out a light sigh.


The ocean river meandered and revolved around the edge of the world.
Boundless surging river water rumbled in the sky, shaking the void.

Oceanus swung his spear, tearing apart the sky and destroying the order.

The entire world was left with only boundless water and endless waves, and the huge waves were surging, filling the earth.

The sharp spear pierced through the heavens and the earth! But at this moment, another dazzling spear of light burst forth from Athena’s fair and slender hands on the sea.


The glory of wisdom shone in heaven and earth, and the most dazzling goddess of Olympus stepped out of the light belonging to the direction of victory.

The brilliant golden light reflected in her upright figure; the bright spear tore apart the dullness of heaven and earth, bringing the light of wisdom and civilization.


The spear collided between the sky and the sea, and the world trembled and swayed at this moment.

During the shock of power, Oceanus roared angrily: “Athena, do you know what you are doing?”


The ocean river meandered, the sky suddenly shook and shattered, and endless waves fell into the sea.

Oceanus swayed, and a bright slit opened in his chest, dripping with dark red blood.

On the other side, the light on Athena was also a little dim, but she still stood on the ocean with glory.

Looking at the angry Oceanus above, she came to Apollo and mumbled: “Lord of Ocean, you should stop!”


Oceanus steadied himself and focused on the heroic girl standing before the enemy who had killed his son.
His aged eyes were filled with rage.

He heard a thunderous roar: “Athena, your mother is also my daughter, and Achelous is your uncle; how can you help the man who killed him?”

Athena’s lips pursed up, and she said quietly, “Did you really ever consider my mother as your daughter?”

She sneered, and her face became serious again: “I have always been the proudest daughter of the King of the Gods, and Apollo is my younger brother with the same father as me.
Why shouldn’t I help him?”

“You!” Oceanus clenched his palm tightly, staring at the bright and beautiful figure below, and the broken ocean river behind him rolled out stormy waves one after another.

In a daze, he recalled the same stubborn figure that stood in front of him thousands of years ago.

Metis, your daughter, is really like you.
When you disobeyed me and helped Brother Zeus, you ended up in a miserable end.
I don’t think your daughter’s fate will be better than yours!

Oceanus said angrily in his heart.

On the vast sea, Apollo quietly stared at the heroic girl standing in front of him, and his eyes were slightly puzzled.

Why did Athena help himself and the family of the descendants of Zeus?

That was really a joke.

As if sensing his gaze, Athena smiled as she turned around.
A graceful smile appeared on her face as she said, “Are you moved? Come on, call me sister first.
Then I’ll protect you next time.”

Apollo said nothing.

Suddenly, a roar sounded in the distance: “Athena, you really like this little white face of him.
What is the same bloodline of the Father God!”

Apollo looked over, but Ares was sent flying by him.
He did not know when he came back.

Holding the sword in ragged clothes, he looked at himself and Athena with angry eyes, with a little grievance deep in his regards.

He was probably thinking. Why are you so cruel to me when we have the same Father God?

Apollo touched his handsome cheek, and then looked at Ares’ face, and suddenly felt that he was right.

Athena was also a visual animal.

“Athena, since you insist on defending the son of Leto, then I, the God of Oceanic Rivers, will represent the Oceanic Gods and go to war with you!”

Oceanus roared again in the sky above, and the figures of gods faintly flashed in the winding river behind him.

Those were the Oceanic Gods.

After receiving orders from Oceanus, they appeared behind him one by one, releasing powerful pressure.

“Oceanus, this old man, is going to play for real?” The gods who were watching the battle in secret were shocked.

In Olympus, Hera, who was the source of all events, was also stunned at the moment.

She never imagined that things would turn out like this, that four Upper Gods and one Main God failed to kill Apollo.

Achelous actually died on the spot, and Oceanus, the lord of the ocean, who had many children and had never said much about his children, appeared in person.

But surprisingly, it didn’t take down Apollo either.

Athena, a woman, actually came forward to help him.

Now, Oceanus was leading the entire Oceanic Gods to war.

This series of changes were entirely beyond her expectations.

Things evolved to a point where they shook the gods.

“The previous backlash was because the King of God had discovered that I blocked him…” Hera fell on the seat with a pale face, and her eyes went weak.

“Damn, it’s all Apollo’s fault.
Why is he so strong, killing four Upper Gods, defeating Ares, and fighting against Oceanus?”

Slumped on the chair, she roared unwillingly and with a bit of fear.

Faintly, she realized Apollo was beyond her grasp!

And on the sea, with the appearance of the gods of the oceanic gods, more and more majestic coercion loomed over the sky.

Apollo looked somewhat grave.

Athena stood firmly in front of him, like a thick wall blocking all wind and rain.

When the powerful coercion of the gods of the ocean swept through, the goddess of wisdom had cold eyes and raised her bright face, “Lord of the ocean, since you are going to fight, then I will follow Olympus.”

“Olympus?” Oceanus frowned and roared, “Athena, don’t talk nonsense, I just want you to hand over Apollo, and the target of the war is you, not Olympus.”

Athena laughed lightly: “To wage war against the favorite daughter and son of the King of the Gods and to say that it is not a declaration of war against Olympus, do you think that is justified, Father God?”

Suddenly, countless lightning bolts suddenly gathered in the sky, and a stalwart figure with a thunderbolt walked out among the silver-white arcs.

Looking at Athena, he said indifferently: “No reason; I also want to know who is going to declare war on Olympus!

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