The flames rose in his blood, and his blade clattered softly, spreading out like a gray scroll symbolizing death, and war, was the end of civilization.

The light that belonged to war turned into a blood-red color.

It was like a river over the sea.

It was a bloody light!

It was also sword light! “Wrath of the God of War!” Ares roared like thunder and performed his most vital divine skill.

At this moment, the world was inexplicably restless, and the mighty force called war surged between the vast sky and the earth.

Apollo bore the brunt of it.

The endless red aura of war rolled up like a huge wave and rumbled over the area of ​​the bright light.

In an instant, the burning light dimmed a lot.


Both Hecate and Astraea were grave and hesitant to help.

Hera sensed the restless war atmosphere in Olympus, and a faint smile overflowed on her beautiful cheeks.

“To be able to force Ares to such a point, Son of Leto, you are indeed excellent. Humph, no matter how you found out about my surveillance, I will never believe that you are already at the sixth rank of the Main God.”

“Athena had to pay a great price to face Ares’ War God’s Wrath when she was a fifth rank Main God.
At that time, Ares was a second-rank Main God, but now he is already a third-rank Main God.”

“With this blow, even if you don’t die, you will be seriously injured.”

Looking at the crystal that was still shrouded in golden light in front of her, she said with hatred in her eyes.

At the same time, she activated the authority of the queen of gods so that Zeus, who was enjoying time with a certain goddess, could not detect the fluctuations of the power of war without taking the initiative to probe.

At the same time, many gods sensed the roar of the power of war, and they were all alarmed and turned their attention to the ocean following the aura.

But just then, another even more vast aura of light spread out.

Standing in the ‘Aurora Domain,’ Apollo’s eyes were bright, and the two-star divine artifact seven-stringed lyre emerged in his hand.

When the infinite light bloomed, his fingers gently fiddled with this artifact.


The clear sound of the lyre rang out like a dragon’s cry.
It played sacred music in the kingdom of light, and the solemn gospel spread across the universe.

When the blood-colored rays of light in the sky swelled, the layers of crisp music, entrained with the power of infinite light, surged up and down the sky.


Blood, light, and sound waves intertwined, the majestic aura poured out in all directions, and the sacred radiance shone across the sky, making a continuous loud noise.

“Can the lyre also be a weapon? No, only the sword is the color of war!”

Ares’s blood was steaming, and the big sword in his hand was raised high, condensing the frightening power of war and roaring out.

The terrifying aura filled the sea for millions of miles, and the morose fluctuations made many startled gods tremble.

Achelous, who was hiding behind Ares, let out a long sigh of relief with a happy smile on his face.

“Can you take on such power, Apollo?”


The blood-red aura slashed through the air, and the surrounding space split into huge, pitch-black cracks.

The pressure of death roared.

Sitting cross-legged in the light, Apollo looked indifferent.

His slender five fingers smoothly fiddled with the lyre on his lap, and a beautiful melody suddenly emerged.

Countless power of light condensed and merged into these sounds.

The sky, darkened by war’s aura, was suddenly filled with light again.

The golden brilliance shone on the sea, and the crisp notes jumped in the air, like the waves jumping in the rolling waves, whistling in every breeze.

The blue sky, the sea, the breeze, and the music formed a harmonious picture.

Hecate and Astraea’s hearts could not help but be filled with concentration.
Their clear eyes were focused on the graceful figure in the boundless light that played this sacred music.

When the blood-colored sword light that tore through space rumbled down, this harmonious music blossomed into a monstrous light, and the raging power swept through the sky like an angry tide lurking for a long time.


The power of war surged, and the power of death shook the world.

The notes surged, the brilliant light tore through the bloody aura, and the giant sword shattered.


Ares coughed out a mouthful of blood as his expression was full of unwillingness, and he supported his body with his big sword.

The power of light swept across, and the war domain around him disintegrated inch by inch.

Ares roared, trying to save something.

But Apollo stood up.

The power of light rolled violently, and Apollo destroyed most of the war domain in the blink of an eye.

“What to do.” Achelous hid behind Ares in fear, his eyes full of horror.

Ares tried to say something, but a mouthful of blood came out again, and his body shook and flew backward.

“Ares?” Achelous cried out, looking at the surrounding war domain, which was about to be completely shattered.

He roared and rushed to the distant sea without caring about anything else.

“You can’t escape.”

Apollo glanced at him, and his figure turned into golden light to pursue him.

“Don’t go; let’s fight again!”

Ares struggled to get up, picked up his sword to intercept Apollo, and his eyes were red.

“I’ll teach you a lesson later.”

Apollo looked at him, and the mighty power of light rushed toward Ares like a huge wave.


Ares swung the great sword, trying to split this majestic force, but he was unable to do so, and he coughed up blood and flew out.

A brilliant light flashed, and Apollo appeared in front of Achelous’ escape path.

“Where else do you want to escape to?”

Achelous screamed in horror.
“Apollo, spare me; I don’t dare to be your enemy anymore!”

“So these are your last words!”

In the golden light, his handsome face was unshakable.

He indifferently stretched out his fingers, and a brilliant light enveloped Achelous.

As Hecate, Astraea, and Ares watched, the son of the ruler of the ocean, the god of the whirlpool, melted and dissolved like an ice cube in the sweltering heat.

“Father… God… will… not… let… you… go…”

The god of the whirlpool, Achelous, dissolved into light as he uttered his last words hoarsely.

At the moment of his death, the entire sea suddenly shook, and a huge river surrounding the world, like an angry older man, swirled violently under the vast sky.

An old and majestic tall figure, wearing a crown and holding a spear, appeared coldly, with anger in his eyes.

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