“What is this?”

Hera’s face changed wildly when the crystal was utterly shrouded in brilliant light.

And on the ocean.

Apollo suddenly released infinite blazing light when Achelous and the other three gods attacked.

The divine golden light was brighter than the sun in the vast sky, like flowing gold, swaying between the sea and the sky, and the world fell into the kingdom of light.

In an instant, a glorious divine light enveloped Achelous and the other three gods.

In the dazzling golden light, Apollo was like a god walking in the human world, and his eyes first focused on Les, the god of seaweed.

The infinite light shrouded.


The glorious flood of light became the last color of this natural god’s life.

When the blazing divine light enveloped him, the sea grass he wrapped around the eight sides was the first to wither, and his body began to burn and disintegrate.

Then there was his spiritual body.

Under the envelope light, he melted like ice in the blink of an eye.

As Achelous and the other two gods watched in horror, the god of seaweed, Les, died.

Not only them but Astraea, who was watching the battle, and Hecate and Ares, who were still fighting, watched this scene in shock.

It was unbelievable!

He was a god born from the time of the first generation of gods and traversed the sea for countless years.

In just one encounter, he died with no resistance.

No one could stop the golden light, and then Apollo looked at Gorgan.

The god of raging waves was horrified, and he rolled up the majestic waves in a panic and slapped at Apollo.

It was not to hurt the enemy but to buy time for their own escape.

“The gift of light, you can’t stop it!”

Apollo opened his mouth solemnly, and the infinite light enveloped Gorgan, and the raging waves could not hinder the power of light at all.

At the moment of contact, they all collapsed and disintegrated.
The glorious divine light illuminated the god of raging waves.
Then his body and spirit slowly dissolved, and he also ended up like Les.

Gorgan, the god of raging waves, had died!

“How is this possible… how is this possible!” Achelous was in an agitated state of mind.

He had arranged for many days and summoned the three Upper Gods.
Such a lineup was enough to kill any god under the Main God!

Apollo is only an Upper God, so why is he so strong?

His two eyes obliterated two immensely powerful Upper Gods.

Unless they were the top ones, even the Main Gods probably didn’t have such mighty power, right?

He was puzzled, horrified, frightened, and finally despaired!

Just because those golden eyes had already turned towards him.

“Achelous, son of the lord of the ocean, welcome the gift of light!”

Apollo’s expression was sacred, like a devout believer walking in the world to preach the gods’ way, swaying infinite divine light to dispel the darkness.

The place where he stood was the field of light; the place where he looked was where he directed the gifts of light.

The kingdom of light travels through heaven, earth, and sea.

The God of light, who gave light by grace.


The blazing rays of light surged rapidly, roaring like thunder in the sky, judging all beings on the earth.

Achelous had no way to dodge it, and the blazing divine light had already shrouded him.

“Ares, help me!”

In fear, Achelous screamed to Ares for help.


Hearing his shout, Ares let out a soft grunt.

In the realm of war shrouded in the body, the majestic suffocating aura suddenly soared, and scenes of swords, war, blood, and death condensed and converged, rushing towards Hecate.

But at this time, Hecate also filled with a serene picture, with the sky, the earth, the ocean, the underworld, and more like the sparks of wisdom and civilization, splashing and intertwining.

This scroll resisted Ares’ realm of war.

Damn, you are just a newly promoted Main God.
Why are you already a third-rank!”

Ares roared in disbelief.

Reaching the rank of the Main God was already the limit of talents and bloodline of many gods, and every step of progress was challenging.

That’s why it was subdivided into nine levels.

The son of the dignified king of the gods, who was in charge of the war, was born for nearly ten thousand years but only reached the third rank of the Main God.

Why could a god who had just been promoted could reach the same realm as himself?

He was not convinced and controlled the war power of blood and fire to attack Hecate.

The latter sneered: “A barbarian like you can’t break through me!”

The gloomy and dark domain spread like a barrier, blocking the blood and fire of war.

After reaching the rank of the Main God, the most important thing was your own symbol of authority and the power of the domain.

Using the power of the gods to condense a domain, as long as the Main God was standing within, it was as if he had supreme authority, dominating everything.

This was the most powerful aspect of the Main God.

Initially, it was impossible for a newly promoted Main God to fully adapt to the power of the domain.

But Hecate’s wisdom and talent were the best of the gods, and she had thoroughly studied the essence of divine power and created magic.

As soon as she was promoted, she had complete control over the power of the domain.

Although she was inexperienced at this moment, she still resisted Ares’s full impact.

“Why are you so useless, Ares? No wonder mortals say that Athena is the god of war!” Achelous was desperate and scolded.

Suddenly, he saw another god who was not far from him, the god of hurricanes, Frottel.

Gritting his teeth, he violently unleashed his divine power, and a vortex attacked him.

Flutter, also fleeing in panic, suddenly fell into the sea.

Under the whirlpool’s impact, he flew right in front of Achelous.

The light of the sky covered him.

“Achelous, curse you!” Frottel let out a final roar of rage.

After struggling to roll up dozens of hurricanes, the vast sea vibrated.

But this natural disaster-like wind and waves, in front of the infinite light, was like tofu and instantly shattered.

Then, Frottel melted like ice.

“The kingdom of light shines on everything.”

Apollo’s eyes were bright as he stepped on the infinite light.

Achelous fled to Ares in horror.

He begged for mercy: “Apollo, I will never help Hera again; please let me go.”

Looking at his terrified face, Apollo said indifferently: “You have no chance; the splendor of light will wash away all sins!”

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