“When did you become so familiar with the goddess Athena that you agreed as soon as you heard that she was involved?”

On the way back, Hecate kept pouting.

Apollo explained, “I believe she is the wisest goddess among the gods, and she must justify her choice.”

Hecate was still angry: “You know she is the wisest after just one meeting, your ability to read people seems more powerful than the goddess Amphitrite.”

Apollo smiled and did not speak; his eyes swept to the side of Astraea.

The latter gave him a skillful smile.

Apollo asked, “Sister Astraea, you have also promised Goddess Amphitrite.
Is this your personal intention, or does it represent the Lord of the Stars?”

Astraea blinked and whispered, “I came here to represent both Father and Mother.”

Apollo understood what she meant.

The Lord of the Stars agreed to an alliance with Amphitrite but didn’t want to get too involved, so he only sent his daughter.

Knowing this, he became a little more optimistic about the future of this alliance.

Astraeus, the lord of the stars, was not well known, but his strength and power were not to be underestimated.

He was the father of the stars in the sky and the gods of the wind.
He completely dominated the starry sky, and his tentacles of power also spread over the earth.

For example, Poseidon, Oceanus, and Pontos, which were divided into three parts of the sea, dared to call themselves gods and kings.

In terms of the vastness and the number of gods, the boundless star sea was actually no narrower than the ocean and land or even more vast.

Such a powerful god who could be called the ruler of one party was rarely known.

It was enough to see how low-profile and terrifying he was.

Apollo was pondering when his face turned abruptly cold.

His golden eyes glanced at the waves ahead and shot out fiery rays of light, “Last time, I failed to turn you to ashes.
This time, are you here to seek the burning of your soul?”


The pure white flame in Apollo’s palm emerged, turned into a ball of fire, and blasted into the ocean.

Hecate and Astraea looked over; as the flames spread, several strong divine power fluctuations rose abruptly.

One of them was none other than Achelous.

“I didn’t expect your perception to be so keen.”

Achelous gazed at Apollo with an ugly expression on his face.

The latter ignored him completely, and the pure white flame flew out violently, carrying majestic heat, and flew towards him.

At this time, several gods around Achelous took out a red stove, and the divine power enveloped the void.

When the blazing, pure white flame touched its vicinity, a huge suction force suddenly surged out of the furnace.

A mass of gorgeous flames was all absorbed directly into it.

Achelous smiled proudly: “How could I fail twice with the same move? This condensing furnace is specially designed to restrain your flame magic; let’s see how you can match me without this move!”

“Oh, so you came here after preparation.”

Apollo’s eyes lifted slightly, the golden light flickered, and his body filled with great coercion.

Achelous’s face was frozen: “You have improved rapidly over the years, but unfortunately, I have done more than that to prepare.”

Suddenly, several gods around him revealed their majestic auras.

Astraea said: “It’s you, Gorgon, Flotel, Les!”

These gods were all well-known Upper Gods in the ocean and were attached to the oceanic gods.

“There’s more than that!” Achelous smiled wickedly.

There was a terrifying suffocating aura from behind.

Accompanied by the cold voice of Ares: “Son of Leto, earlier that woman Athena was present, but now there is no one to help you!”

He revealed the majestic pressure belonging to the Main God, and the overwhelming aura of war and killing enveloped Apollo and others.

Achelous and the other upper gods also gathered at various angles.

Achelous laughed loudly, “Apollo, four Upper Gods, and one Main God, there is no one who can save you today!”

“Hecate, Astraea, you two better hurry up and leave, or we won’t be polite to you either!”

In Olympus, looking at the picture in the crystal, Hera also smiled.

Four Upper Gods and one Main God were fully prepared.

There were only two upper god-level goddesses besides the son of Leto, who were sure to die.

Haha, after I get rid of Apollo, I have to get rid of that Artemis too.
Leto, do you think I can’t do anything if you hide with Cronus and the others?”

She was laughing freely when her face changed abruptly.

She saw that Apollo stood on the vast sea in the crystal with a calm expression.

Beside him, Hecate suddenly walked out with a chuckle; a powerful aura that only belonged to the Main God came out of her body.

Ares and Achelous’ faces turned pale.

“How is this possible… she has been promoted to the Main God…” Feeling the unparalleled aura of Hecate, Achelous’ face was full of gloom.

He painstakingly laid out a plan and thought it was completely flawless.

But why did Hecate become the Main God?

He couldn’t believe it.

“So what if you are promoted to the Main God? Ares, stop her; let’s clean up Leto’s son!”

Gritting his teeth, Achelous shouted to Ares and led the four Upper Gods around to Apollo.

“Hmph, when have I ever needed to listen to you.” Ares snorted coldly.

“For a mere newly promoted Main God, I only need a few moves to win.
Only a coward like you would be afraid!”

Filled with disdain, he pulled out his saber and appeared beside Hecate, bursting with the momentum of the third-rank Main God.

Unexpectedly, Hecate snorted, filling her body with the powerful momentum of the third-rank Main God.

Seeing Achelous and the others gathered around, Apollo said to the star goddess beside him, “Sister Astraea, you go aside first.”

“Apollo, are you sure you want to do this? I’m not weak, and I can help you.” Astraea looked at him worriedly.

Apollo chuckled and glanced at the four surrounding people; his golden eyes burned like flames: “Four Upper Gods, that’s just enough to make me move.”

“Achelous, I just had a little friendship with your sister, the goddess Amphitrite.
If you didn’t show up before me, I wouldn’t bother to ask you about what happened last time.”

“But now that you are so ignorant, I have no choice but to satisfy your pleasure in finding death.
No one can save you this time!”

The flames rising from the golden eyes were like the sun, and Apollo had a severe expression.

“What a joke; with the artifact that restrains your strange flames, do you think I would be afraid of you?”

Achelous sneered and winked at the three gods beside him.

The four Upper Gods immediately attacked Apollo from four directions.

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