Apollo gazed at the stars.

Surrounded by the stars, the purple-haired girl had a sweet smile on her cheeks, and her fair skin was creamy and snow-white, dazzling against the starlight.

Her bright robe gave off a dazzling brilliance like the stars, tightly wrapped around her curvy figure.
Coupled with her peerlessly beautiful face, she drew out a graceful figure that was captivating.

“Sister Astraea, you’re finally here.” Hecate happily walked up and hugged the purple-haired girl.

The latter looked at her for a while and smiled skillfully, “I didn’t expect you to be promoted to the Main God so soon.”

After being seen to improve in strength, Hecate suddenly raised her head proudly, “That’s for sure, I’m a goddess of genius.”

The beautiful and elegant star goddess, Astraea set her eyes on Apollo and asked, “Hecate, this is Apollo, the child of the goddess Leto and the King of Gods, right?”

Before Hecate could answer, Apollo stepped forward and responded, “Beautiful goddess Astraea, I am Apollo; nice to meet you.”

Astraea smiled and said, “What a handsome and stylish male god.
I can already imagine how many goddesses will be crazy for you in the future, Apollo.”

“Sister Astraea, let’s go in first.” Hecate seemed a little unhappy.

Astraea suddenly noticed the flowers blooming on the ground, with a strange expression on her face, “What are these? I have seen nothing like this even in Flora’s collection…”

Flora, the flower goddess of Olympus.

Seeing her wondering, Hecate explained, “This is a brand-new flower cultivated by magic.”

“Magic, is that the kind of magic you study that can use all kinds of divine arts without divine power?” Astraea was surprised, “Have you been able to use it to create life?”

Feeling Astraea’s admiring gaze, Hecate felt a little embarrassed and said, “Actually, most of this is because of Apollo, who has contributed more than me.”

“Apollo, did he also participate in the development of magic?” Astraea looked at Apollo in surprise.

Apollo smiled lightly and said, “It’s not as exaggerated as Hecate said.
I did half of the contribution with her.”

The surprise in Astraea’s eyes still didn’t go away.

She knew that ‘magic,’ a spell that didn’t require divine power, could exert all kinds of extraordinary powers in all aspects, and it was something that could cause much change.

Hecate was wise from an early age and was even favored by the goddess Nyx.

How long has Apollo been born, and his magical attainment is comparable to or surpassing hers?

She struggled to resist her innate curiosity about this handsome and extraordinary son of the King of Gods.

Hecate took her to the palace where she lived.
The picture that came into view shocked Astraea.

She looked at the ordinary palace from the outside, but when she walked in, it was a dazzling sky full of stars.
The dazzling starlight made her feel like she had returned to her home in the starry sky.

Hecate scratched his head and said, “This is the projection magic developed by Apollo.
He likes to call it holographic projection and can switch various backgrounds freely.
Today, thinking of sister Astraea, he deliberately made it into a sea of stars.
There are also many others, look.”

As she spoke, she waved her arm, and the surrounding starlight vanished.
Instead, it was replaced by a white snow landscape with numerous snowflakes falling from the sky.

Astraea’s beautiful face couldn’t help but be shocked.
She glanced at Apollo and said, “Thank you for your trouble.”

Apollo smiled and said, “The real hospitality is still inside.”

At this moment, Astraea saw two rows of figures walking out, both wearing beautiful dresses, holding food and wine with a smile, and bowing to herself from a distance.

“Respected Goddess Astraea, please come and dine here.”

“Hecate, since when did you have so many beautiful nymphs here?”

Hecate covered her mouth with a smile and said, “Sister Astraea, these are not nymphs; they are puppets made by Apollo’s magic, but they are very realistic.”

Astraea glanced at Apollo in surprise again and sighed sincerely: “Apollo’s magic really amazes me.”

The latter walked gracefully to the dining table and waved, “Goddess Astraea, please have a meal.”

The three of them sat down.

Astraea stared at Apollo and suddenly said, “Apollo, you should have reached the peak of the Upper God rank.
What an outstanding talent.”

“No one is considered powerful among the gods until they reach the Main God.” Apollo responded indifferently.

“With your talent, it’s only a matter of time before you become the Main God.”

She changed the subject.
“Have you ever thought about when you’ll be back at Olympus?”

Apollo’s expression sank.
He looked into the distant sky and said, “When my sister and I grow up, he will have no choice but to invite us back.”

Astraea sighed, “After all, you are the son of His Majesty, the King of God.
There is no incentive to establish the relationship in this manner.
I believe I may request  God Father tointervene and handle this matter so that you can return to Olympus as soon as possible.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the time being.
At least that goddess will never welcome me.” Apollo said coldly.

Hecate couldn’t help but say, “Sister Astraea, you may not know, just when Apollo first came here, the goddess asked Achelous to murder him.
Fortunately, Apollo was powerful, and he defeated Achelous.”

“How old was he when he defeated Achelous?” Astraea was amazed.

At the same time, she let out a long sigh of relief, “Since this is the case, let everything take its course.”

She switched the subject and said, “This time, in addition to visiting you, Hecate, I went to the ocean.
Amphitrite invited me to Prince Triton’s coming-of-age ceremony.”

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