“Daughter of Coeus, I will never allow your child to be born!”

A solemn and graceful woman coldly gazed at the endless land from the vast sky, her beautiful eyes revealing hideous anger.

At the spot where her gaze was locked, another beautiful woman was running away in pursuit of a group of monsters.

“Hera, venerable queen of the gods.
I do not solicit for your forgiveness, but my children are innocent, and they are also the bloodline of the god-king, Zeus, so please spare them!”

The woman’s face was full of despair, and she kept begging toward the sky.

She was Leto, the goddess of nuturing, daughter of the spiritual god, Coeus and the goddess of light, Phoebe.

The graceful woman in the sky was “Hera,” the queen of gods, the daughter of the second god-king, Cronus and the sister and seventh wife of the third god-king, Zeus.

“Hmph, do you think I’ll give you a chance?”

Hera’s face lit up when she looked the Leto’s pitiful appearance as she bagged for compassion.

She was weary of her husband’s dissolute behavior towards other women, but what could she do? He was the god-king, Zeus! So she could only lash out at his mistresses.

In recent years, Leto was known as the noblest of her husband’s mistresses.
If Hera threw her a heavy blow, other whores would realize how powerful she was, and the act of seducing her husband would be halted.

With this in mind, Hera wielded the power of the queen of gods and cursed, “In the name of the queen of the gods, all the lands belonging to Olympus in this vast world shall not provide Leto a place to give birth.”

As soon as the voice fell, Leto, who was running, suddenly some incomparable force dislodged her existence from the vast land.

She could only fight her way to the ocean outside.
However, her abdomen began to cramp at this moment.

As the goddess of nourishment, Leto, of course, knew that this was the symptom of giving birth.

Although this land was vast, but all belonged to Olympus.
Now there was no place for Leto to stay.

Leto looked at Mount Olympus, the highest point in the world, and her heart was filled with grief and despair.

“Why haven’t you come out yet, Zeus? They are your children…”

However, Olympus was as calm as usual, and there wasn’t any clue to show the happening of hope.

Hera laughed wildly, looking at her expression, “Don’t you still understand? To him, you and all other sluts are temporary playthings.
I am his only goddess.
How could he turn against me for you?”

“No, I don’t believe……”

Leto was sad, and she clutched her abdomen.

She could sense the presence of two powerful beings within her that were closely connected to her.
It was her children.

No matter how relentless their father was, she decided to give birth to them and bring them into this world.

With that in mind, she summoned her strength and madly dashed to the edge of the land.

Hera said coldly, “I didn’t expect you to still have strength, but I won’t let you escape.”

She once again wielded her divine power.

At this moment, in the distant ocean, a meteor-like light suddenly came out from the sea, blocking Leto’s front.

“Asteria!” Hera screamed with her face filled with rage.

The meteor turned into a goddess with a bright dress in the air and came to Leto: “Sister, hurry up, the island of Delos at sea can be a safe place for your childbirth.”

Leto nodded gratefully to her and dashed off to the ocean.

Seeing this scene, Hera stomped

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