is called Zhuo Dahai.
If you don’t mind, please let me see your ID.”

“Boy, you’re quite bold! This is the first time someone talked to me like that! Have a look!”

The policeman’s eyes flickered with the color of praise, and he handed Shu Feng an ID card.

“Uncle Zhuo, Zhuo Qianlei was hurt.
Please take her to the hospital.”

Shu Feng put down Zhuo Qianlei, looked straight at Zhuo Dahai, and uttered thusly.

“What the hell happened in there?”

Zhuo Dahai looked at Zhuo Qianlei, whose clothes are a mess and whose leg is swollen, and asked, a look of anger in his eyes.

“Captain Zhuo! You are not qualified to know what happened there!”

A black car stopped, and Ma Jin leaned out of the window and said with a grin: “Feng, since your girlfriend’s father has arrived, then there’s nothing else for you to do! Let’s go have a drink!”

“Goodbye, uncle Zhuo!”

Shu Feng said goodbye politely, and then boarded the black car.

Zhuo Dahai watched the black car disappear with an enigmatic shade in his eyes: “They are people from the special operations forces! In other words, this was a supernatural event?”

As the captain of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Zhuo Dahai is well-informed.
He often sees some supernatural cases being handed over to people of the special operations forces.

The special operations forces has great authority.
Furthermore, the police is subordinated to the special operations forces.

Pagoda of Gathering Stars is one of the most upscale restaurants in Leijiang City.
A luxurious meal here costs thousands credits.
Shu Feng has only heard others talk about this place so far.

When they arrived at the Pagoda of Gathering Stars, all kinds of delicacies flowed in like a stream.
Shu Feng and company ate all kinds of delicacies and chatted about different things regarding the world of spirit users.

Of the team’s four formal members of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch, Ma Jin is frank and valiant, Gongsun Hai is taciturn, You Meng is magnanimous, and Gao Wen is elegant and knowledgeable.
The five had a very merry chat together.

After the feast, Shu Feng returned home by car alone.

“Let’s take a look at today’s harvest!”

Shu Feng restrained his excitement and entered the mysterious base space.

“Pure soul force 28, god force 0.42.”

“Goblin warrior.
Synthesis requirements: 10 points of spirit force, 1 point of soul force, 100 kilowatts of electrical energy, 40 kilograms of meat, 20 grams of salt…”

“Goblin warrior, synthesis time, 2 hours.”

“Goblin warrior, strength 5, agility 6, defense 6, physique 6.
Must consume 2 kilograms of food every day in order to maintain peak combat strength.
Lifespan, 15 years.
Can use god force and soul force to evolve into a Great Goblin.”

Shu Feng came up with several ways to use Goblin warriors: “What can I use synthesized Goblin warriors for? An adult person can beat several of them.
Hmm, they can be used as sacrifice in some evil rituals.
They can also be used as guinea pigs and cannon fodder!”

“Ogre, strength 30, agility 18, defense 27, psyche 15, physique 30.
Must consume 100 kilograms of flesh every day in order to maintain peak combat strength.
Spirit Warrior realm life form.”

“Synthesis requirements, 3,000 points of spirit force, 40 points of pure soul force, 10,000 kilowatts of electrical energy, 500 kilograms of flesh,…  10 kilograms of steel.”

“Ogre, synthesis time, 24 hours.”

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