“Secret treasure is a treasure with extraordinary power.
Whether it is magician, spirit martial artist, spirit gun user, or skill user, equipment is a part of their strength.
Powerful weapons and equipment can enable one to skip realms and defeat more powerful enemies.”

“Shu Feng, if you are recognized as the master of one of the seven Saint guns, you will be able to blast a Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouse apart.” You Meng smiled faintly, and her eyes glimmered with the shade of longing.

Shu Feng continued to act as a curious baby and asked, “The seven Saint guns? What are the seven Saint guns?”

“The seven Saint guns are Netherworld Flame, Yellow Springs Butterfly, Ice Wolf Emperor, Storm Giant, Dragon of Judgement, Demongod of Blood, Void Blue Night!”

“These seven Saint guns are the seven most powerful guns in our world.
Even if an alien god comes to our world, the seven Saint guns will be able to deal severe damage to them.” You Meng explained.

“God? Which world has gods?”

Shu Feng was shocked and asked curiously.

You Meng waved her hand impatiently and said, “This is common knowledge.
You will naturally learn this when you enter Shuijing High School.
Go and take care of your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.
By the way, she saw the Ogre by herself.
As such, I shouldn’t be fined, right?”

Shu Feng asked nervously.

If you reveal your extraordinary abilities to an ordinary person, you will be fined 1 million at a time.
Shu Feng doesn’t have 1 million credits.
As such, he would have to work in Erosion Realm to settle the fine.

You Meng responded with a light smile, “It’s all right! When you’re on a mission, it’s not illegal to be seen using your abilities! If you’re on a mission, yet aren’t allowed to use your abilities, everyone will die.
As for your girlfriend, if she has any questions, you can answer her.
Her memories will be sealed anyway.”

No longer caring about You Meng’s girlfriend comment, Shu Feng went to Zhuo Qianlei.

“Shu Feng, who exactly are you? Who is she? What’s the deal with those monsters?”

Zhuo Qianlei asked with a look of incredulity on her face.

Shu Feng answered, “I’m a peripheral member of Flameguard! Those monsters are monsters from another world.
As for how they came here, I also don’t know.”

Zhuo Qianlei asked in disbelief: “Another world? Are you kidding me?”

“Young lady, he’s not kidding.
Those things are indeed visitors from another world!”

A black car came from a distance and stopped in front of Shu Feng, and a refined young man in a suit alighted the car.

Ma Jin and a lanky man looking like a bamboo pole, wearing black-rimmed glasses and baggy clothes also alighted the car.

The man in a suit smiled and said, “Hello, Shu Feng, I am Gao Wen, a hypnotist!”

Shu Feng uttered, “Hello, big brother Gao Wen!”

The man wearing black-rimmed glasses said a little dully, “I am Gongsun Hai, a black magician! If you have any questions about black magic, you can come to me.”

Ma Jin said with a bold smile, “Feng, you’ve seen all the members of our team now! If you have any problems with cultivation or life in general, you can come to us for help.”

Gongsun Hai uttered, “Don’t come to me for ordinary things.
I have to research black magic! If there’s anything you don’t understand about magic, you can come to me.”

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