llar is forged from materials obtained from hollow demons and so it won’t break any of your hollow demon’s abilities.”

Ding Xiaoxue said, “Let’s go! Let’s go to the headquarters! Since you awakened a rare low grade earth realm ability, you can get a promotion and a raise.”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he uttered, “A raise! What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Flameguard headquarters building, the captain’s office.

When Ding Xiaoxue entered the captain’s office, she smiled sweetly and proclaimed, “Captain, it’s Ding Xiaoxue! Shu Feng has awakened his spirit ability and summoned a Black Dog Hollow.
According to the regulations, it should be possible to give him a raise, right?”

Sitting behind his desk, Zhou Yang smiled faintly and said, “Shu Feng, you came at a perfect time! These two are Ma Jin and You Meng.
They are formal members of our team.
One of them is your gunmanship teacher, while the other is your hand-to-hand combat teacher.”

Ma Jin is a burly, two-meter-tall man with rippling muscles and a long scar on the face.
You Meng is a top beauty dressed in black leather jacket, with a pistol hanging at her waist.
She is tall and sexy and has an oval face, slim eyebrows, and gem-like black eyes.
She exudes a heroic and overbearing air as well as the air of an older sister.

Shu Feng said, “Hello, teachers.
I am Shu Feng.”

Ma Jin grinned and said, “Shu Feng, just call me big brother Ma or old Ma.
I’m your gunmanship teacher and a spirit gun user.
You should remember that spirit gun user is the kingly path! The other paths are all wicked paths.
I will turn you into an excellent spirit gun user!”

You Meng glared at Ma Jin and said, “Big oaf Ma! Spirit gun user is indeed formidable.
But its limitations are also obvious.
Martial artist is the kingly path.
Martial arts are a powerful weapon that can protect you while adventuring in Erosion Realm.
Don’t mislead the kid!”

Ma Jin’s expression changed and became ferocious, and he said fiercely, “You Meng, if you call me big oaf Ma again, I’ll get angry!”

You Meng’s gem-like black eyes constricted slightly and flashed with a dangerous smile, and she uttered: “Big oaf Ma.
Here you have it.
What now? You want to fight me? Be my guest! Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat or live ammunition spar, it’s up to you.”

Ma Jin’s expression changed several times before he finally said with a dispirited look on his face: “Can you stop calling me that in front of the kind? It’s humiliating.
Great aunt, in light of us being in the same team, just give me some face.”

You Meng snorted coldly and said no more: “Humph!”

Ma Jin’s gaze fell on Big Black, his eyes brightened slightly, and he said, “Black Dog Hollow! Shu Feng, you can actually summon hollow demon familiars.
It seems that you awakened an extraordinary spirit ability.
By the way, when you awakened, how many points of spirit force did you awaken?”

You Meng’s beautiful eyes shimmered with curiosity.

A spirit ability capable of summoning hollow demon familiars must be at least at the low grade earth realm.
Among spirit users, it is already regarded as a spirit ability with great evolutionary potential.
If Shu Feng’s cultivation aptitude were a little stronger, he would be classified as a talent and receive special attention and nurturing.

Shu Feng answered, “I awakened 1 point of spirit force!”

Ma Jin said with a look of excitement on his face: “1 point of spirit force! Great! There’s finally someone who is worse than me! Shu Feng, when I awakened, I awakened 3 points of spirit force.
You’re really amazing! When you formally join our team, I will no longer be the one with the lowest aptitude.”

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