golden silk brocade phoenix robes, sitting upright in the phoenix chair.

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She was very well maintained; her skin was delicate and tender, and there was not even a trace of a wrinkle at the corners of her eyes.
Her body emanated a mature charm, and she looked to be thirty at the most—it was impossible to tell that she was approaching forty.

On either side of her sat the highly ranked Consorts Gui, Shu, De.
In addition, there were five unmarried princesses, among which Second Princess Pei Lingbi, the daughter of Empress Zhou, was the most outstanding.

Pei Lingbi, who was usually always dressed in fine brocades, was even more colourful and resplendent today.
Those who didn’t know better would think she was the day’s main character. 

Seeing that the crown prince and the crown princess had yet arrived, Pei Lingbi toyed with the gilded filigree beaded tassel hairpin in her hair and said lazily, “It’s been a while now and there’s not even a shadow to be seen.
Making Queen Mother and all Your Highnesses wait for her alone, this second sister-in-law of mine can really put on airs.”

Empress Zhou looked sternly at Pei Lingbi, and said in a voice edged with some warning, “They’re newlyweds, it’s fine for them to be a little late.
You mustn’t talk nonsense.”

Pei Lingbi’s lips curled; she grumbled inwardly, What newlyweds, such an unlucky thing happened in the Eastern Palace last night, who doesn’t know about it?

That infinitely stupid Tao Ti actually committed suicide by taking poison.
Tsk tsk, Crown Prince must’ve vomited blood from anger, right? I heard that an imperial physician was sent for, but I don’t know if they managed to save her.
But even if she was saved, why would that Tao Ti still have the face to come out and meet others?

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She was still gloating to herself when a shrill voice suddenly came from outside the hall, “The crown prince has arrived, the crown princess has arrived——”

Everyone in the hall sat up straight and looked towards the door in unison.

Pei Lingbi’s beautiful brows knitted slightly, No way, she really came?

The hall was illuminated by the morning light, and in that warm spring light, a beautiful couple entered side by side.

Naturally, there was no need to speak more about Crown Prince Pei Yan’s looks.
Yet, even if everyone in the hall knew him well, they still couldn’t help but be amazed at the first sight of him.
Only after looking at him for some time did their gazes shift to the woman beside him.

The woman was wearing a misty pink broad-sleeved dress; her hair was set in a Flying Immortal Ji1 and accessorised with a set of festive and exquisite ruby hairpieces.
She had bright eyes and white teeth, a delicate face, and a clear aura between her brows.


Flying Immortal Ji:  Ji (髻) refers to any hairstyle involving pulling hair on top of the head.
This hairstyle, which consists of two tall twin loops on either side of the head, first appeared during the Han dynasty.
Legend has it that during that time, the Heavenly Mother of the Jade Palace visited Emperor Wu Di.
He was so astounded by the visit that he recorded the flying immortals’ hairstyle, and asked his court maidens to imitate it.
The Flying Immortal Ji is thus commonly used in depictions of immortals. 

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