with him was like basking in the spring breeze.

Gradually, Tao Ti fell into a deep sleep in this fragrance.
Having been through the day’s upheavals, she was truly tired.

The breathing near his ears became long and even; Pei Yan slowly opened his eyes and looked sideways.

The woman beside him was sleeping soundly.
Her raven black eyelashes were like a small fan, and her fair and soft cheeks still had a little baby fat on them.
Faint candlelight shone through the red bed curtains and scattered across her face, seeming to dye it with a later of scarlet rouge.

She looked really obedient when she was asleep. 

However, when she was awake… she also seemed to be rather obedient?

After spending the night together, she was completely different from the rumours of her being “pretentious, unreasonable and unsociable” that were being spread outside.
Was she just acting?


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The next day, the sky outside was tinged with a faint crab shell green. 

Perhaps it was because she was unused to sleeping in an unfamiliar place, Tao Ti woke up very early.
But Pei Yan had woken up even earlier than she did.
When she got up, the space next to her had long been empty, and he was nowhere to be seen.

Not long after, a line of palace maids filed in to help her wash up and get dressed.

Compared to the bad attitudes of the palace maids last night, these palace maids were not cold, but they were not warm either.
Like a tool that was unable to feel any emotion, they came and went in silence.

Only the palace maid in charge of combing her hair, who was called Linglong, spoke a few words to her.

“Crown Princess, is this makeup and hairstyle all right?” Linglong asked.

At that, Tao Ti’s gaze fell upon the exquisite bronze mirror; when she saw the face of the person in the mirror, her eyes couldn’t help but light up.

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The woman in the mirror had skin as white as snow and a complexion as beautiful as flowers; a small round face; a small, delicate nose; and full, rosy lips.
The most exquisite of all was that pair of eyes— they were dark as grapes, and when the eyelids were slightly lowered, they gave off a touch of tantalizing innocence and purity.

Presently, her hair was combed in a style that married palace noblewomen wore.
Accessorised with glittering gold jewellery, she looked like a doll that had been meticulously dressed up. 

Seeing that Tao Ti was silent, Ling Long asked, “Crown Princess, is there something wrong?”

Tao Ti came back to herself and smiled at her.
“You have very skillful hands, I look very good like this.”

Linglong was momentarily taken aback at the crown princess’s bright and kind smile.
She said in a low voice, “It is good if the Crown Princess is satisfied.”

“By the way, where is His Highness?”

“His Highness is studying at Chongwen Hall at the moment, he should be back soon.”

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