Tao Ti frowned slightly when the little eunuch said that Pei Yan could not come.

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On seeing this, Linglong thought she was upset.
She was about to say a few words of comfort when Zishuang seized the chance to speak, “Mistress, if His Highness isn’t coming, then forget about it, you can eat more comfortably now.
If His Highness really came, you’d still have to wait on him.”

Zishuang’s voice was already shrill, and when she said this, the undertone of distaste became even more obvious.

For a while, the expressions of all the Eastern Palace’s attendants present became unpleasant.

Was this wench here to increase everyone’s hatred for her? Tao Ti lifted her lids and swept a glance at Zishuang, saying gravely, “Zishuang.”

Zishuang was chilled by her glance, and hurriedly dropped her head, “Mistress, this servant is feeling upset for you.”

“That is not necessary,” said Tao Ti flatly.
“All right, I have no need for you here.”

“My la—, Mistress……” Zishuang was utterly dumbfounded.

“Did you not understand me?”

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“…Understood.” Zishuang looked utterly frustrated.
As she left, she couldn’t help giving Linglong a fierce glare.

Linglong was taken aback; when she recovered, she said to Tao Ti, “Crown Princess, don’t be angry.
His Highness has always been diligent, he didn’t mean to not come…” 

Tao Ti smiled at her, “I’m not angry.
I’m just thinking about how His Highness is still busy at this hour, can his body bear it?”

He had coughed so badly when he spoke a little too loudly last night—would he vomit blood from fatigue working so hard like this?

Linglong looked at Tao Ti in astonishment; she had never expected that she was actually being concerned about His Highness’s health. 

Tao Ti said, “Call for the meal then.
I’m hungry.”  

Not long after, the sandalwood table was filled with all kinds of dishes, as well as pastries and fruit served on silver plates.
It looked like a sumptuous spread, but… everything was still bland as before!

Even the meat dishes were stewed.
Although there was adequate dressing and the dishes also looked appetising, Tao Ti, an ardent lover of spicy food, still felt somewhat disappointed.
She really wanted to eat hot and sour noodles, spicy hot pot, beef tallow hot pot, chopped chilli fish head, spicy poached pork slices, spicy chicken with rice cakes, fiery fried rice noodles, Sichuan pepper chicken…

“Linglong, can our Eastern Palace’s kitchen make spicy dishes? Something with stronger flavours?”  

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“Crown Princess, the imperial physician has instructed that as His Highness’s body is weak, his diet must be light, so the kitchen always prepares light dishes…” After a pause, Linglong added, “If Crown Princess wants to eat something heavier, then shall this servant go to the kitchen to ask them to make a few more dishes and send them over?”

“Never mind, forget it.” Tao Ti stopped Linglong, sweeping her gaze over the entire table of food.
This was enough for her; it would be a waste to make more.

As she made her way through the food, she thought about all kinds of delicacies, wondering when she could go to the kitchen to make her own food.


After satisfying her appetite, Tao Ti asked for the type of rose baths seen in historical period films and TV dramas.

After playing with the vibrant flower petals that were floating on the water’s surface for a while, Tao Ti closed her eyes, relaxing her entire body in the steaming bathtub.
The memories of her previous and present lives intermingled in her mind.

Sigh, she wondered how her parents would react when they learned that she had gone to the underworld.
That that stupid qiongqi dog must also be dying of guilt. 

Unfortunately, she now had a human body.
Without any magical powers, she could only wait for this body’s life energy to be exhausted, then discuss things when she returns to Hell.

Just as Tao Ti was lost in her random thoughts, Pei Yan arrived at the door of Yaoguang Hall.

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Seeing that the palace maids were all standing by outside, he frowned slightly and asked, “Where is the crown princess?”

“Your Highness, Crown Princess is taking a bath in the cleansing room.”

“You’re not waiting on her inside?”

“Crown Princess said she wanted to be alone, and asked us servants to wait outside.”

Sending the palace maids away, wanting to be alone?

Pei Yan suddenly thought of something and his expression darkened.
He pushed the doors open straightaway and walked in.

The palace maids, “!!!”

The crown prince, he… he couldn’t be wanting to “play” in the water with Crown Princess, could he?

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Inside, Pei Yan strode towards the beautiful seven-foot-tall peony screen; a faint, moist fragrance wafted to his nose.

After a moment of hesitation, he reached out and knocked on the screen.

Dok dok—two crisp sounds.

Tao Ti had almost fallen asleep; startling awake, she thought the palace maids had come to hurry her, and said reflexively, “I really don’t need you to wait on me.
I’ll get dressed immediately and come right out.”

Pei Yan, who was standing outside the screen, “……”
It was good that she hadn’t been seeking death. 

He was just about to leave when he heard the splashing of water.

The next moment, he caught a glimpse of the delicate figure silhouetted on the screen from the corner of his eye.

The screen was made of fine silk; light could pass through, but it remained opaque.
In the bright candlelight, the figure boasted graceful curves and a slender waist.

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