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Both of us… We do not have a choice on what the hell is happening with our parents minds. All we can do is go with the flow and do whatever our families tell us to do.

Im pretty sure Raynevere was against the idea of me staying with her in her home, but shes quite adaptive. She may seem like shes enjoying every second I spent with her, though we both know its just make-believe.

Right now, shes cooking a meal for both of us, and Im waiting in the dining room. I had a good look at her wearing a white apron and cute pink mittens. Shes waving her ladle like a magic wand before she mixes the soup in the pot. What shes cooking smells so delicious that it makes me hungry.

My tummy even roared. Raynevere was shocked at first, but then she chuckled. All I can do is have an embarrassing red face.

”I-Im sorry. ” I shyly looked away. ”

”No, its okay. Food is ready~ ” Raynevere said.

She finally put the pot on the table and boy, I am surprised. She prepared a mildly spicy beef and cabbage soup. The savory aroma immediately made me taste it even if it was still hot. And it was delicious!

e a good cook, Miss Raynevere! You will be a great wife someday! ” I said,

”R-Really? Im so happy to hear that! Im practicing myself to become a good wife for my future husband! ” Rayneveres eyes are twinkling.

It took three whole seconds before we both realized the irony of this situation. Of course, she would be a great wife, or to be specific, my wife. And I will be her husband. That is our fate we cannot deny. Our faces turned red upon sudden realization. We both are too innocent for these kinds of things.

Ill just leave the awkward air between us and eat. The soup will turn cold if we just stare at it, so as soon as I finished my first bowl, I asked for seconds. And then thirds. And fourths.

”Um, Mister Elzane… Please leave a little for my Grandpa. I want to save some for him because he was looking forward to my cooking too. ” Raynevere said.

”O-Oh, okay, ” I said as I slowed down. I noticed that my tummy is getting bigger too, so I decided that it will be my last bowl.

Ive been glancing at Raynevere from time to time, observing her elegant movements in eating. Shes so sophisticated and disciplined compared to me whos just slurping like a pig. I just decided that I will be watching my table manners from now on so that my fiance will not be embarrassed by me in the future.

When we
e done, we just leave the utensils in the dishwasher. Theres nothing for me to do, and Im stuffed and sleepy. When Raynevere noticed me yawn, she talked.

”Mister Elzane, are you tired? You can sleep now if you want. Ill just visit Grandpas house real quick to deliver this meal. ” She said as she transferred the soup onto a thermal flask.

”Im quite tired, but Ill still wait for you. ”

”Thanks! But if you feel sleepy… is it okay if you just use my fathers bedroom? M-My room is quite untidy right now, so… ” Raynevere nervously smiled.

Its obvious that both our parents wanted us to sleep in the same room. Thankfully, Raynevere had a better idea to slow our parents plans down.

”Of course, ” I answered.

”Phew. ” She sighed out of relief, holding her chest.

After packing the meals, she prepared to leave. She waved and smiled at me, saying ”See ya! ” and then exited her own house. I was left in the living room, with the television on. Minutes came by and all that was on the TV are advertisements, so I immediately got bored and sleepy.

”Maybe Ill just lay down a bit, ” I said as I pressed the Off button on the TV remote and rested on the long sofa.

I gave out a long yawn, and then I passed out.



There was a sudden noise that brought me wide awake! When I came to my senses, I noticed that the lights were off, but the windows reveal bright crimson light from outside. I don remember turning the lights off so I thought it was just a simple blackout, but it doesn explain the bright flickering light from outside.

I peeked at the window and saw… fire. A fire that is gargantuan that its swallowing the nearby houses. Its like an ocean wave crashing through the subdivision. I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again to confirm this was happening.

There was another set of explosions. And another. And another. One of the farthest houses in my field of view just exploded into smithereens!

”W-What the hell is happening!? ” I cried.

I went away from the window and rushed back to the living room. I shouted Rayneveres name but nobody was answering. I briefly opened her unlocked bedroom, and she was not there. Maybe she hasn returned from her grandfathers house? How long am I out?

I exited the house and then I couldn believe what I saw. I noticed that the whole Treenity Village was on fire.

And at the subdivision crossing not far from Rayneveres house, I saw a pile of dead bodies bathing in their blood.

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