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According to most internet forums on meeting your betrotheds family, the first impression matters. I don know what I did to have a first impression like that.

Do I look bad? Do I stink like shit? Is my attitude comparable to a turd? Why is Rayneveres grandfather hating me at first sight?

”Grandpa, this is Mister Elzane, my betrothed. Please be gentle with him. ” Raynevere forced a smile.

”H-Hello, sir. ” I bowed politely.

”Ha! That plain-looking nobody will marry my precious Rayne? Absurd! I do not know what drugs your father decided to sniff at, but I know its the most ridiculous decision hes ever made! ” Grandpa laughed with sarcasm in his tone. I know hes being sarcastic because his forehead is showing wrinkles. Wrinkles of rage.

”Grandpa! Please don be rude to my fiance! ” Raynevere stood up for me. However, his grandfather never stopped.

”I heard that you love going to the colosseum to watch Gladiator Battles! Ha! Such a childish source of joy! You may have passed the Kaiser Examinations but you are nothing without a Gladiator! You have no future there! ”

I was astounded when Rayneveres grandpa knows about my hobbies and my title as a Kaiser. I know its widely spread in my family and the school about my enthusiasm for Battle Fiestas, but I never expected that Rayneveres grandpa even has information about it. My parents should have said everything.

”Grandpa, don insult him like that! ” Raynevere cried.

”Enough defending him, Rayne. I know its hard for you to marry somebody uninspired like him. Please endure being with that little shit until we can file a divorce. ” Rayneveres Grandpa said.

”Grandpa! Stop it ” Raynevere shouted with an embarrassed face. Just before she could talk more, I turned to her and whispered.

”I don think your grandpa likes me. Ill see myself out. ”

I bowed to Raynevere, and then to her grandpa. Then I turned my back and walked away. I can stand being insulted by an old boomer who barely knew me.

”Yeah, thats right! Get that shit out of my house! ” Rayneveres grandpa shouted.

I immediately reached the exit of this royal office and shut the door. Then, I let out a big sigh. I knew that this arranged marriage is way off. Ive been wondering why Im so lucky to marry my dream girl who owns a multi-million corporation only to know that her grandfather is a toxic old man.

It will be best for me to call off this marriage.

I started to walk away from the castle-like building when I heard light footsteps behind me. It was Raynevere running to catch up.

”Mister Elzane! Mister Elzane, wait! ” Raynevere waved her hand.

I briefly stopped to let her catch me. She had this sorry look on her purple eyes.

”Im sorry about my rude Grandpa. I think hes just shocked that Im already engaged. ” Raynevere said.

”Understandable. Ill be angry too if my beautiful grandchild is marrying a nobody like me. ” I falsely laughed.

”No, its not like that at all. I think my Grandpa likes you. ” Raynevere smiled.

”W-What? Didn he just insult me from head to toe? ” I asked.

”Yours is a special case. Whenever hes angry, he will have five wrinkle lines on his forehead. I only saw three wrinkle lines today. If he only has three on his forehead, it means that hes happy. ” Raynevere innocently smiled.

How could you tell somebodys emotions with just wrinkled lines? No matter how many there are on his forehead, his frowning lips and judging eyes only tell me to screw off!

I want to argue against this naive woman, but I don want to hurt her feelings. Ill just let it slide and move on. I started walking until Raynevere stopped me.

”Mister Elzane, where are you going? ”

”Im going home, ” I said as I looked away.

”No, you haven met my cousins yet! Youll love to meet them! They
e all cute toddlers! ” Raynevere said.

”It won matter. I think we need to call off this marriage. Its for the best for both of us. ” I coldly glared.

”Is it because of my Grandpa? Believe me, he likes you! ” There goes Rayneveres naive delusions again.

”DIdn you hear what he said to me? He laughed at me being an admirer of Gladiator Battles. I can stand being treated like shit but I will never get along with someone who hates me because of my dreams and hobbies. ”

”Its not like that! ” Rayneveres shout echoed throughout the village.

I was silenced for a while. Rayneveres face is all red for mustering all her strength to shout at me. It made me terrified of her a little bit, so I fixed my full attention on her.

Raynevere panted about three times and then continued to talk.

”Grandpa is like that because… because just like you… he was a Kaiser. ”

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